Did I Miss Something?

All the intra day chart reflects here is the market digesting lunch. The outcome makes perfect sense after watching the market for the last several days. The outcome is FLAT.

I guess the real question is, if we have a counter Fed day tomorrow, what will that entail?

PS- I have the answer to the question of which show was better, A-Team or Knight Rider...

Recommendation: Well, it was either that or the Fall Guy.

Long: Retro

Short: Metro (except my shorts... the plaid ones of course.)

Saturday Nite Live (Early, Hands Down)

Blogging from the Hertz bus (which, by the way, is SCREAMING HIGHER). Anyone else on the HTZ?

Looks like the rally attempt fizzled. I have a sneaking feeling that we're going to be dropping hard tomorrow. Hopefully not. Are there any Caribous in Chicago? I will definitely find out quickly.


That should help the QQQQ tomorrow!

New thread . .. so I have to repeat here.
I am in RIMM. :)


200 North LaSalle Street
10 S. LaSalle
55 West Monroe
500 West Madison
20 North Michigan Ave
222 South Riverside Plaza

There you go buddy, hopefully you'll be in one of these areas.

P.S. GO CUBBIES!!!!!!!!


Good call man "The Greatest american hero"

As soon as I saw the space ship, I thought crap how did I forget about this one.


I would have to take the Fall Guy out of those choices.

What is up with the market? Are we about to see some sideways action?


Whoa, RIMM afterhours is up to 190ish. I am glad I bought some. I had stopped out of it earlier this week and bought some today because it fits in my CANSLIM stock profile. Go RIMM. What a nice surprise.



Is that a joke too?!!! :-/\

Sorry about that, I thought you were serious earlier! Just tryin' to help ma'am!

No, Chip, that's not a joke. Pull up the charts on RIMM. It went from 165 to 189 or 190 after hours and is still trading.

Congratulations to all you RIMM holders! Up $23 plus change in after hours trading!


Oh Michelle, you know I had to dog you now!

(I saw RIMM, wish I had me some!)

Up $25. This is the best news I've heard all day.

That's okay. I have enough dogs, need something to brighten the account. I am still trying to ride CME back out of the dumps. And I hold an LCC and BSC put that were green today.
But after all my whining yesterday, no wonder you guys thought I was serious. The reason I got back in the trade was that I was reading O'Neil's book on CANSLIM and ran the search in Investools and it pulled up some stocks that I like and trade and that were at support levels. Another one was PCP and SLB. SLB was not so lucky today.


Agreed, I've had too many dogs in my account, getting better, although today wasn't as good as I expected.

Have to run and pick up the wife and 3 y.o. daughter from the airport! Have a good night everyone and we can look forward to a GOOD "Counter-Fed Day" tomorrow!!!

i have CNBC on muted for my almost 10 month old son(i think he likes to watch the quotes) and as i walk through the living room i see RIMM !!! man oh man....somebody is gonna be happy in the morning...and to think i was happy with the movement of GIVN !!!
all i can say is WOW, way to go to anyone holding....

PS. CHUCK from O'town.....i hope you are out of KOMG (its up almost 3 bucks in after hours)

Maybe the rally is going to happen in the a.m. GOOG is up 1.19 and CME up 2.67 in after-hours trading. Somebody's prayers are being answered.


Even AAPL is up .24 in after-hours trading. Who are these people trading after hours?


I loved that show! That's you Jeff, the Greatest American Hero! Fortunately for us, you dont smash into brick walls that often. Its us, but we mean well.

Except for the people who bought RIMM! Y'all rock!

Alright, who posed David Hasselhof for the Vespa ad??!!


Wow, I went away right after the fed announcement thinking all hell will break loose and wondering what it would do to my account. So I come home to....nothing! My account was up exactly $26.53.

I am not happy with VIP, however. That one is pushing my button today.

I do think I will re-enter BSC tomorrow. The last 3 days were up but on ever decreasing volume. I think it's getting ready for a fall.

Doji girl,
I quit trading VIP. Everybody raves about it, but it busts my chops. It takes 200 here 150 there, 300 here, till I just stay away from it. Me and VIP don't go well together.
Sorry you are having a tough time of it. I feel your pain.


so what is the best way to manage this RIMM trade now? do i take profits on my 1 contract and just be thrilled,,,if it goes up like this it could come down with as much vengence if something like apple selling way more iphones this weekend than anybody thought???? what are you guys that are in it going to do?


I bought stock with the intent of holding long-term. It's a good stock, with good fundamentals, right at support and has done exceptionally well this year. If I had a contract, I would move my stop up to protect profits and watch it. It could keep going. But I doubt it will plummet. That's my 2 cents' worth.


