Excellent videos!

Love the format.

I wanted to comment on the PhD program. I began with investools so long ago that I was one of the first PhD students. The program was extremely different. No trading rooms, no Market Cast, and if there were Master talks, I was not aware of them. I think I took on too much. We had a deadline to complete the program. It seemed like too much too learn without enough application. If I had it to do over again, I would pay the money, bite the bullet, and jump in again with both feet. I would only make one change. The learning time frame would be decided by me. Maybe this is something Investools does now. I would ask. There is so much information. I feel like I could do the 3 day live again and get even more out of it than the first time.
The education I have received from Investools has been invaluable. It is truly another degree. The money is a small price to pay for financial freedom and security. There...that is my $.02 (no charge).

I saw someone comment on prophet charts being slow, mine is down on both TOS and Investools

I agree with both of you.... Amy education is priceless.

Ladd *$&#^ damn charts driving me nuts. haha

Danny DR

I need charts. I can't tell if I should be exiting my puts on DDR, although I think I'm still good.

Amy, I'm still in the BNI trade and still holding today. To me, it's still in the context of its trend. The thing has shown that it likes to move both up and down so I think we have to put up with the downs.

My one exit today is going to be CAL, I think. It's pushed up through a previous high (horizontal) and diagonal trendline. I think I'm going to have to exit that one as it has proven that I was wrong based on where I took the trade.

I can try and be your eyes. I am assuming you played the breakout a few days ago.
The stock is up .64 at 60.88. It looks like it is at old support, but not breaking it.
Is there something else I can do? For some reason, I can pull up charts.

MLM is killing it! I have CKFR as a resistance bounce on my list but looks more like a inverse H&S what do you guys/gals think?


I asked this earlier..does nayone use charts other than the invest tools charts? I am finding Invest tools to be less and less reliable. This is certainly not the first time thay have not worked..and I doubt it will be the last. I think this is unacceptable, especially when we have money on the line here.

Thanks, Tim,
I am still in BNI and agree with you on CAL.

Sorry Danny DR...I have no charts to look at......dead in the water here..

Bob R,
Think or Swim (TOS) uses prophet charts and it is down as well. so I wonder if it is investools or the prophet chart program....clueless when it comes to that stuff???

Oh and Bob, forgot to mention



We normally use Prophet Charts with Investools but was very frustrated with them today as well. I still have an account with option express and the Prophet Charts they have are like the charts Investools used to use before they upgraded their site. At least I have something I can fall back on.


I do not think the old charts that investools used was the prophet chart, it was called something else, another software???

Bob & Ladd -
TOS does use prophet charts, but they also have TOS charts. It's a completely separate set of charts. I use it when Prophet's down.
Only problem is that all my lines are drawn on the prophet charts.

Any one looking at FDX for a bearish trade? broke down out of its sideways channel today.
:-) Pat

Good point. I have accounts with both TOS and Options express as well. It just irritates me....I forgot that Options Express uses the old charts..THANKS!!

Good point. I have accounts with both TOS and Options express as well. It just irritates me....I forgot that Options Express uses the old charts..THANKS!!

TOS has another chart system built in, called TOS charts. I've been scrambling to learn that system and make decisions on trades at the same time. Not good at all.

The worst part is that I store all of my watch lists in the TOS prophet charts and all of the my trade notes on the charts themselves. ARRRGGHHH.

The chart itself looks just like the old chart from Investools. I don't think Investools called it Prophet Charts but it comes up that way with Option Express. I can try to send a copy of it to you if you send me your e-mail address.


Just visited with tech. support at IT. They are working on the problem and are aware of our frustrations. They apologized! For me, I can't imagine anything more reliable. IT is constantly making changes and improvements to benefit us. IT used to use an "interactive chart", but Prophet Charts offers so much more.
I hope everyone was able to survive the last hour of trading with the kind of problems we are having.

Prophet Charts is angering me to no end today....Jeff, this seems an opportune time to ask - do you use any other charting software in conjunction with Prophet - such as Metastock or anything like that?

Dallas, Texas

I need advice, I am in a call on CLB with a target 102.50, I bought it on a breakout, and noticed today was an analyst downgrade, and a big harry red candle on high volume. It has not broken my support line of 91 but it is right at it. I hate a major loss, even if it is only on paper.


