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How is trading treating you today? Despite a great open, and giving it all back there are definitely plenty of things to choose from on today's menu. The exchanges are going nuts, such as ICE and CME. BIDU made a huge move today, and the casinos are making somewhat equal advances (LVS- +$1.78 WYNN- +$1.77). An email came in that showed an awesome pattern confirmation today. Take a look.....

INFY: Ready for the bad news? Earnings are just around the corner. It is a picture perfect pattern and I am debating on taking the trade towards the close and holding on up until the announcement. Do you think there is enough potential in that amount of time to warrant the risk?

If you have any other menu items please feel free to post them.


Is there a way to enlarge the chart? I could not read the symbol. I have been enjoying you Market Cast talks on the Investools website. Thanks. Rob

rob t,

It looks like that stock that Jeff made reference to on his post today is INFY.

Sean M.

Something I have been watching is FLML. Looking for a breakout...

What do you think about CTRP? Any opinions?

I'm already in it at a nice profit(stock not option). I thought this might be a good place to add to the position.


Question... Does anyone trade using Interactive Brokers? I have been looking into this trading platform and would love comments. Thanks.
Happy New Year to everyone.

I notice BLUD breaks through strong resistance(a little) on strong volume however, earning report after the close of market. Now the good, strong report is out, I see about 4 points move (asc. triangle). What do you think?


INFY looks great to me. It looks like a possible 6 1/2 point move. The risk is small enough to take the trade. From my perspective it looks like a 1:6 risk reward. I understand that the stock may not complete its target since the pattern formed over 6 weeks, but even if it made a 3 point move, the risk doesn't change and it fits my trading rules. I would definetly be out by the E.R.

Happy New Year!!
Amy Myers - Texas

Tom T,
We've been using Interactive Brokers for a couple of months and I feel it's great! Trades are instantanious and cheap at $0.75 a contract. It allows me to be in and out whenever I want, even if I'm afraid to hold something while I'm away for a few days. Their reports are concise and easy to print out.
Jeff... welcome back. We are Disney addicts and usually took our kids out of school so we could go when it was a bit quieter. Lisa did a great job, although the market didn't behave. Nice to see ICE finally make a move. It was a portfolio saver yesterday.
Chris and Catherine.

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