"Blogging" Rules

When I started this site I had a few ideas about how useful it could be, and the networking possibility that could be accomplished with the size of group we are working with. Since we have a decent sized group out there, I need to create a few rules to follow about blogging etiquette.

If you don't know how to do this, let me explain. Below each post I make you will see this...

Click on the icon that says "comments." At the bottom of that page click on "POST A COMMENT." Let ME, and the world know whatever is on your mind. I want to have a big "comments" section. I think a big part of the fun is the conversations and banter that takes place there.

2. Don't just read what I write about, READ THE COMMENTS!!!

The more you read the comments, the more likely you will be to post something. A different perspective, an example, an educational piece, a joke...whatever!

3. Respect others.

It is obvious I am fishing for participation here. When you are leaving comments, just be mindful and helpful in your replies. You may be on a different level than the next person, but take your expertise and share it with us. We want to know!

4. Network

I wish I were in your shoes when I started trading. If I had a big group to work with when I started, I would be hosting parties, group vacations, etc. Whatever it takes to surround myself with others that are striving for the same goals I have, I want to be around those people. Not only for support and encouragement, but also for motivation.

Hopefully this will spark some motivation to take all of this to the next level. I want to get to the point where I am excited to log in and see what all of you have posted!!!

Those are the rules we are going to live by. I'll be back in a few.

Jeff - While watching the video in the "Bull or Bear Market Ahead?" link I learnt about "ProShares Launches Eight Innovative ETFs to Trade on the American Stock Exchange" see: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/060621/nyw116.html?.v=59

Is this a good way to short the market in retirement accounts? As you know many institutions will not allow one to short stocks in retirement accounts.

Great thought Jeff,
I would just like to say keep up the good work. I am looking forward to chatting it up with more fellow traders with the same goal as me in mind. There sure is alot we can all learn from every one.

Hello. As always Jeff, thanks for all you do. A question about the blog in general. I have tried to update the blog at different times during the day and I do not get any updates to come through when I refresh the site. Is there something I do not know how to do or is this just something between me and my computer?

Vinay: I was only able to do covered calls in my Vanguard retirement account but I switched over to Optionsxpress which is ok with options unless your self directed profit retirement plan specifically forbids it.


Thanks for the "Rules". I hope this will continue to grow into what I believe can be one of the most positive places to spend time learning and teaching with each other. I have been part of some Blogs that have shown themselves to be full of people full of themselves. We all have something to learn and we all have something to teach.

BTW: For anyone in the North Atlanta area or the South Baltimore area (I live and work in both locations) I would be interested in exchanging information with you in hopes of us all developing something positive as we travel down this exciting road.



Looking forward to this "collective mind" leading us to profit.

Let's make this an invaluable asset to our trading by keeping on target and interacting frequently.

Just wanted to comment that I, too, often can't get the blog to update. I sometimes get yesterdays commentary a day late. Not sure why that is.

Jeff is right. Until recently no other traders had so many ways to network with each other! From all my Investools workshops I have about 30 folks. And have emailed quite a few of those who teach trading rooms. This site is really above and beyond. I want to get in the habbit of reading and commenting on the site more.

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