Friday's Festivities

Happy Friday. Another week come and gone, and I hope we finish the week off on new highs. I have been on the phone with revver about my price patterns video that I recorded Tuesday that still hasn't posted. They didn't have a good answer as to why it is still awaiting approval. If you caught it on YouTube then you had a couple great trades this week. If you missed it, you can watch it below.

It's been a good week. I see some new traders posting for the first time, and I have had conversations with a few of you this week outside the blog. I like to get to know all of my readers, even if you lurk in the darkness.

I will be here trying to catch up on my 133 unread e-mails and making a few phone calls.


How do you have time read/reply to e-mails, blog replies, phone calls and trade?

If I could manage my time and resources half the way you do, I'd be happy! Thanks!

I agree with Chip!

pasadena, ca


I want some of the same stuff you are taking. Jeesh, how do you do it??

Anybody trading FSLR? I entered yesterday on the yesterday and wondering if there is any news ,causing the pullback. I can't seem to find any.

correction..entered on the bounce. Can't type.


Kramer ripped it last night.

More reason to buy then!

Fslr is holding support

Ptry just broke down

Here's a report from Cramer:

Subject: FW: Stock Market Report

I received this from my broker but felt this is important enough to share and
warn you since this explosive situation might prove to be another ENRON or

I emailed my broker: "Please review any holdings and offer any advice you might have in the following stocks:

American Can, Interstate Water, National Gas Company and Northern Tissue Company."

His reply:

Due to uncertain market conditions, it is to your advantage to sit tight on
your American Can, hold your Water, and let go of your Gas. You may be
interested to know that Northern Tissue touched a new bottom today, and
millions were wiped clean.

That is funny

good work

GDI is making new 52 week highs with above avg. volume.


This one might be a long shot but I think it is worth a try

ARW is trading at 41.98 the June 45 calls are .25c if the stock continues its trend and moves 5% or a dollar or two I think these are going to be worth more.

any comments?
Ps i took the trade last week


I don't have the time. I'm thinking about hiring a secretary. I keep trying to tell my wife to lend a hand...she used to be a broker and a pretty fine options trader. She doesn't seem too interested yet. I'll keep working on it.


With a practically brand new baby I'm surprised you're getting any sleep. My kids are finally older (2, 4 & 6) and I still don't get sleep. They're always crawling in our bed in the middle of the night.

Well, why you're working it out, you've got moral support from all of us option addicts. If there's anything on our end we can do for you, let us know, or since I'm the one at the moment deciding to be the voice of everybody on this blog without asking them first, let me know. ;-)

pasadena, ca

Jeff K,

Be careful about trying to drag your wife into any more work...if she's taking care of three kids, she HAS a full-time job, then if you count yourself, she definitely has her hands full!

I can speak from experience with my wife and we only have one 3 year old!


You sound like a great husband...... I should've married a guy like you.
We are self-employed, I do books and design computer graphics, stay home with my 3 kids 7, 5 and 1-1/2, homeschool my 7 year old, trade stocks -(ha!) , and prepare orders for our shop.
Can I give you my husbands phone number? I can't seem to get myself fired.... I've even tried sexual relations with the boss (my husband ;o))



For the defense of guys, I didn't say that I agreed with how things are...just the reality!

Sure, I can talk to your husband, although I don't think he'd be to amenable to talking to another guy that you're having on-line discussions about of course! >:-0

Hey Jodi-

I answered your question yesterday about Calgary vs. Edmonton but it was late in the day so I'm not sure if you read it. Anyway, Calgary is closer to Kindersley and my husband has family there as well and they are usually the ones to pick us up at the airport but not this year. So, I'll be looking into flying into Edmonton.

MLM-still looking good.
ISRG finally looking great (I'm obsessed, sorry).
PSA-settling at 82...

pasadena, ca


I just went back and read your post - coming thru calgary makes sense then.
Oh and don't worry about eating timbits after 3 babies, I do it all the time. If you eat with friends it cancels out the calories -didn't you know? You can't get fat in good company!

