You heard right, I will be presenting tonight. I plan to discuss swing trading versus trend trading. I will be in Session 2 tonight. I hope to see you all there!!!


I think it would be fun to have a "Lightning Round" type day like that clown Cramer has, only with your quick hits on option trades. Maybe take a bunch of emails asking about trades and post a quick thought on some of them say each Friday or something.

I know it probably goes against what you're trying to do here (teaching people to think for themselves), but i do think it would be a lot of fun, and offer some other perspective on how to view some setups.

I think a lightning round thing would be cool. More just teaching us a 30 second "going over" of each way to analyise a stock or option play until it becomes second nature.

I agree it would cool to see a lightning round type of thing. More to get us experienced in a "30 second" analysis of how to view certain plays and what to look for.

Thanks for the great session tonight. some of your off-hand comments just slay me. i.e. " not very many of us tonight so no pushing or shoving". Wish I could have said hello in Draper last week but didn't really know how to find you and know you are busy. Thanks for all the extra you do for all of us.


ABLSOLUTELY!!! The thought of sitting behind thirty minutes of non stop e-mails sounds great...who can I address my e-mails to???

Joking aside, did you mean for this to be on MasterTalk?


I can't believe you were in the office and didn't take me out to dinner! You should have shot me an e-mail, or told someone you wanted to meet me. Im upset I missed the opportunity to say hello! Now I guess we'll shoot for the 4 day class to say hello?

Hey Jeff,

I just figured it would be a nice Friday post or something. Since you get bombarded with emails about trades, i figured we could all learn from them. Example:

OIS...oil is rebounding, but remember the overall trend is down.

CTSH...expect pullbacks along the way but should hit the target.

etc... just a suggestion. You've set the bar so incredibly high here that i don't want to push you too hard, but this would really be a lot of fun and educational. The ability to look at multiple trades from our perspective AND yours would be invaluable. Granted, some people will just use it as a pick service, but i feel the majority of us would really benefit.


Great session last night!!! A very interesting and worthwhile topic that should have been valuable to anyone that trades! You were on your "A" Game for sure!!!

Look forward to more and more and more mentoring!!!


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