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Just in case you missed the game, aside from the 20 point embarassment, what an exclamation point on one of the leagues top shot blockers.

Have a Great Weekend, Jeff!!

--thanks, Meena

I live in the San Joaquin Valley and have been pulling for your Warriors ever since my Kings decided to stink it up this year. There is a lot of hope after that game.

Considering how close the games were in Utah, this one is a blowout. Looking forward to Sunday's game.


I know that went well with a couple cold beers for you. My Blazers will be back!!! Enjoy Sunday, good luck.


Looks like the market is continuing its uptrend today. Anybody in TSO and CME?

Randall and Michelle

DUDE! That was one of the most amazing dunks I've seen in a while. I'm bummed they went down Sunday - hard to come back from 3-1.

In TSO and it looked great this morning has retraced now though. Market appears to be slowing and retracing a bit.

Trade of the day...

BIDU cup and handle breakout. Why take the trade this early in the day? 1) stock broke out huge, retested old resistance as new support and headed higher, 2) target is $167.50 in 4 months (huge move), 3) I had a White Mocha and i'll also be having a burrito.

Good morning, Bob,

Yeah, that's what I see too. We had so many wild days last week, that a steady day is kind of nice so I can focus on other things.

Nowhere really to post today. I felt funny posting on this part of the blog since it isn't about the game, especially if they aren't doing well. I know that is important to Jeff. Maybe his team can rebound.

Randall and Michelle

Where is everyone?

Beav is getting close to bounce again.
Lufk is forming a nice flag

I should have seen the bounce on PSA (that sucks it took my profit)

Nyx is getting closer to falling off the bridge

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll study that chart today. Gives me some homework to do.

Have a great trading day.

Randall and Michelle

JBX strong today, earnings 16th.

Yes, I see that. Does that gap affect the pattern at all?
Looks like it might be a nice move. I need to do the math on it.

Randall and Michelle

Anyone else liking RAI?


Only in the most kick-ass of ways. A strong gap from the handle over resistance? Could you ask for more?

UPL is breaking out of a flag

Also, the AVB retest seems to be holding. Seems like a good entry for those who missed the breakdown or an additional entry for those who caught it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

RDC is also showing a fairly large cup and handle but not confirmed as yet. It had a very good earnings report on 5/10.

What is your take on AIV i see a neck line and trend resistance at where is trading today. What are your thoughts?


I've got a neckline at $54.50, and that trade failed violently on Friday. Today only verifies it for me. While the others (ESS included) seem to be strong, AVB is holding below the neckline. Relative weakness is good.


Yeah, it looks like a good play. Thanks for the heads up. Had a tough weekend and haven't had a chance to look at watch lists. It was nice to have that one to review. It looks good.

Have a great trading day.

Randall and Michelle

Does anyone see a flag forming on FSLR? Its counterpart, same industry, TSl is up 6% today

Brett: thanks for the heads up


Thanks right back at you. Who cares about FSLR? I see BOTH a trendline bounce AND a triangle breakout on TSL today with an $80 target in 1 month. Earnings are next monday, so that could be the catalyst.

Hey Jeff, to bad for your Warriors, being from Utah myself...I hope the Jazz can embarrass them again by 20! Might I suggest a 12 pack to soften the blow this time :)

much love


prices as of late moving up on volume, down on low volume....

Breakout today???????looks that way...

Looks good. I think I would like to see it break through 46 just to be safe.

Randall and Michelle

I am soooo excited !!!! I got a verizon wireless card for the laptop for mother's day !!! So now i can work on my lunchbreak !!!
I have not read all the posts for today, so forgive me if someone has already mentioned this.....but MLM is bouncing today....perfect entry ;0


Are you buying? Perhaps you'd like to escort me to game 5?

The market can't decide which way to go today. We're up, we're down, we're flat. Who knows.

Randall and Michelle


only if you promise not to wear that HIDEOUS "We Believe" shirt



Deal. I will wear my Jason Richardson jersey on top of it.


Is there a bear market on the horizon? Volume down on the way up?? A big correction coming??



whats everyones take on the CME today?? tomorrow?? Overall??

Bob, I'm in till $515.00, I think there is alot of room to move on the upside. A little profit taking today! I'm sitting tight.

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