Troubling Tape

I am loving this market volatility. As long as you are short realty/housing and long oil, get ready to retire.

I am swamped with projects, hence the lack of substance today. When the market swings are wild, I am normally glued to my screen.

PS- Remember AHM from two months ago? I bring it up only because the stock is a lot closer to zero after today. Percentage wise, that is the greatest trade ever recommended on this blog (applause). This stock has nearly lost 100% of it's value when we talked about shorting it at $22. Whatever you do, don't ask me if you should take profits now.

Recommendation: Quote of the day: "Technical analysis is an excellent approach towards becoming homeless." - The Fly

Long: Oil

Short: Owning a house... or two.

I am going to have Randy Watson ring the closing bell... give him a round of applause...


4 Reasons Not To Trade VIX Options

The question came up last week about why I have such a complex trading VIX options. For the most part, I haven't spoken with anyone who has had a great experience in trading them. I am going to assume that the majority understands the VIX, or has at least read my VIX article on Forbes some time ago.

There are a few reasons I refuse trade them. These are my own opinions, based off my own experiences. If you choose to read them, you may be influenced by my opinions and it may cost you money.

Reason #1: No Opportunities.

With the exception of about a half dozen rallies or retracements over the last year, opportunities involving substantial moves in the VIX are few and far between. Normally I like to follow the momo stocks, and I happen to be shorter term in the duration of my trades, but the VIX wouldn't qualify as "momo" to me, barring a few exceptions. However if you are longer term oriented, the percentage swings are amazing. If you can look out that far.

Reason #2: Implied Volatility on Implied Volatility

What? Due to the fact that the VIX is a measurement of implied volatility, I would have figured that the markup on these wouldn't have been too bad...initially. Check out the range of implied volatility on my chart below...

That's right. A scale of 105-55. Want to know why? Historical volatility. The index has a wild history. Since 1993 (which samples the end of the 90's bull market, the collapse, and our current bull market) The VIX has a price range as high as the low 50's and as low as 10. That is quite a range for such a low priced index. However, no matter how you cut it, the one amazing constant of this index is the historical volatility, which averages 80%. With historical volatility being that high, these will be priced not too far off these historical values. In fact, 80 falls right in the middle of that range (55-105).

As you know, implied volatility that high really pumps the price of those near money contracts. Here is a look at the September paper, VIX trading at 22.81.The calls are trading at 1.40 x 1.60, which isn't devastating if you are expecting a few points of upside. Take a look at the puts. 4.20 x 4.60! That's more like it. These options are priced as if the VIX is going to get crushed, and then some. Problem is that if you hit that ask, you would need more that a crash in the VIX to make money.

Reason #3: Cash Settled

You can't exercise these options. If I could, I would. Take a look at this...

Imagine you bought some of these overpriced calls before the rally in the VIX. With all the intrinsic value you just picked up, you ought to be ready to cash in on some big bucks, right? Wrong. Compare the intrinsic value to the bid. The deeper in the money you get, the further away the bid gets from intrinsic value. Take the 18's for example (August paper). This contract should be worth $4.81 (intrinsic) but it is selling for 2.85! Since these are cash settles, and the market knows you cannot exercise, you are f____! You can imagine what you would have paid for them in front of that rally, or if you can't pull some historical quotes. It will leave you very unsatisfied.

Reason #4: Forward Pricing

The reason that prices don't seem to move at the rate of the underlying index (until you are close to expiration) is due to the fact that the market uses pricing on the VIX futures to get a forward value of the index.

PS- They expire on Wednesdays, not Fridays. Just to be complicated.

Recommendation: Come to your own conclusion if you wish, but I'd take my word for it.

Long: Opinions

Short: VIX options


Sunday Scrapbooking

Normally I try to stay miles from the computer over the weekend, but these photos appeared in my inbox, and I had to post them before the Monday morning mayhem. Take a look...

Doji Girl rocking the OA tank...

Brett and the Boys! Awesome!

Brett showing us where the magic happens...Recommendation: Send em if you got em!

