A New Turning Point

I want to send out another "thank you" to each of you that actively (or in-actively) participate and stop by this blog. All of your comments, feedback, suggestions, questions, etc. have been so educational for me in this process. Thanks for all your help.

I am very interested in the community/education/application potential that this site has, and I have recently made some changes and actions to take us in that direction. I appreciate all your patience while I have been experimenting with this site, and I have good ideas of how to optimize the experience when you participate.

With this being said, we will be undergoing a few changes here and there. The changes might be gradual, but I am interested in getting the word out about this blog and focusing more on getting the "group" involved through examples, application, and communication. This will include more application of different tools, methods, analysis, and trade examples being illustrated.

I am going to start using creative marketing to get more traffic into the site. Pass the word along if you know of anyone that could benefit from a group site like this. If you know of Ed Seykota's "Trading Tribe" you know how valuable this environment could be to a trader. It's like having a support group to fall back on. At least it will be like this when we are finally off and running.

Anyway, I will be busy this weekend gathering material and shopping for tools/software/ideas to implement on the site. Thanks for all your efforts and support through this process. We have all learned a lot and the best is yet to come.

Have a great weekend.

--thanks for all you're efforts,Jeff. Its so encouraging to have a group like this...

First I want to say "Thanks for all that you do!"
I am wondering if anyone else feels trading and learning at home gets to be a little isolating. (esp. since I recently relocated).
I'd wondering if there is any one in "Jeff K/Investools Land " in VA
beach area- it would be nice to start a group

keep it up Jeff! I am a loyal listener on investools and reader of your blog...thanks again

Greg Henry
Ft. Wayne , In

Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty! You rock Jeff!!


I'm not sure what motivates you to continue to do what you do, but we're all lucky. I know you want to grow your audience, but selfishly I'm reluctant to give the site to some of my acquaintances who dabble in trading. I paid for my Investools education and I consider my access to you one of the brilliant perks of my time, effort and money spent.

I do hope that you are working toward building an advanced options education site that springboards off what Investools started. This blog has become my primary source of options education due to its wealth of information, trade ideas, interaction, simplicity of presentation, etc. If you added some forums to share trade ideas, discuss market perspectives, etc., there would be an endless exchange.

I can't get enough of this stuff.

Thanks Jeff, really enjoy your efforts and methods of teaching.


Thank you Jeff for all of your help and support. It is greatly appreciated by all of us.

Anyone looking for some bearish opportunities this dreary morning should check out the bear flag break on CAT and the head-and-shoulders reversal on AKAM. Both offer significant target opportunities.

Check the flag breakout on HAS today too. Great volume early, earnings last week, looks strong.

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