Mixed Emotions

What an interesting morning! The market has recovered from opening lower, and offered some decent movements in the daily trend. Take a look at a 1 day chart of the dow to see the intraday movements up until noon Eastern...

If you are still watching trades from my prior weekly watchlist, there were aome very nice pattern and trade confirmations today. I tried to rally together a watchlist, but I am struggling to find good looking set-ups. I will keep looking and hopefully have a few symbols to contribute today. If not, we might have to stick to this weeks price pattern list.

I received a minimal amount of suggestions over the weekend, but we'll make it work. For those who participated, thanks.

I also want to pay my tribute to those who lost relatives or loved ones five years ago on the anniversary of such a tragic event. I can't imagine what you must have went through but want to let you know that you are in my thoughts.

In an attempt to make light of such a tragic day, eight years ago this day marked the best day of my life. My wife and I married September 11th, 1998. (If you are reading this Amber, I love you! Happy Anniversary!) 8 years strong!

I will post later this afternoon...

While it may be tragic for some, it need not mar your special occasion. Congratulations to both of you!


Happy Anniversary! Nice to hear something positive on this otherwise melancholy day.

Awww, you remembered!!! I love you


Happy anniversary - Great job - Father of two, Husband of one. That's the best gift you can give to your children. Keep up the good work (on and off the blog site). You rock!!

Bob from Jacksonville, FL

Hey Jeff, can you walk us thru the process from start to finish on how you search, review and select your stock picks. I'm looking for the little things the make all the difference. Maybe some ideas on how to sharpen our skills to see the patterns you seem to see so clearly, maybe I'm just blind. Thanks for the blog, it is great.


Congratulations on your anniversary! Relationships are the most rewarding aspect of life as I'm sure you'll agree. Best wishes on your future endeavors in the years to come.

Rich Strehl

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