Long: Photos

Short: Monday


Closing Bell

We are drawing near to the close of a long week. I imagine that most of you are looking forward to this as much as I am. The market seems reluctant to post gains, and that is fine by me. I am just pissed to see all these reporters at CNBC getting any credit for finally getting a pullback in this market after calling the top for over the last year. Do you find it as hard as I do to get financial commentary from reporters as opposed to traders?

By the way, I have a few more photos to add to the OA scrapbook. First is a Boston user group retreat. Photo was sent in by Lisa V.

Next is a photo from John Allen (from John & Casey). He came out to Utah and was kind enough to forward this photo. Thanks John!

By the way, I'd love more photos. It's nice to make this a more personal atmosphere.
Heading into next week, I like the idea of creating a post about trading VIX options. I want to set the record straight, and this will give me some ammo to look forward to writing about on Monday morning, in the meantime obviously, stay away from them.
It's been one hell of a week. I am going out for a Bloody Mary & a steak sandwich.

Recommendation: I'll see you on the darkside of the moon.

Long: Pink Floyd

Short: Trading the VIX


Is That a VIX on Your Chart...Or Are You Happy To See Me?

The market moves over 2%. Was it a direction that made you money? Check out the action on the VIX today. We tackled some pretty significant territory during the day, but check out what we have done on the longer term chart....

Take a look at the significance of the action we saw in the VIX on the longer term chart. Notice how we are rapidly approaching a historical mean. A break into the mid 20's here makes this a whole new ball game. This is my reasoning for moving into more spread trades. Even though I am not totally fond of the strategy, the market is pricing in a lot more risk than it has in the past. Plus, with credit policies tightening all over, it's going to be tough to finance your options, unless you sell options to reduce your costs.

Speaking of tightening credit policies, the market is finally starting to feel the impact of the sub-prime and housing disasters. Bad news is, it isn't getting any better. Have you looked at the Homebuilder ETF?

This is a major breakdown. There is not a bid for these stocks in sight, and like we've been discussing, don't be surprised to see some bankruptcies in this group. Make sure you are getting in on this action if you missed this idea from earlier in the week.

Finally, the bottom that we called in the Yen was uncanny. Use this ETF as a measurement of liquidity... if the Yen strengthens, stocks head lower. Better yet, use this as a hedge against a market correction.

Since I am here at 9 p.m. at night, the global markets are pricing in the panic that was seen in US markets, take a look at the Hang Seng...

Make sure you understand what is going on here. There is a change going on in this market. As indicated by the VIX, a change is expected, but there is no telling how little or how much. Don't be a hero here, or emotionally charged to do something you shouldn't. Most of the readers here have only experienced a bull market. Don't expect the market to do what it is that you are used to. Put yourself in a position where you can be profitable regardless (diversify).

This post has focused on the negatives, but the major positive here is that earnings are still strong. According to corporate profits, the market is trading at a discount. However, rather than to run out there to try and catch a falling knife, play defensively and keep your stops tight. Let things cool off perhaps before trying to buy things "on sale."

Even though days like this are typically a downer (for the sake of others), I am pretty happy with the e-mails that I am getting. Most traders are pretty well diversified from the ideas I have pitched, and the majority made money today. On the other hand, it is times like this where the market has caught some of us doing something we shouldn't have been doing. Perhaps we were overtrading? Not properly positioned, too much exposure, risk, etc. It is times like this where a lot of traders drop out or decide that trading isn't for them. I understand why, because I have been faced with that choice a number of times in my career.

Trading will have ups and downs, high points and low points, and profits and losses. Just know that becoming a successful trader is something that can be accomplished, but it won't happen overnight. If you have a strong desire to do this, know that it is possible. I have been given some great tools (Marketcast, Mastertalk, etc) and have been able to slowly make a correction and major changes to how and what people are learning about trading. If you feel like you still are not there yet, stick with me. If you've read this blog long enough, you see that differences are made, people graduate, and are getting better at this everyday. You can too, if it is something you really want to do.

I'm spent. See you tomorrow.

Conference Call

I know it's a bad day, and like I've been mentioning, I think it might get worse... I hope everyone is doing ok.

