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I apologize, but between my slow computer/internet and this crap site, the outlook on getting my final post up today is doubtful. I'm revising my opinion from hold to strong sell. Anyhow, this is a good opportunity for all of you just coming in from work. Post some stocks already! I said I was willing to choose five and in no specific order. Hurry and leave your symbols before tomorrow morning and I will go thumb through them, choose five and write up a summary for tomorrow.

My intention was that this could be a useful exercise to compare opinions on various charts. I am looking for other similar ideas to engage yet provide useful information. As always, my contact link is on the right hand column, or click here to send and e-mail and provide suggestions. See you all tomorrow.


MFW I took the trade yesterday on volume and kind of a flag B/O. The darn thing was down 8% at lunch today... Stuck to my rule of waiting until the close and also it hadn't gone below my exit point. That being said 8% down in one day.. finished down 0.04%.

Can you have a look. Also not sure if anyone has talked about CPA. I found it on IBD top 100.

Also I hate to put a plug into a product, but if your connection is slow depending on where you live. I just got a mobile broadband card so that I could take my computer anywhere. I love the speed and ease of use

Sorry, Also can you take a crack at FLOW? On a 5 year daily it looks to use the 200 day. Currently in a downward trend, LL and LH's. I think it is too low priced for options

Hey Jeff,
I know how you feel. We're having issues with our internet conexion too. Anyways I only have a few seconds, but I just bailed out of VIP today as it seems to have had a double peak and is now heading steadfastly south. Might be a really fresh put. Have a look and let me know what you think.
Chris and Catherine

Take a gander at CROX.

I'm new to pattern trading. Let me know if I read the chart correctly on MA - ascending triangle with successful breakout with potential of $10 move?


I see a down flag on MOT. Earning just hit and now Apple getting into the phone business. I see it dropping another $5. Thoughts?


Hi Jeff,

Here some ideas to check.
Did not have time to check for earnings or any risk to reward ratio, just price patterns. These are my picks:

FCX Bear Flag
RIMM Ascending Triangle, not really if will keep strong to break the resistance
BTU Bear flag
IACI Symmetrical Triangle
CLF Ascending triangle
EXP Symmetrical Triangle
CAL Ascending triangle
CI Bullish Flag


Hi Jeff.

I see ISRG confirming a break to the down side of a large symmetrical triangle on strong volume. Next levels of support/congestion seem to be around $88, $85, then there's gap to $79. The pattern suggests a move of about $20 over 4-5 months...putting it into the $70s. A $20 move seems quite optimistic but considering the price swings this stock has made in the past perhaps it isn't totally crazy. Is there anything else I should be clueing in on?

Many thanks,



There's a great head and shoulders top on YUM. Didn't confirm in the past couple of days, but still watching intently.


Hi Jeff..There is a head and shoulders top on NDE

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