Chip - you're right - he may not like that I discuss my positions with another guy! (ha!ha!)



I have a suggestion for you that may help in the building of your watchlists.

Say what you want about Cramer (and many do). I don't care for him personally and I also don't listen to anything he has to say about stocks. The lone exception being, of course, when he hypes up a position I'm already in.

However, between him recommending about 3-4 stocks per show, in addition to all the stiffs that call in during the lightning round, you've got hundreds and hundreds of relevant stocks to look up during the year.

I suggest getting on an email newsletter that will email every stock discussed on the show the prior evening. Then, take that list and run through the stocks.

Let Cramer ACTUALLY make you Mad Money the only way he really can.

If you missed ESS check out SLG breaking down below support.

Might also check out:

MUR - Asc triangle breakout
HRS - Looking for a bullish bounce
GS - Breakout
BARE - Looking for a bullish bounce
ATW - Bullish Bounce
APA - Breakout

Any opinions on these set ups or others are much appreciated.

As always - Thanks Jeff and Bloggers!

Have a great Weekend!

Brent in San Antonio


I'll see your SLG and raise you a DDR.

Brett, I think I did it or I hope I did correctly at or else have just signed up for internet porn or something. I already hate those emails!

Brett, do you know of such an email list?

Long - sbs, col, mlm, x, zran

Short - aiv, al, ckrf, hni

Out of mur (profit taken, maybe too early, but target price hit).

Sarah - too bad about FSLR and Krammer, but seems to be holding support well today IMHO considering... I may jumping in at end of day.

Anyone else see FSLR as a support bounce?

thanks addicts!


Is DDR to extended to get into or is it a breakout from yesterday?


I would say DDR has some very bad dandruff and today is the big scratch.

Strat, i do have a list, but i'm not going to spam it unless Jeff ok's it.

I played MUR as a flag breakout, it might be a little extended right now
HRS i see a continuation triangle maybe, with resistance at 50

gs uptrending stock breakout of consolidation

Bare bounce maybe, but you still have resistance and it could be forming a head and shoulder

ATW a lot of selling and could be like bare

APA was great a couple of days ago, a break out but you are too late you have to wait until it consolidates in a flag now as it could be heading into profit taking.

My advice do not try to be a hero and learn from Jeff's advice. Try to learn how he determines entrys and exits,play those until you can go out and pick your own

I welcome comments and criticism

Happy Friday!

Connie, I am so glad you jumped on the blog. Jeff mentioned to you that "The first step of becoming a true option addict is to admit your problem to the group." Well, I guess you inspired me to reveal 'my problem' to the group.

I have been trading three in June. Yep, three years and I am no where close to making this a profession. Trading has been slow for me as I tend to make the same mistakes over and over. Patience of course is my number one obstacle, but I am also stubborn and extremely sequential in my thinking. Thus, old habits are hard to break and looking at trading as an art and not a science is a hurdle that I am just now crossing. With many thanks to all the bloggers, but especially, Tim, Duane, Brett and Jeff, I am well on my way to becoming a true Option Addict. There you is out there for the world to see. Now, let's make some money.


YOU DID IT!!!! Welcome to the club, the honorary Option Addict t-shirt is in the mail. This is a big step, but we are all here for you and to help you get over your addiction. Profits are on their way, I promise.

Am I the only one loving RIG and NOV right now ??

Thanks for DDR. DDR is moving down better than SLG so far. I'm already short ESS and SLG though so I'll probably pass on DDR.

I am looking for some more bearish plays in other industries for diversification purposes.

Thanks to Davids also. Good stuff.

On Kramer. I've found some great trades watching Cramer. I follow very few of his recommendations. But since he pays no attention to charts or technicals I've found that when I combine some of my own technical analysis with his fundamental recommendations you can find some really good trades.

Brent in San Antonio


I sold for a nice profit right before earnings. Sure wish I would have held through earnings now. Usually I make the wrong move before earnings - sell when I should hold and hold when I should have sold. Earnings season is the toughest thing for me.

Brent in San Antonio

Is anybody seeing that maybe PSA might be losing some of its momentum today?