Before I get something going this morning, I am going to set up a conference call, and want to extend an invitation to anyone willing to join. I will start out with some Q&A, but the ultimate goal is to re-record last nights Mastertalk session. I can't do that without some traders on the other end of the phone. Here's the link and details...

To join the online event
1. Go to https://investools.webex.com/investools/onstage/g.php?d=570607605&t=a
2. Enter your name and email address (or Enrollment ID).
3. Enter the event password: This event does not require a password.
4. Click "Join".

To join the teleconference only
Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 866-469-3239
Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 650-429-3300
Toll-free dialing restrictions: http://www.webex.com/pdf/tollfree_restrictions.pdf



Looks like good old Amazon had a great announcement. Nice call. Nice entry signal.

Today/Tomorrow will be riddled with earnings announcements. Yesterday was a nice awakening to everyone reminding traders how tough things can be during earnings season. Especially if you decide to hold a trade over earnings. I have worked this horse over so many times, but you have to realize that anything can happen over earnings. Plan for anything. Yes, the stock can gap hard against you, what are you going to do about it? It could do nothing and wipe out your implied volatility. It could move in your direction, but you still lose money on the loss of time premium. Are you sure you've got it under control?

The secret ingredient is always proper position sizing.

Moving on, you'll see that the banking sector has rebounded a little today, the yen has pulled back, and real estate stocks have been given a courtesy bid by the market. It feels a little fake, especially with Amazon pumping the NASDAQ full of market cap. I'm sure you'll take any gain as opposed to yesterday, but keep your finger near the trigger. This recent activity doesn't feel right. The Option Addict VIX is starting to get aroused.

Recommendation: Buy Low, Sell High

Long: Position Sizing

Short: Earnings season


Random Thoughts

The news of this referee marks a all time low for the NBA. First the Cavs vs. Spurs Final, the Kobe Tape, and then this! What I can't get over is thinking about all those unlucky people betting on the potential outcome of a basketball game and losing everything. Good thing this guy didn't officiate my Warrior games.

Check out the details of these "fixed" games...

ESPN: "In the two seasons in which the FBI is investigating Donaghy for allegedly fixing games for gambling purposes, Bell found that, in games when Donaghy was part of the officiating crew, NBA teams scored more points than Las Vegas expected (hitting the over) 57 percent of the time. With a league average of 49 to 51 percent, the odds of such an occurrence are 19 to 1."

..."At the start of the 2007 calendar year, Bell said, there were 10 straight games in which Donaghy was part of the officiating crew and the point spread moved a point and a half or more before tip-off, indicating big money had been wagered on the game. In those 10 contests, according to Bell, the big money won all 10 times."

Big money always wins in the long run. This is why we check for unusual volume before taking our trades. I am tempted to discuss market makers fixing the market, specifically on the Amex, but not today. I'd rather keep rambling.

I listened to David Stern's press conference about this mess and he had quoted this as the biggest disaster he has seen in the league. For some reason it had me thinking about Mark Cuban. He has racked up numerous fines and openly criticizes officiating in the NBA and has done so for quite some time. In reading his blog, rather than take the high road and say "I told you so," he says...

"The NBA took a hit today. Behind that hit is a catalyst and opportunity for significant change that could make the NBA stronger than it ever has been. Its a chance to proactively put in place people, processes and transparency that will forever silence those who will question the NBA's integrity. I have complete confidence that David Stern and Adam Silver will do just that and the NBA and our officiating will be all the stronger for it."

Glad he's optimistic.

Yeah, I know... I bet most of you don't want to read about sports, but there is so much controversy out there right now. I love it! There's Michael Vick the dog killer, Barry Bonds "fixing the home run record," the ridiculous relocation of the Beckhams...

And Lindsay Lohan gets busted again! Another DUI and a dime bag of cocaine to add to her stellar resume.
Clearly with all of these train wrecks going on around us, the VIX has responded...

Another reason to gently ease off the buying ( a little ) and diversify with some option selling. Keep watching the meltdown in Realty stocks and Financials...there is so much premium out there for the taking.