Don't get discouraged if you don't get a response right away. I think everyone is taking a break and getting dinner and relaxing after all the tension of the last few days. Blog traffic is low.


Michelle has given you some good advice. I am in no way qualified to do the same, but one thing to keep in mind: One of the announcements today was a 3-for-1 stock split.

That means whatever the price turns out to be tomorrow, you'll have three contracts instead of one, and you can take some profits and still hang onto some RIMM.
For what it's worth...

Yeah... I wish I had some RIMM too!

Hmmm. What will tomorrow bring? Hopefully, something very good. I've only got a few more days of trading until I'm relegated to the boonies with dial up for a week and a half.


Have you looked at RIMM's chart to see what it 'normally' does after earnings? That should give you a little more indication of what the stock usually does afterwards.

Well, I'm off to make some dinner. I'm sure I'll be lurking around later after the kids are in bed.



I'm fairly new to blogging and was wondering if there is a way to see comments as they come in other than going back to the home page and hitting comments again?

Hi anonymous, welcome. I fairly new myself.

I use the refresh button.

I think most of the intheknow folks are not around, so here's the blindleadingtheblind answer for now.
If you use Explorer, you can click on "subscribe to comments" under Jeff's photo (with the glasses) on the right column of the page. You can set the feed properties to update every 15 minutes (I think).
Someone more knowledgeable will step in, I'm sure, if that doesn't get you what you need.
btw . . . don't be shy . . .do you have a name?

Well, I'm sending Jeff an email with a picture of "The Japanese Arch" It was a thing of beauty and received rave reviews. I'm in Ottawa tonight and effective tomorrow, will be able to participate in the blog (and trading) again. Managed well the last few days.... sold PCP but wish I hadn't. GRMN was up a lot yesterday, down a lot today. Why won't these people make up their minds?

Today was great for PCU... sorry I didn't bash it around for the last few days... it was right in the "buy me now" phase of the moon.

CTV jumped from a loser to a winner today... have a look. It's going to take me a month to catch up on the blog. Looking forward to catching up on everything. I've sold a bunch of stuff over the last couple of days... had some questionable trades that went south, but have a few that have done well too.

Can't wait to get back on the blog. Tomorrow (Friday) I'm in the air all day, but starting next week, we'll be around.


Congrats to you RIMM holders ... (especially to you Michelle - - WHAT A WIN for a lady that had a tough week ... RIMM could help you gain back some of those earlier losses ... Doesn't take long .. just takes GREAT stocks .....)

I missed this one but there will be others .. Great start to earnings ....

Good trading tomorrow. I'm reading more about downturn than upturn .. but it's still early!

Good evening everyone!

RIMM. Nice! I don't have any so congrats you guys.

Today's trading was pretty disappointing for me. Luckily, I had the GTRC trade earlier else this week would really be disappointing.

LCC was a loser for me. I entered two days ago and was using 30 as my resistance, so I had to exit today. Those of you in the longer term trade, I can see how it's still in the trend so you guys are good, but for me, I had to exit because of how I planned.

In hindsight, it was a poor entry. I think I got a little ancy to get in there because I had missed it twice before. Anyway, seems like my last few losing trades have gone extremely hard against me which makes me take the max loss or even a little bit more. That's tough.

Anyway, just thought I would share to vent a bit and hopefully someone else can learn from my mistakes.

HMIN went the wrong way today but didn't cross my lines. Still in some other nice winners so all is still well.

I bought some SII today at the close.

Oh, by the way, Lori, that was a fine explanation on subscribing to comments.

Liz, I will send you an email soon on the 2 ATR comment as you requested earlier today.

SII came up on my CANSLIM search and one I had highlighted to look at and possibly buy. Couldn't because I already have two oil related stocks and don't want to be too heavy in one area. I hope it goes well. Looks like a good stock. Hang in there. I have taken a lot of hits this week, too.


I can't say much about a movement like RIMM, but it you see a movement either up or down after hours, don't pay too much attention to it. I use to look at it too, but not anymore. A better indicator is Pre-market action--about an hour before market open.


This has been a tough week. I missed out on GTRC, so the decision to hang onto one contract of RIMM (after carefully examining the charts, of course ;), feels like a gift. Who knows what the price gods will deposit on my doorstep tomorrow, but for the next 12 hours, I'm going savor the feeling of success, real or imagined. . .and then get back to work.

I appreciate all that you and the other more experienced traders have given to this community. Combine that with Guru Jeff's insights and how can we fail?

Maybe a few dollars or cents up or down after hours wouldn't make much difference, but I think 28 dollars won't diminish to nothing.
So I am no expert on after-hours trading, but I don't think I would discount it as not being there.
You have made a substantial gain.

