Another Day Another Dollar

The market moved slightly faster than the speed of smell today. Such is the case going into "pre-event" days such as tomorrow. The market will be quiet tomorrow up until the announcement. If you are not sure about tomorrows reaction, you might consider tightening stops, or exiting positions where you don't want to risk your profits.

I think the potential for an upswing is about nil, right? The market has concluded a pause rather than a cut or hike, but the policy statement is going to be the icebreaker. So what do you have left over as far as a market reaction is concerned? Either a slightly up or slightly down day, or you have a large down day. How about them odds?

Speaking of odds, who is favored in tonight's Game 3 of the World Series? You have Detroit pitching another lefty (Robertson) against St. Louis' Carpenter. Who's your favorite?

Hi Jeff,
Sorry I can't answer the World Series question, but I just tried to listen to the Marketcast and I got the one from Wednesday the 18th. Not sure why.
Debbie Davis

Even thou I'm a Cubs fan I'll root for the red birds.

I agree with you, the market shouldn't hit another home run, but I've been saying that for awhile. How much higher can it go? I'm putting in stop losses on my options.

Hi, Jeff. You have recently asked for blog feedback, and comment on what kind of blog content one might want. Your blog is great, I like the variety. My vote for emphasis is big-picture how you (how to) trade like you posted last week, keeping the running list of possible live trades to do (love that...), and big-picture reviews of techniques and philosophies. An eventual audiio/video similar to the weeklyShadowTrader analysis (Xlnt and it's free...).

My vote for less emphasis is for less personal-what-you-ate-for-lunch, golf scores, etc. stuff.

My Trading Rooms time has run out, so keeping up with your excellent teaching and trading is now via your blog. Keep up the good work.

P.S.---if anyone wants a pretty good education in candlesticks, go to

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