I am starting to get a little more cautious though. This pullback today is pretty significant. The breadth is horrible, and there is some panic selling in the futures market as we head into the close. Have you seen Countrywide and the other subprimes? Crushed.

I don't know what to make of all this,

But I have a reason why Scott Baio is 45 and still single...

Recommendation: Play defensively. I'm not sure what we are getting into, but it smells fishy.

Long: the VIX

Short: Scott Baio


Weekly Watchlist Volume II

Again, right click and open in a new window.

New audio equiptment is coming shortly, sorry for the horrible sound.

Weekly Chart Pattern Video

Right Click and open in new window.
I will have a fix for the worthless audio shortly.

Delayed Inspiration

If you haven't noticed, I haven't posted today. Here is what I am thinking, and let me know if I am off base, but I figured I would create a few videos this evening that cover this weeks watchlist. Summer months are typically slow for Bloggers looking for cutting edge excitement. I resorted to blogging about Transformers and Harry Potter last week. That's how slow it is.

I will mention that if you received the GSF gift this morning, accept it. Don't rebuke it. When things like this happen that are not expected, don't feel bad about taking the gift. Especially if you are drawing a blank about what has happened, what will happen, or what you are supposed to do from here. I am up to my neck in e-mails from the masses asking me "what am I supposed to do now?" If you have sent an e-mail about this, I must caution you about my 3 day minimum response time to these time sensitive questions. This forces the trader to make a decision that they will likely learn a great deal from. It's for their own good!

Check back tonight for some new releases, and some unbelievable trades.

Recommendation: Come back later

Long: Jeff's watchlist

Short: Everything else


One Last Blog Before the Weekend

I wanted to quickly address the "conference call" that was discussed this morning. Yes, we conducted a conference call to experiment with the technology. I posted the link to it in the chat, and then after it was over I went back and removed the link. I didn't want to leave the link available after we were done.

Next time I will provide some notice. Today's decision was made on a whim. I am hoping that this posts will keep my inbox from going over it's allotted size over the weekend with questions about it.

Sorry for the confusion.

In the meantime, I want to share a quick story from one of our regulars. Grab your tissue, and a tallboy.
Addicts, Arty. Arty, Addicts. Nice to put a face with a name. Here is the story he sent. It is actually a really big deal. Thanks for sharing buddy.

This is all I have a picture of me in the Library of the Danish Stock exchange, in my socks, drinking a Carlsberg tallboy. If it was available at the time I would have been wearing an option addict stocking cap.

The story goes: I told my exchange student son from Denmark Jens I had to get into the exchange. He had seen me on the Blog and TOS etc. and had rudimentary knowledge of what I am doing. He said they do not let people in but he would get us in. So in the pouring rain we roll up to the side door and he makes up this story of my illustrious career as a trader on the floor of the NYSE. Dude buys it. The guy actually let’s us in provided we take our shoes off. All though the picture is kind of lame we managed to snap one off and have a look around. It reminded me of the pictures in my illustrated copy of Reminiscence, a great deal of heritage and tradition. I was actually humbled and awe struck (and a little tipsy).

The best part of the story is still yet to come. After we walked out this older Danish lady came up and emphatically thanked us in English and then went off with literal tears in her eyes to Jens in Danish. I thought we were busted. No…..since they trade the Danish Stock Market in little computerized trading rooms today that is not all that impressive, I come to find out that original part of the exchange that we were let into is not open to the public.

Why is that important? What she said was that she had tried several times in her lifetime to get in and look around but was never allowed. However that day, she rode our coattails with some quick thinking. Why was it such a big deal to her? Because her grandfather had designed and installed the roof and ceiling of the exchange and she had never seen in person from the inside in all of her trips to Copenhagen as many times as she had tried. It was awesome!

So that is my story, I shall stick to it.

Addicts around the globe doing their part to change peoples lives. Nice work my man.

So that concludes another fantastic week. Well, not according to the tape, but don't beat yourself up over it. Remember the rules we live by and do your part to implement them. What is really important is that you have a good weekend and let the mind focus on something else this weekend.