Have a good evening,

Hi Tonya and everyone...

I have somewhat of a success story...

First of all, I have been on the road in Southwest FL for a few days....heading to Indiana....then driving over to my hometown of Pittsburgh. Yes...I will be having a few Iron City beers! So, I have not been able to keep up with this Blog.

Anyway...I have been fixated on my KOMG PUT for the past 2 weeks. Upset when it missed the play off resistence and how it kept climbing. Should have been out earlier but I was trying to prove that I could be patient and stick with a plan. I ignored what I now see as obvious volume increase patterns as the stock continue to climb. So...I continued to do research and hit various blogs and news-feeds. I found out there were very strong rumors of a buyout.

So....Tuesday morning I threw in the towel and sold my PUT for more than a 50% loss. But...I then took a chance and salvaged my loss into a CALL option. I guess that was the right move because...this afternoon at 4:15 PM....a press release came out stating that Western Digital was buying out Komag!

It looks like instincts can payoff...or at least I am one lucky guy. OK....I am not rich on one contract....but it is nice to win once after so many losing trades.

One thing I learned....DO NOT COUNT ON THE IT SITE FOR YOUR NEWS. Before I get into my next trade...I will check rumors and other newsfeed sites.

Chuck from Orlando

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I have enjoyed your contributions to the blog. You remind me of my daughter (who has 15-month-old twin girls), and you are to be commended for your tenacity!
I look forward to learning more from you.

Chuck -
Whoohooo! Parabems! (that's Portuguese for congratulations)

Hope no one's sitting on KOMG puts tonight.

Well, well...so many comments to get through and I am afraid I will just not catch up. RIMM, KOMG... congratulations to you that are in them especially Michelle. I kind of feel like Michelle and I went through something together this week and am waiting for my RIMM experience. Michelle I hope this is that experience that does the trick for your trading and makes it even better than what you hope it will be.
Where do you all get your after hours data as TOS and IT are showing some strange info like MLM ask 2000001 or some such thing on TOS. Look at that spread on RIMM. Looks like the bid is stuck on the close number and ask at after hours. I do not know where I am yet as I came to the blog first but Pam said we were up for the day. Yeah, first in several.
Oh and Jeff American Hero gets my vote too but most who know me would never guess that! I have the song on most of my music collections.
Brett, you in Newport yet? If so go watch the sunset off the ocean.

Western Digital is buying KOMAG for 32.50 per share. Does that mean that that the KOMG shares go to 32.50 and stay there? That's usually how it works....right?

Or should I be prepared to hurry and sell my Call Option right away in the morning? I will be on an airplane when the market opens so I want to be prepared. Anyone know?

Chuck from Orlando

Chuck from Orlando


Typically the price will stay right up there. Usually the first hour or so is the most volatile and the price may go a little higher and then drop back down some.

With that in mind, if you want to maximize profits you could set a trailing stop. Use whatever value you think will give the stock a little room to breathe as it moves up and down, but not so much that it drops back down too much. You can base on the price of the option or the stock, TOS defaults to the option price. If it's set with more breathing room, it would have more chance to not be exercised, which can be either good or bad. I've used it when I wasn't going to be around and it worked like a charm.

Another possibility is that other good news could come out and drive it higher. That happened with AH with their buyout, then good earnings which made it even better. I think that was more the exception rather than the rule though.

Congrats and good luck tomorrow on what you choose to do!

Congrats on RIMM Michelle (and others)glad your week is looking a little better.

JOSB support bounce looking good - think Jeff mentioned that somewhere.

BOOM just broke out of 2 mo. asc. triangle. on decent volume.

James H.

Chuck.....so glad to hear that !!!
congrats !!! ;-)


Congratulations on KOMG!

Michelle & all the rest in RIMM,


Despite the wild ride this week so far (since we still have tomorrow)there have been some really great,for lack of a better word at the moment... gifts.

GTRC, KOMG & RIMM. The after hours volume was huge and I'm sure tomorrow will be a great one.



I'm in chicago until monday.

Hey bloggers,

Anyone else like the cast about the the futures. Sounds interesting to me, maybe Jeff can recommend a book. Interest is all I can do now, still need to get this option thing straight. I am up early today for a flight so I am sure no one else is around. Congrats to all of you in RIMM and good luck on your picks for today. Peace!


RIMM to the BRIMM!!! Congratulation to all that held out. It takes tenacity to hold after that pull back, then hit support and then good earnings with a stock split to boot! Could AAPL be next. The consumers are lining up around the block to buy the i-phone. I hear VOD may be a play in Europe if it gets the approval for the i-phone?