What about PVTB?

Comments, suggestions?



I'll have to remember that the next time I'm in good company that I can just continue to stuff my face. ;-)

pasadena, ca

Don’t know if anyone else is still holding onto SKS…

I ‘had’ been very nervous about the prospect of holding over earning with Saks Inc (SKS), they report Monday before the Market opens. April has been reported as a lackluster retail period, WMT and FD had poor earnings reports and even poorer results in the stock afterwards.

I was waiting to hear about the upscale retailers (as is SKS): JC Penney (JCP), Kohls (KSS) and Nordstrom (JWN) earnings reports yesterday and all three beat earnings and at least met analysts’ expectations for future forecasts.

All three opened higher and fell during the day, although stayed positive throughout their respective earnings trading days.

So based on this ‘non-traditional’ analysis along with looking at what SKS data I can see, I plan to hold over earnings. Yes, I might be wrong, although I can’t resist the potential. If it goes up, I think I’ll get out near what I expect as a higher open. Anyone else planning to hold over?

You down with BCE? Yeah, you know me.

Chip, you're second to last statement is asinine. Focus on where you'll get out if the trade goes poorly. Otherwise, as my good friend Bret Michaels once said, "Ride the Wind..." If SKS opens up Monday, I'm thinking the uptrend continues.

And you can't really compare SKS to KSS and JCP. They cater to a much different audience. Nonetheless, KSS, JCP AND JWN are all up following earnings. That's a good trend.


Compliments of Anu!

Thanks for BCE, Brett!


Of course, I'll be prepared to let it run, although if it starts higher and starts heading south, I'll be prepared to choice of words wasn't the best, this is what I 'should' have said.

It's not so much that customers for JCP and KSS are really upscale, although they are not WMT or FD. The point of this comparison is that if they along with JWN did well with people that don't mind spending more, then likely SKS who do cater to the 'Spendy Set' should do well. If nothing else, either way, I'll be getting an education.

Hey, at least now I know you can spell asinine!

Everyone who sold ISIL is about to get a fork in the eye on Monday. I see a very tightly wound triangle getting ready to blow up.

Patience pays off.

I guess I won't get the fork then...

pasadena, ca

Sorry I've missed out on the day. It's another lackluster perfomance in the C&C trading account today. I'm feeling spent.

Anyone interested in a great stock in a red hot industry, have a look at DRYS. It's pulled back big time in the last couple of days, and should be pretty close to a support level.

It's a long weekend up here in the Great White North... so we're away for three days, then it's off to Mexico for me for a day. I won't be around 'til Thursday of next week. Have a great weekend all. Welcome to all the new posters (not "poster children" just the people that post...)

I'm getting the fork out of here


Just what exactly do you do at DRYS?

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for welcoming me aboard your blog,which became my refuge.Being shy & self sufficient never called or consulted the investool coaching team.You & the bloggers educated & inspired me.Patience,managing risk,&reading price patterns I learned a lot from you Jeff.Here's more victory report: Kim 130%,Slb 146%,Sks 53%,Str 26%.Also got huge gift from AQNT bought for otm $.60 sold for $ 27.78 Praise the Lord !Jeff & bloggers thank you.God bless you.

Sorry forgot to sign my name ,above message.
Connie R.

All I do with DRYS is sit back and rake in the cash, my friend. Even with the pullback I'm up 400% on it.

Mind you that pales in comparison to Connie's 10 billion percent increase on AQNT.

Now I'll just search through my drawers here to try to get me some of that.

Hey here's one for you to mull over on the weekend.


It's not optionable and it's traded pretty thinly mostly because it's 70% owned my Mr Clarke. It has performed remarkably well this year and this gentleman seems to be a fairly remarkable trader. It's kind of the Baby-Berkshire-Hathaway-to-be of Canada. Anyone interested in a play on the Canadian dollar (and POT is too expensive,) this one is worth a look.

I wouldn't mind having just half of that 10 billion percent increase. That's so crazy!

Have fun on your 3 day weekend.


