I Miss You Guys

Can we just get back to the way things were (cue violin music). In all seriousness I will try to make up for the lack of posts recently. My transition into our content department has been a little hectic. Thanks for your understanding and continued support.

Here is a quick review of the trades we looked at in Master Talk last night. It looks like some of the favorites were breaking out again. Go figure.

LVS- Hmmm... Resistance? Too early, but keep it on your mind.

GS- @#%*! A close below 212-213 and I must dismiss this one.

ICE- A close below 130 is my loss threshold.

ATI- I hated this one to begin with, but a close below 98 today and I am done.

ORBC- "Trade of the week" in yesterdays Marketcast. The stock took out it's IPO price today just as we anticipated. The Mar 10's are up a buck as we speak! The stock is up 4%! Yes this trade was a little different than the normal high flying stocks we've watched, but hey...a winner is a winner.

CTSH- $82ish...

Collectively this is one of the biggest ass kickings I have ever seen. Market influenced? Of course it is!

Hey keep smiling, Jeff.
We've missed you too, but there's a job to be done and hopefully you'll have time to get back in the saddle soon. We didn't have time to listen to Master Talk last night (highschool volleyball) but listened to it this morning. Thank god we wait until the end of the day to enter trades, huh? Yesterday I was on cloud nine, today it must be cloud zero. We're down exactly what we were up yeterday. So why won't RIMM tank in a market like this? I've got a nice juicy put on it and it refuses to go down.
Nothing's broken it's trend today though, so I'm putting on my skates and going out for some fresh air. A hockey puck to a snowman's head will do me a world of good right now.
Chin up, everyone... the sun WILL come up tomorrow (IIG has gone from a great Call to a performing Put.)
Chris and Catherine

Jeff, and fellow option addicts...

Today simply depresses me....it is ugly...

Bob R.

PS I forgot to mention BXP is still on fire! up another buck and bit today. Thanks for the advice on it. We were going to hang on to it anyway, you just confirmed that stuff that you teach DOES actually sink in.

Chris and Catherine


Breakout city on the TNX. Clearly bonds peaked. Isn't it only a matter of time for stocks now?

What an awful day! Where are those support buyers? Some of the brokers (MS,MER,BSC) are at their 5 month trend lines and if some buyers don't come in soon, shall we become bearish on them?

On the upside, LEAP broke out today with volume and is holding the gains.

MHS did a flag breakout today, no volume though. I'm taking the trade anyway because it's also a support bounce, and I have a channel drawn for about the last 2 months and it's also bouncing off of that. Oh yeah MACD & stochastics are turning up for anyone who uses those. I hadn't been using those but then noticed that they would have helped me in some of my failed trades.

Back to LEAP, even though it made a new high today, it is still not overbought according to stochastics.

Good luck to everyone.

Valerie Walton


"Do or do not, there is no try..." Yoda.

Quit with the excuses, we won't all wither and die if you don't post 5 times a day.

NRT - long (very long) symetrical triangle.

XOM bounced down today away from resistance at 75.


DRQ....Bear Flag waiting for breakout today or Monday???

Bob R.

BSC...retest of jan 10 breakout??

Bob R.

We miss you too Jeff, but we also understand that you have a new position now and that your time and energy may need to be focused elsewhere for a while. In the meantime, I'm sure we are all keeping quite busy trading and reading and listening to classes so that we can become better traders. That way....when you are once again in a better position to focus more attention to this blog....we will all be smarter and savier traders. Don't worry....
we're all still here.


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