I need advice, I am in a call on CLB with a target 102.50, I bought it on a breakout, and noticed today was an analyst downgrade, and a big harry red candle on high volume. It has not broken my support line of 91 but it is right at it. I hate a major loss, even if it is only on paper.


Sorry for the confusion, I'm aware of the TOS charts (which have worked great today) on think or swims page. I do not care for them.

But, when I refer to think or swim I use the symbol TOS, I was not referring to TOS charts in that earlier post, but to think or swims prophet charts. my point was think or swims prophet charts have been down today..

I am confusing myself.


For what is it worth, I use yahoo charts when IT is down.

Not as good, but it's free and I have not had a time with both it and IT have been down...I turned on stoch, ma(30), and MACD on yahoo charts with candles and it's not prof charts but at least I can see what is going on.

I agree with Amy's comment. I too was an original PhD student. I wish there were Master talks,,from the feedback on the blog it sounds like that alone was worth it. I personally don't understand why once you have purchased the PhD,,you should get the trading rooms and master talks forever. I dont think it would cost Investools anymore to have a few more people attend. I actually think from a business perspective it would make more sense,,,students would be more likely to be successful,,,thus ,,,,they would be walking advertisment for the company. I believe the longer the support the better the results. This blog is a perfect example,,,since finding it my account just continues to climb.
Jeff,,I think you should mention that the the BIG GUYS.

My $.02


We no longer get Master's Talk, and they want to charge 1500 a year. We are still struggling with losses in our trading and have not made back the money on our training or the money we lost trading last year when we didn't know what we were doing. I think that buying and learning the Master's program, then trading a while (year or so) then purchasing the rest would be better. We purchased the whole thing at once, and I feel like we wasted our money. You can't do the advanced stuff very well if you don't have the basics down.

Yes, Prophet charts is giving me problems, too.

Randall and Michelle

Gotta go watch Jeff's videos now and see what he's teaching us today.

Thanks, Jeff.

Thanks to everyone for the PHD feedback. It sounds like most people feel it is well worth the additional expense. I have personally learned a lot from the Trading Rooms available within the Masters program, and I would imagine that they're increasingly valuable for the PHD topics like price patterns, credit/debit spreads, etc. It also sounds like the 3-Day Live event is a must-do, which is really helpful to understand.

Thanks again.


Jeff, the videos are great! I am a bit gun shy today as we took one of our biggest losses today since we began trading in January. Talk about patience I am impatient for success! I want to be one of those PhD students that is a huge success story that is an inspiration to others. Right now this community is to me and I have little to give back in return.

Jeff, Thanks for the time you take out of your busy day to make the videos of potential trades. It's certainly appreciated!! Now I have lots of work to do researching and waiting patiently for an entry.

Have used your mantra of 'patience' and it is paying off- especially the last three great trading days. Also having several trades going on at any one time makes the ones that were down on a given day less significant.

I have been a follower of the Blog for many months- before Investools sanctioned it. In fact I had to Google Jeff to find it! I visit many times each day to see what's going on. The participants are like a family, each looking out for the others' interests and giving support and encouragement. It really helps me when I read the posts!

--Patti in Oklahoma

I hate to be contrary. NO, I don't think it is worth the additional expense. I learned tons from the first part and the trading rooms, but would NOT have spent the extra to purchase the PhD if I know what I do now. I would have only purchased the Master's. Hope this saves you some money.

Randall and Michelle

We have learned tons from Market Cast and this blog and just trading.


I appreciate your comments. And thanks for being here from the beginning. You mentioned the term "before I was sanctioned by Investools." Just so everyone knows, for the record, I am not sanctioned by Investools. Thats why I do not involve myself in discussions about them, never print anything about them, or comment about them. In fact I was tempted to squash the recent PHD discussion, but I don't want to censor anyone. For the record going forward, this is not an Investools product. I am sure many know this, but the comment just made me realize I ought to cover myself just in case.

carry on,

Here's the bottom line:

Use INVESTools to get a basic education and learn how to use their site, which has great content and tools.

From there, learn how to trade for a living from Jeff Kohler. The guy hasn't quite figured out yet that he's changing lives left and right and still thinks being a nice guy and offering this site for free is the right thing to do. I would have rather taken the cash for the advanced options course and put it in his pocket. That's who taught me how to trade and get where I am.

