Friday...Why am I working today?

Want to hear the latest rumor? Apparently the "slow economy" is not as severe of a threat as many thought. 128,000 newly employed people can back me on this. This mornings report was positive as you may have seen by this mornings boost in the market. So who wants to go out on a limb and say we are in a bull market? I's a bull market!!! Today...and perhaps into next week.

For those who were waiting for my post last night on the two credit spread examples, sorry, I fell asleep. I had only 10 people in that class, which is a sign that my presentations are getting boring, redundant, and uninteresting. But can't credit spreads act the same way sometimes? Just kidding...

If you are bullish...

AEOS for a Bull Put Spread
Buy the Sept 35
Sell the Sept 40
$1.60 credit

If you are bearish...

CELG for a Bear Call Spread
Buy the Sept 45
Sell the Spet 40
$1.60 credit

I'll be back in a flash...

Hi Jeff.

WOW, I just was introduced to your blog and spent the past hour reading through all you have to offer. Its terrific! Thanks for your effort!

Regarding the two spreads you suggested... do you set stops on your spreads, just manually watch them, or do you just let them run their course? I have trouble with this. I either set a stop just above the Break-even point and get stopped out too often or I get out only to have the stock reverse and go in the expected direction after all.
Any suggestions?

I was able to execute the CELG Bear Call Spread for a potential credit of $735. I think this is a great blog. I am hit with so many offers of people able to give me a 80% return in 12 months on my meager investment account and others promising great wealth, it's confusing. I just want to learn how to enter fairly conservative trades on a constant basis so I can increase my wealth slowly but surely. Thanks for your blog, I will become a regular viewer and participant.

Wendy, same with me. Not a day goes by when I don't have some offer from a magazine or new "automactic software" that will do everything for you. I have the same desire, to just be able to begin the process of having a consistant amount of income come in every month based on conservative trades. Once I get something constant, I will venture out into more aggresive trades.

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