Tuesday Trends

Don't get your hopes up about posting any real movements out of the averages today. Ahead of a Fed meeting there is too much caution to see any convincing buying or selling. Unless you want to break it down to individual issues, overall market movement will likely resume tomorrow afternoon.

Oil has rebounded a bit here this morning and a few Dow components released earnings announcements. 3M missed and is down $4, PG profit are up but shares are down $.9, and MRK disappoints while shares are down $.30.

Who cares, right? Let's move on.

I have more info on the ORBC trade I want to add. I'll create another post for it in a minute.

CTRP continues to roll along. This is a very strong channelling stock but is right near the top of it's channel. Volume continues to be above average as it races for the stars.
RIMM has established a lower high and will break through the previous low (which is also a support/resistance line) of $120 shortly (it's at $123 and falling, today.) Volume today is very low.
Broke the rules today and bought ZMH early this morning. It jumped on earnings yesterday and started the day higher. It looks like a fairly volatile stock and I anticipated it moving further up today. May grab my 35% profits (so far) at the end of the day. Or not. Why break the rules twice in one day, huh?
We're heading up north for 5 days of skiing tonight, so may not be around for a few days. Try not to miss us (I know Frosty won't.)
Chris and Catherine.
PS We will make ammends to you, too, Jeff... about missing your class. It's just that the Technical analysis class is one we really want to attend and the second one is full already (probably all your students (or "Minions" as my youngest daughter would say) jumping into it so they could attend your class. Gotta be quick on the draw.)

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