I am forever indebted to you, Jeff. You know that, but I want everyone here to understand that you can rely on the INVESTools method and be a stormtrooper, or you can learn from the Option Addict and be a Jedi. This site is where you will separate yourself from everyone else if you work hard to just 'get' it.

Jeff, 'Sanctioned' was the wrong term. What I have observed is that for a long time you didn't give the Blogspot web address out to anyone during an Investools class whereas you now do. You would just say to search for it.

Thanks! --Patti


I see. You are right. They don't like me mentioning it, but I chose to do it anyway. I feel it is a good trade of services :)


Or should I call you Anakin? Thanks for the post. That means a lot.


Brett - couldn't agree more!

I've been an ITools guys for over 9 years now. They offer great tools that have helped me get from beginner to 'whatever I am now!:) But they also offered this guy named Kohler that has been a tremendous help on Itools and on this blog ... Add my personal research that I continue to fine tune (rules!) and some great reading that I have been aggressively attacking like there is no tomorrow ... this has been a path that is producing profits like I haven't ever made in the market. We have GOLD here folks ..

Maybe Jeff won't realize how much he has helped or is helping us or maybe he does realize it and it's his calling to facilitate and lead us all. Great community here and if you use it in the right way, again it's GOLD!

Have a great evening everyone! Thanks for your contributions!

PS. Bob and Pam ... HANG IN THERE ... you just pick up... attack it again and forget today ... Re-tool and attack! Don't let the market get you - you get that market! Good luck!

Jeff, I felt that you had an issue with mentioning your blog on the Mastertalk several times so I would do it for you so you could say I was responding to a student's question! I have been at the top of several companies were leaders and the staff are more interested in developing and following crazy rules that do not help the customer or the business move forward. One reason I am not there anymore I guess. I was just trying to help in a small way I guess as this side of corporate America drives me nuts.
Anakin's son in the making...in Brett's footsteps I hope.

This blog is "the bomb". Been with investools since july of 06ish. Been an optionaddict since april of 07ish (or maybe since May 22, 2007....my name is Ladd, and I am an option addict).

My web site subscription to investools runs out August of 08ish. over the last week wondering to myself if I need the investools site (I am a PHD student)????

Long: optionaddict.blogspot.com

Fantastic blogging today BTW.

Ok, the only thing we can't do if Jeff asks is drink Kool Aid as many who followed Jimmy Jones did many years ago. Remember, always do your own research.
In all seriousness another thank you for all you do. I appreciate you watch lists and use some of them but find even more gratification finding my own and knowing I can make money on my own. Maybe not as much but it will come.
Jim J

Long TRW
Short FDX


I ditto all the prior appreciative comments. Trading would be somewhat of a lonely and certainly less productive experience without your help, guidance and this blog. I truly could have abandoned this quest without your help and this venue. It is not that I lack committment. It is that I craved interaction with others that trade, others that succeed and others that fail. Can't thank you enough.

Boy, all this and Jeff is a snappy dresser too!!

Sean M.


You hit the nail on the head!!!!! Jeff , Eric and Kelly are the ones I learned from. I thank all of you for doing the things you do to help change lives. I can find my own options and am becoming more self sufficient by the day, thanks also to this site and hearing everyone elses experiences. Stay positive, stay dedicated and make some money!!!!!!!


Benton, thanks! You all are so great sure hope we get to meet up someday. At least we will not go wow that is not how I pictured you at all with the pictures now. I think I am a bit too self sufficient and now know I need more help. The good news is I have connected with the best.
Pam and I went shopping for some good reading and none of the books you all mentioned are in any of the bookstores around here. Amazon site was even down - not my day. But tomorrow will be great!

Bob and Pam,
I ordered my copies from Amazon (you get them dirt cheap that way.)
They will help you a lot too. I have been reading frantically: Market Wizards, Reminiscence of a Stock Operator, How I made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market.

Yes, I agree with all of you. I think InvesTools is a great way to start, but then you have to develop your own style and really learn. I have moved forward so much since listening to Jeff and reading this blog. I noticed a difference when I listened to his trading rooms. I related to the way he traded and it felt right to me. I visited tons of trading rooms. They were good, but Jeff was, well, GREAT. Some day when we all become millionaries, we will say, "Well, we learned all we know from Jeff Kohler and Eric Utley."