C&C ... you cracked me up with that last statement .. I was trying to figure that profit myself - .60 to $27.78 and Connie just joined ... That must be some 'new member deal' I haven't seen yet ... but I too will be looking through my drawers to find me one of those .... Wow!

Great blogging this week guys ... Enjoyed each day .. didn't jump in as much. Just been following great posts from Jeff ... AND JEFF ... MT Wednesday night was superb ... I just finished it today ... helped me to understand ITM and OTM better and how to analyze things. Thanks for the conversation earlier this week also. I also got the Lefevre book today .. intend to read next week while out of town ...

My lists:
Long: SLB / ACI / ATI / CEG / COL / OMG / PCP /
Short: AIV [didn't give up on it Brett] and AVB

Good weekend everyone .. Thanks for this entire community which is a real companion to my learning and dealing in this 'heavenly market' ... can't last forever though .. Prepare! :)))


I'm also from Canada (Ottawa, not too far from you) and was wondering what online broker you use? I've seen people mention on the blog being charged under $5 per transaction. I know TOS for Investools is really cheap, but they aren't available in Canada.
I currently use OptionsXpress and they charge $15 per trade, but I'm still in University therefore my account balance isn't very high and the commission fee really adds up.
Do you use/know of any cheaper Canadian brokers?

Have a good time in Mexico

Thanks for MIR and BCE. I missed them today but will watch and maybe enter Monday.

Brett, I sure hope you're right about ISIL. I am break even now on the June $25 calls. Out of 14 positions ISIL is my only option. If it doens't move soon I'm inclined to let it go.

Brent in San Antonio

I've come to the same conclusion about Jim Cramer. He does look at techs but relies on his research and street savy.
The best is when his rec's concur with patterns.


Well today was one of the best days we have had here in our account since 2/27. I know it is all virtual but still looks nice but nothing like all those high flyers all the rest of you have been reporting. I am learning as fast as I can to get there too so I can hold up my end. Jeff, I almost sent you a panic email as Pam's virtual account was up better than the real $$ account I am managing and she just listens to Mike Coval and Kelly (likes their style, go figure.) In the end your honor was upheld but only by $30 (those hedge PUTs went the wrong way for most of the day). Good thing Pam does not know where the hammers are...
Have a great weekend all.

What a great week in the markets. Jeff I enjoyed MT on Wed informative and a great refresher. Have a great weekend everyone!

Cramer is good entertainment if you like his style of delivery. The big benefit is what Brett said earlier in the blog.

Mad Money is another resource quarry to mine. His show finds the rocks, we turn them over and see if there is something there.

I like the idea of a Cramer watch list. I'm interested. How do we start and when?

Steve K.

I was just reading that if you want things to change, you have to change the way you do things. I think that is what you have been doing and the change you are looking for is here.
Positive energy.

I use to watch Cramer and look up everyone one of his stocks during the lightning round, just like he does, what a joke, telling people to buy at resistance. Very entertaining.

Anywho, I moved and my cable has been replaced with a set of rabbit ears!
How do I get that email list? You can email me personally if there is a problem with posting on the blog.

thanks in advance,

Liz.....i'm with ya on ISRG, i was willing to let it travel sideways a little longer....i hope this is the upturn we've been waiting for.
Hey are timbits those little Tim Horton donut holes ???

Brent in San Antonio
I got into APA.... today it made an all time high today ( with resistance dating back to 2005).
I am also in MUR, but this is not a new trade, just one i have been riding.

Connie....I am jealous of the AQNT trade...way to go girl !!!! that is awesome.

Just email me:

and I'll email you the link to the Cramer email list.

the official site for Cramer is
This can bring you to his picks without wasting an hour listening to the show ( unless you are entertained by this ).

I have to say that good ole Cramer led me to Google in 2005 and I did quite well with the pick; however, some of his picks that I later followed smacked me like I was Steve Nash playing against the Spurs.

At A CBOE class a month back there was some discussion of the "Cramer" effect both short term hit and run and fade plays.

So to that end Cramer can be quite usefull to traders.

AZ - home of the "Wait till next year" Suns

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