Recommendation: See you all on Monday.

Long: Arty

Short: 13,851 on the Dow

A Bunch of BS

Check the way Bear Sterns is trading today. I am an hour and a half away from watching my first spread of 2007 expire worthless, leaving me a $1.35 credit. I know what you all are thinking... "Wow. You must be proud."

As the VIX continues to form a higher base, I am likely to keep throwing these out there. It is a great hedge against loading the boat and going long with overpriced options. I know what you are thinking... No, I am not a sellout, I am a trader. Traders adapt to changes in their environment. No, I am not defensive... I just don't know how excited I am to trade spreads.

Speaking of BS, tonight is the night that the soon to be bestseller book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out. Instead of waiting in line to get it, I provided a link to Amazon to get a copy, if Harry Potter is "your thing." I have heard some chatter that people will actually be waiting in line at midnight tonight to get a copy. Have fun. I'll be sleeping.

Since this link and some book sales will generate a lot of nice traffic for Amazon, Why not take a position soon? Earnings are coming out next week, and if the market responds, taking this above $75 and negating the questionable top, I am going to go long. Here is the all-time chart on Amazon that illustrates a lot of upside the stock has yet to reach.

However the 1 year chart shows the stock is hesitating to make it beyond resistance. This is why I would wait for a breakout, or a higher low before taking any action.

Option premiums are getting expensive here along with the rest of the market. So when it comes down to choosing options, choose wisely.

However, if you share my point of view that this book release is a not anything you plan on dressing up for, you can short the rest of the book sellers... BKS, BAMM, and BGP. All of them are left in the dust behind Amazon. Hey, maybe we structure another pairs trade?

Recommendation: Thanks to those who participated in the conference call this morning.

Long: Amazon, assuming I get the signal I am waiting for.

Short: Harry Potter



Anyone seen Transformers yet? Me neither. I doubt there are too many out there that understand the transformer heritage like myself, and that might be due to the fact that I am old enough to be your child. However as a kid I subscribed to the entire transformer catalogue. My first actual toy purchase of my life, with my own hard earned money was an Optimus Prime action figure.

Optimus prime transforms into a cab over semi truck and not to mention holds the postion of commander or the Autobots and upholds and protects the entire universe around him. A hero of the highest caliber both on Cybetron and on Earth.

I highly recommend enlisting for the film this weekend, even though I haven't seen it. You can't go wrong with such a unique story line, and Michael Bay & Steven Spielberg putting this together. That ought to be $100 well spent.

Now on to the greatest Semi in the galaxy, the SOX. If you were to conduct a relative strength comparison between the broader markets, you'll notice that the NASDAQ has upheld a trend more so than the S&P or the DOW. The quiet storm behind this trend has been Semiconductors (SOX). Take a look at the performance on the 1 year.

With such a great trend, I urge you to consider at least throwing down an August vertical spread to capture the free money that is wasting away in these put options. If you are a pessimist about the market, here is a great reason to throw down the 550/560 Bear Call.

If you would rather wait for a breakout, or prefer to avoid trading the SOX, check out the SMH below. It's trading just over $40 and options here are cheap. This should be a great investment as Semis are a leader, and it appears that so many individuals are scared of the market at the moment. The majority claim that it can't go higher. Which is a great indicator to buy anything and everything that will fit into your account. What can I say, I am a contrarian.

Since was forced to look at a 5 year chart today, I looked at several. Here are some additional long term trades I cam across. Have some fun!

VMCSo much for being bullish on materials, huh? I have been waiting for this pig to break support and loaded up on some puts.


Nice triangle break on State Street, looking for this stock to hit $80 in six months.

The Market Gods provided the dip, and waited until a week before earnings. Decisions, decisions.

Another Triangle breakout on the long term chart. 10-12$ movement expected over the next year or more. What's your time horizon?



Another breakout. In fact, whoever it was that mentioned this stock in the comments yesterday, kudos.


$15 points in 8 months. I love this stock.
On to the short term charts, did anyone see the IPO on MF this morning?