Randall and Michelle

Oh, Bob,
Another excellent read is Rich Dad Poor Dad. That's what got us started down this path.

Randall and Michelle

I agree with all of the posts above, prior to finding this blog I traded on my own, scalping the SPX and the EUR/USD.

Scalping is a tough and draining way to make a living. I am thankful for this blog's help, in that I believe I can make a living without being glued to my screen all day. I can go play my guitar during the day and irritate the neighbors.

I am glad that I enrolled with Investools. It has been life changing.

But the number one thing is this blog in that we can share ideas learn and NOT BE CHARGED for each time we look at the blog.

There are so many scoundrels out there who want to nickel and dime you to death.

I had a rough day and went back to read Reminiscence for the third time, I am still amazed by that book.

Profitable tomorrow for us all,

Is anyone still having problems with Prophet charts? I still can't get mine to come up.


What can I say that hasn't already been said? I'm a PHD student also and started about 3 years ago. I'm comming to see you on July 5 for the two day class. If it hadn't of been for this blog, I probably would have given up a long time ago. I know much more about trading than my results show.

My worst enemy is myself. I finally saw the pattern I was in. When trading tired, I'm more defensive and lose money. When I'm refreshed, I'm more agressive and make money.

Trading rule #1: Never trade tired.

Be Blessed,
Tim D

I think what had happened to most of us, if I can dare speak for the group, is that we have decided to take our financial futures in our own hands. I know this is another cliche' but for me it was a "paradigm shift". I had always been taught that you go to school, you learn your trade/profession and then you trade hours for dollars. When I first realized that maybe my goal should be to not work for money but to make money work for me, it was like a new world opened to me and my family. I now not only look for trading opportunities but also ways to invest in real estate and businesses. I even sold my interest in my own business so I could be rid of the burden of partners and be free to explore other opportunities. Maybe I put the cart before the horse but it has been worth it. I wake up some mornings scared but always happy and a hell of a lot less stressed. Life is not a rehearsal and I plan to die happy.

I was thinking of taking up bowling but I don't think I can throw the ball that far on the fly.

Great day on site! I saw Randall and Michelle mention Rich Dad Poor Dad books. Excellent read to get you in the mindset you need to be successful in trading. They help you to realize failure more as a learning event and not a total outcome. You don't fail until you give up! I have read several of Robert Kiyosaki's books all great reads. He talks a great deal about approaching your discomfort and pushing your boundaries of who you are and who you want to become.
As Jeff mentioned Murphy has some excellent books out on Technicial analysis, sector rotation, and intermarket relationships. Developing the broad picture.
Here is a favorite quote of mine on influence and association. "You must constantly ask yourself these questions: Who am I around? What are they doing to me? What have they got me reading? What have they got me saying? Where do they have me going? What do they have me thinking? And most important, what do they have me becoming? Then ask yourself the big question: Is that okay?"
Great quote....We are all in the right place! Have a superp Wednesday. Take care and thanks to all.

Great comments, I agree with all of you. I think the biggest thing is not knowing how to invest or knowing how to make your money work for you, these days it’s actually “learning to save” to have the capital to do something with it. People my age are forgetting the importance of “savings” they get stuck buying the latest trends, the latest car/boat or the largest house and never gather the capital to do something with it.

I want to thank everyone on this blog for giving me the opportunity to learn from(and with) them!


I am the perfect sad example of what you all are talking about. I did the career thing worked very hard and left my family to merge several companies (not my own) together and do what I thought was very important work. I make really good money (salary) but was buidling no wealth just more stuff. Sadly my kids did not know me and I was not part of their lives. As CEO I would not have left but the Board of Directors made that decision for me and I feel I have been given a second chance to get it right and get my priorities right. We are living on a savings while building a business and trading because that it the life Pam and I want. I want to get successful at doing this because I want to be the poster child for what I call the corporate lie that if you follow the path and get all the way to the top of your industry (the big corner office, big salary, big bonus, big title all that stuff) you have to leave what is most important behind and there is a better healthier way...sorry if this is a bit too personal, I am tired.

Wow, lot of good comments today. Crazy day at work so I am catching up with the blog.

I agree with most of you that Investools is good source to get started. For me, this blog is the primary source for education. Jeff changed the way I trade and approach the market. It is a great community to be around and learn.


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