So here is the deal. Attendance has dropped again on the blog. No I am not in tears about it, but I would like to hear your thoughts and feedback about this site. I know my posts come in flurries, or sometimes hardly ever. I know some prefer to be thrown a few trades, which I do in moderation. But I want your opinion. You can do this by sending me an e-mail, leaving a comment down at the bottom, or filling out a survey over on the right hand column underneath my archives. I just updated the poll again today.

I have had a few suggestions that I am entertaining. Right now I am working on a link to a daily podcast on this blog. I am in the process of trying to find a place to host my files and we can listen to a daily audio clip about stocks we are following or just a general market overview hosted by yours truly.

Another suggestion I received is to create videos to post on the blog. It would be similar to a trading room session, where you watch a video of what is on my computer screen, and I walk through charts, analysis, and other elements as well. It would be easier to see what I am seeing rather than to try to interpret what I am writing. I'd like to see this happen also. It's easier to present than to type these lengthy posts each day. What a time consumer!

So give me your thoughts. I promise I will read each e-mail, and jot down your suggestion. What is interesting to me is to see what the public wants to see. I want to keep this innovative, interesting, and entertaining. Do your part and lend me a hand! Click here to send me an e-mail, or fill out the poll on the right hand column if you prefer. See you tomorrow.

I have two ideas.
One is just for fun. Maybe you can have a poll on your web to poll the market setiment of current market from the visitors. It would be fun to watch how many people are bears or bulls. :)
2. Maybe you can share one or two trade and follow up with it closely. Not every day, but at some important days where most of us might be confused of what to do about the stock/option. Just like a virtual trade. I believe that will help us a lot on learning what the professionals think and do at the critical turning points.

BTW, I really enjoy your style and learned a lot!!!

Thank you very much for all the time and efforts!


My husband and I are in week 6 of the 3 Day Live Online course. We have been listening to you for 4 months on MastersTalk and (finally) we understand! Gosh, that learning curve was a b--ch! We can't wait to listen to your Advanced Options trading rooms.
As for the blog, I check it everyday for stock "leads". Keep 'em coming. I think the video idea is great. Sometimes my attention get lost in a long post.


I check your blog sight several times throughout the day. I think you cover a wide range of excellent topics from education to stock picks to trading pychology...all which I enjoy greatly. It is obvious that you put a lot of time into this blog. Of course, everyone likes to see what an experienced individual as yourself is trading to help develop their styles (for those that are into the short-term trades)...but I enjoy all of your posts. It helps keep me going until I can listen to the following weeks Master Talk!!!

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to assisting us in learning.


Damn I’m just here to see what Jeff had for lunch today! LOL Jk. Good stuff I would like see a few trades not just the trades but the whole analysis about the trade and why you took it. I mean its great to see what all your trading (the more the better) but I think I would get more out of it if you took one or two specific trades and explained the whole thought process of the trade (breakout, strike price, Greeks, Volatility and so on). Keep on the site its coming along great.

ps I had a shrimp quesadilla today if that matters. Lol



I think you have the greatest Blog Site on the web. I have been a part of dozens - some at a subscription price and this is IT! I will also say that all one has to do is visit the vast sea of "experts" and realize the buffonery that is out there. Everything from political agendas to comedy acts that call themselves trading sites.

I have learned more in the past few months on this site than at any other time. It is evident that you have the heart of a teacher/mentor. You can not hide it. To coin a phrase from a really good movie; "If you build it they will come." They will come - the ones that matter and the ones that are here to receive from you that part of you that you have been called to impart - knowledge to be free. Your rewards are all around you - your family, your friends, your calling and of course us.

As for the videos? I think they will be a great addition to your Blog and will also free you up from having to write all the information you want us to learn. Please do not stop writing the awesome articles though. They are priceless! A fair and balanced forum for all to take part in. I am definitely exited about it. Note: You should be able to place these audio and video files on or That will also direct interested people to your/our site - For the people by the people.

"What the mind can concieve the body can acheive!"

Best regards,



Your poll doesn't allow for more than one option. Most of those are why I look at your blog and to get a feel for what others out there are doing. What you have here is a real gem. keep up the good work.


I can't stress enough how much I appreciate your time on this blog. Webcast would be an amazing idea. Keep up the great work.

Rodney Tyler


Excellent job in your blog. Thanks for coming up with new ideas to improve your great blog!! I would like to see a trade where you considered you learned a lot (might be a lossing trade) and take us to the way you analyzed the trade before/after you enter. I think this will help us with money management. Also, somehow get us involved so you can see what we are thinking and comment on it.The webcast would be of great value.