Is that a hammer, or hanging man :)

Recommendation: Check out Transformers

Long: Semi Conductors

Short: Decepticons

By the way, I was up all night creating this video. I blow the competition away at the costume parties.


It's Gotta be the Shoes

Sonics forward Kevin Durant scored the second-largest endorsement contract for an NBA rookie when he signed a seven-year, $60 million deal with Nike that included a $10 million signing bonus. The Beaverton, Ore.-based shoe and apparel company and Durant's agent Aaron Goodwin confirmed the announcement Wednesday. Seattle Times

According to industry sources, Durant declined a seven-year, $70 million deal with Adidas that included a $12 million signing bonus largely because he has a long history with Nike dating to the eighth grade in Washington, D.C. Seattle Times

That's a nice flag forming in Nike, one great performer over the last year. I thought a Durant contract would have been the breakout. Although after careful consideration, Nike wouldn't match the Adidas deal that was offered to the unproven superstar. Oh well, that means they still have $12 million in the bank.

How I am hoping one of these superstars signs a shoe deal with CROX or DECK to generate some price movement in these positions.

Now that I have done my damage in the market today, I am hopefully going to think up something worthwhile to blog about. Feel free to leave requests.

By the way, even though you've already read this article, I would appreciate a click to this link.

Every time you guys venture over to one of my articles, they put me on the radio. Thanks for your support.

And buy Nike on the break.

Recommendation: If you re-read the Forbes article, see if you can spot the major error they made when posting this on their site.

Long: Nike

Short: Sonics


Technical Difficulties

Looks like videos are a no go this afternoon. My recording software is having a tough time. What is most interesting though is the lack of trades I was able to locate this week. It is uncanny. The number of trades I found are about 25% of my typical watchlist size. I wonder what that means? Regardless, it looks like my kids are going to starve this week.

Price Patterns

LRCX- Finally got the breakout of the Cup & Handle we've been waiting for.
PNM- Inverted Head & Shoulders, albeit some interesting price action last couple days.
FTEK- Flag?
BHI- Double top...should have forwarded my confirm yesterday.
LVS- Inverted Head & Shoulders- Nice confirmation today.
LTC- Descending Triangle, realty stocks love me.
AHS- Descending Triangle
KWK- Head & Shoulders...Brett we must have similar watchlists :)

Seriously, hours of looking for 8 stocks. Here are my not chart pattern trades...

AMG- I want a rally off the $130 mark...still to early
OIS or GSF- Buy dips
MSM- Remember this stock at $50? What about the dip here at $55?
RDC- Another dip to snack on
FTO- mmmmmm...
AYE- Wait for the break

Da Bears
ACI- Kind of a Head & Shoulower highs, lower lows pattern
TSO- Breaking some serious support today
BTU- Retesting the neckline & falling
FRX- Rolling over
FIG- Still think this will hit $20... but I won't bet the farm
DRIV- Hmmm...
FLML- Finally!
HLYS- It will drop
JWN- Buy time
XEC- The Two Headed Head & Shoulders pattern. I patent that.
HIG- Wait for the break of support
Since that is all she wrote, I am going to catch up on my scrapbooking...

Figure 1: Here is Chris (from Chris & Catherine) Demonstrating how to make your own OA shirt.

Figure 2: Here is Tom Degroodt demonstrating how you don't need a shirt to be an official addict.

Figure 3: Xavier Williams (Tonya's son) an Option Addict in training.

Recommendation: Anyone catch the gap on KEYS? It was on the videos for the last two weeks...

Long: Videos

Short: Watchlist this week

PS- Thanks for sending the photos everyone.


The Option Addict Store has Arrived!

I have received a lot of e-mails about Option Addict shirts and other various forms of merchandise ever since I dawned them about a month ago. The good news is that there is a link at the top of the site that says "Option Addict Gear." With the help of my lovely wife, a store is now up and running to provide all the OA paraphernalia you could dream of. Shirts, hats, underwear... you name it. In fact there are so many choices, I had to buy one of everything. My kids are even suited up.

