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Here is an interesting article about the amazing correlation between the Superbowl winner and Dow Jones performance. The statistics are mind blowing. If you have never heard of this before, click here to take a look.

After yesterdays performance, I think it's obvious the Colts are going to take the Superbowl. Take from that what you will, but to me it bodes well for the market That we have two pre-merge teams playing. Let's just give Preston his Superbowl ring, huh?
One stock that bodes very well is my fine friend ICE. It is just descending nicely to the bottom of it's Ascending Channel, and is almost in the perfect "Jeff Kohler Position" (no comments from the peanut gallery, please) That position is where it is set to bounce off support and take it's next big ride up. Then... if it breaks that support line you get out RIGHT AWAY!!! I give it another couple of days and I'm going to dive in.
AFC RULES!!!! (For now)
Chris and Catherine.

My Aunt Rosa has a way better record than that. About 90% of the time she cooks lasagna, the Dow goes up. It's uncanny. I don't tell her about it, I just enjoy the lasagna and buy some DIA calls:-)

Looks like VIP broke out today...

Bob R.

The chicago Bears are going to win the superbowl, everyone here in chicago aggress. We are bullish in the market.

I wish the bears luck...they will need it against Manning...which is where my money is!

Bob R

Colts are going to win! I love Tony Dungy!

Intresting article. Thanks for the link. Sharp money in vegas is on the bears with the points, squares on the colts. Good Luck trading!

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