Keep up the good work.


I think attendance would be up if I were to recommend this site to everyone I know who could benefit from it, but selfishly, your blog is just too valuable for that. Those of us who've had the pleasure and good fortune of studying under you have vastly more knowledge than those other traders who think they can pick up just any old options book and start firing away.

I can't really explain why overall attendance is down, but I can tell you I visit here multiple times a day and am never disappointed. I'm sure every one of your regulars feels that way.

I know it's in direct conflict with your trading psychologist's advice, but i do think that we should continually visit price pattern examples here of potential setups.

I used to blindly take those trades, but now they serve as examples to fine-tune what I'm looking for in flags, pennants, triangles, etc. The more you see, the more comfortable you are.

Thanks to your insights and style, I have been building my watchlists (organized by sector...i know i'm a little too anal) and am contantly finding trade opportunities now. The more I trade and listen to you, the more comfortable I am getting.

This is a rambling post, but just wanted to let you know the impact you have had on this one trader, and i'm sure there are many here who feel the same way.

My suggestions are these: More on how to trade (volatility, intermarket analysis), more trade fish, and keep up the commentary. It's truly sensational.

Thanks again for all your hard work.


Jeff -

Randy and Brett have said it perfectly so I will not reiterate.

It amazes me that attendence is down. Personally since I have come onto your blog in August, my trading style has been honed. Am I great yet....NO! But I am getting better each day!

Your thoughts on what would be valuable are right on. I would love to see more of your watch list (I am greedy to learn and earn more!) as I am still working on identifying new patterns. I still have 'aha' moments when you identify flags, wedges and a few pennants!

Thanks! Your loyal fans are in attendance!


Hi Jeff,
I strongly agree with ALL of the above comments. I have gotten more out of this blog than you can believe and reading it is painless because it's all so timely and entertaining and I can finally say that I am profitable. I can't imagine why attendance would be down, but who cares. It might be cool to have a few different supplementary subject lists that would encourage posts; perhaps one by stock ticker, one by concept subjects, etc. and always move the ones with the most recent comments to the top to increase relevance. Thanks for all that you do. WDJD was a classic!
Thanks again,
Debbie Davis

Hi Jeff,

Here is a response to suggestions for the Blog. I posted this to your blog also.

(1) CURIV Search
I am curious to know if INVESTools database searches will allow a search to be written for optionable stocks where the curiv is in the low percentile of its range. If not then why not add this field to the database as you have the data anyway. Creating a search for low curiv candidates would be awesome and would generate many blog dscussions.

(2) Spreads & Implied Volatility
I just came across an excellent lay-mans explanation on TOS website on implied volatility. I am sure you have seen this also.
Basically it explains how to de-rate the annualized implied volatilty down to say 1 month and calculate the probability of a spread being in/out of the money at expiration. This makes a lot of sense to me but I have played with this yet. Have you experimented with this theory and used it to your advantage for credit spreads/iron condors. I would be interested in thoughts on this either on the blog or in a trading room.

(3) Vega Hedging ?
From reading the blog I see alot of people going with OTM options for high probability trades. You mentioned that you don't use stops for OTM and that makes sense, but I am curious is there a way to hedge volatility going against you if its practical. I am buying the Natenburg book so perhaps there may some material in there on this topic

(4) Intermarket analysis
One of the others mentioned this also. I am not sure if its of interest to but I wouldn't mind seeing a few topics on intermarket analysis say using relative strength within sectors. It would be a good educational topic I think

Thanks for the great blog!
In some ways I feel like we are Jedi Knights in training, That is we are still learning to harness the force so to speak :)


Hi Jeff,

Hope you are having a fulfilling weekend! I was astonished when I read that your attendance was down, as well. I check your site multiple times daily, and am never let down. You provide us with such valuable knowledge and insight - I'm afraid of where I'd be without it!

That said, my favorite part of the site is the lessons and the watchlists. Maybe a little about how you find stocks? The market is overflowing with opportunities to make (or lose) money, but what method do you use to narrow it down? Industry? Volume? Emily's Search on Investools? < haha! : )

It's clear how much you've inspired and helped numerous people through your blog. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help your site, as well!

Thanks again, Jeff.


I check this website many times throughout the day as it has been an enormous source of information for me. I am in month 8 of my training and I learn everyday from your postings. Getting stock tips from you is a bonus but I mainly read to learn how to become a better trader. I just returned from the 3 day live last week and I plan on sending out this link to everyone that was in my class. Thanks for keeping this going!

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