So if you decide to get suited up, then I am really going to need photos. This goes out to everyone. I am still thinking on the incentive plan, but I can't wait to see Addicts across the globe. Especially Chicago.

Recommendation: If you have any special requests (colors, style; etc) let me know.

Long: OA Gear

Short: OA Gear

Would You Trade It?

It looks like the majority passed on this one. Based on the comments I read, it was for the right reasons. Nice work!

Although if you knew which stock it was, the entry point doesn't matter...it still was an amazing trade. This was one we hit on the Marketcast, and through the watchlist. Give up?


I also would have passed on that same entry point. Some might argue that this is a breakout, and say "I thought you trade breakouts?!" To which I reply that there is a big difference between a breakout, and an uptrending stock making new highs.

FCX is an uptrending stock. It makes higher highs and higher lows. Therefore, it never hesitates at it's prior high to form resistance. If there isn't any resistance, there isn't anything to breakout of. Here is an example of a breakout...

I bet you know where I'm going...


The resistance is there, the volume is there... that is what we call a breakout.

Don't you love it when you take a boring, low volatility stock like this in the early stages, and it makes the NYSE top ten list?! Nevermind that though... analyze that chart. It is textbook of everything I teach about the strategy.

You take the trade on the breakout, everything signals perfectly, and you are in. Nice work!

The next day, you are getting killed on the trade. No profits, and a huge loss to start off the day. You get emotional. In fact, some sell thinking that the trade is wrong. However, notice on that second day, the sellers could only take the price back down to where it broke out of. They know that is as good as it will get, and they cover their short...while the rest of the market is buying. As you can see, the end result is awesome. There is no way to predict a day like today, but the stock is sitting beyond it's target price of $102. The hardest thing to do now is to decide whether or not to get greedy.

Recommendation: Get greedy

Long: Trading after a good weekend

Short: Monday's


So much to tackle... so little time.
Let's start with a couple of photos & videos that wandered into my path over the last week or so. Take a look at a couple of our addicts...

Here is a picture of Jerry aka "fifthclmn." He is the guy that posed for my mug shot in the upper right hand corner of my site (The Dude). What a lovely piece of machinery he is posing in front of. Too bad he is taking this photo in his neighbors driveway... just kidding Jerry, thanks for the photo.

Next up we have a picture of John Logan. All 5'5" of him. You wouldn't really notice, but he happens to be standing next to the 7 footer, which is his cousin. John, ask if he'd be willing to play for the OA basketball team this winter.

Finally I have a video that Doji Girl sent in. Here she is banging her Taiko drums. She is the blonde between the brunettes.

Doji Girl, Amber and I are coming out this winter to take lessons. Hope I can crash at your place, although I require a California King size bed :)

Well, it is Friday the 13th...again. Whooptie doo. I don't see much in the market worth talking about... but if you turn on your tv you can watch CNBC talk about the retail meltdown, why the market will go down, or more horrible investment ideas to add to your portfolio.

So instead of regurgitating financial news today, let's play a game.
Would you trade this set-up?


Event Planner

If you are able to attend, I am trying to get a head count. Please leave your name in the "other" field...as well as any comments you have.

Bulls on Parade

I have been a little preoccupied this morning with the market and some irritated executives. So many things to throw money at and so little time. I am amazed at the rally today, but am really impressed at most of the bearish picks holding ground today. The biggest loser is BXP and only up 1.28% at the moment. All this while the Dow is up two hund!

CTSH: That was easy.

RTP: Getting ripe

MA: I got a call from Mastercard last night. Instead of making my minimum payment, a supervisor got on the phone and begged me to buy this dip this morning. I agreed, but only after we negotiated that the "over the limit" fee was waived.

Recommendation: I don't really have a Mastercard account. Grandma bought up all my debts a long time ago (Rounders).

Long: Stocks and diversification

Short: Spreads


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  • I'm Option Addict
  • From Saratoga Springs, Utah, United States
  • I am a professional trader and an instructor for Investools. I've had relations with the markets for 9 years. Born in Concord, CA, but reside in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Father of THREE, Husband of one.
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