Good morning, all.
Thanks for the congrats on RIMM, but I can't take the credit for being in the right place at the right time. That was luck, destiny, whatever (GOD). But anyway, it's nice to get a break. I guess sometimes you do get a free lunch in the market. But don't count on it.
Bob, I think more than a PCAR, GTRC, RIMM, just feel good about the stocks you pick that do what they are supposed to, that means you and me too, are getting it and are on our way to trading success. I prefer the trading success to chance. That will pay the bills. Happy trading today,

cubbies are about to drop further behind the brew crew...word

Hey, IT IS counter-Fed day. Yesterday the markets were flat to down, today, they are up. Nice open. Where is everybody?


This comment has been removed by the author.

It is a little odd that more people aren't already on the blog.


BSC right now a good entry point, for my me anyway, I am adding on to my position....if it turns around and closes above $145, out with a small loss...

Brett, sorry can barely keep up with my schedule. It was a nice sunset though. Unfortunately fires in CA produce beautiful colors in the sunset. Michelle, exactly! Although I will take luck any day too. Like you prefer understanding and success.

I think everyone is just worn out after all the market up and down.

Didn't Grant talk about getting in MLM? It is moving today. Nice entry point on the Trade Of The Week. My airline stock is moving down today, don't know about everybody else who has put on airline stocks.


Bob Raimo,
What's up with GOOG. Kinda fizzled out the last few days. At least it is holding well at support. And AAPL, don't they realease their new product this weekend? I keep expecting my small stock position to take off.


AAPL going to be interesting today for those of you in it.....

Why do you say that, Bob?


I'm looking to jump on MLM this morning but the options seem so pricey...can't figure out which is the best one.


Patience on GOOG....
Higher highs, higher lows. don't expect it to follow what the markets do on a daily basis. Remember on the down days, GOOG was going up??

Let it do it's thing....

Oh, Bob, I haven't given up on it. It is holding support well. Thanks for all the advice and input you give. You help me a lot.
What did you mean about AAPL?


PMI came out lower than expected,,that is bullish for the markets


AAPL is interesting but keep an eye on T at the same time. Remember most of the iPhone lines are in front of AT&T corporate stores

Dogi Girl,

I'm also looking to get in on MLM this morning and can't figure out which option?

Which ones are you looking at?

Good Morning Option Addicts!


You don't think it will go right back to 147.50? It seems like to like to touch its moving average. At least lately?


How's it going today? Were you in RIMM as well. 7.7 million in volume already (as I'm writing this). Crazy!


MLM looks good today. So does DECK. It's hanging above that $100 mark. Here's hoping it stays above all day today.

I'm still kicking myself about PCU but like I said earlier, it did violate a couple of exits for me so I got out. And now it's been up beautifully these last few days. Oh, well. Better plan on that one.

POT still looks good. I love that one. It seems to just keep giving.

All my puts are up today which I'm fine with. So far they are staying within the range I want them to stay with. I've scaled back a lot because of leaving so I don't have very many positions to look at right now.

Indicators for today:

Looks like the VIX is heading down to its 14 support level. TNX seems to be making a support level around 50/51. FXY is also hitting a support level today around 81. And FXE is up up and hitting some resistance right where it is around 135. GLD is up today and so is SLV.

So far so good.



Where the heck were you last week!!! LOL... I wish you had brought this to my attention then, I never even considered that!! Look at T's cahrt....jeesh....

Congrats to all in RIMM. I didn't have it unfortunately, however I finally got a small gift out of AHM today.

BSC looking good today, getting in that.

long island, NY

Denise and Doji Girl,
I bought Aug 155's. Don't know if that helps or not.



Re MLM I am looking at buy calls on the Aug 165. Also thinking that maybe I should sell a vertical put 155/160. So far, nothing done.

Also looking to get back into BSC thinking it would rally with the market but it isn't. waiting....


referring to BSC, no I don't think it will go to $147.50...$145 a much stronger level of resistance. And if the stock closes below $141 ish, look out below.....

But I could be wrong....

Doji Girl & Denise-

It seems like MLM is fairly consistent on the way it moves. Two weeks up and then two weeks down to the dip and then bounce up again. I guess it will depend on how much time you want to give MLM to move. How many dips and then bounces do you want to give this one?


I am originally from Ronkonkoma.

PAY another good entry..

Doji Girl & Denise-

Amendment to MLM. Two to four weeks up and then down.


Bob, How was the game @ Camden Yards? I"ve been by the stadium on several ocassions, but never inside. Loking @ EGN for an entry, getting near resistance! Did the Bombers win?

Camden yards a great stadium, been there many time to watch the Yanks. We left in the 8th after Jeter put them ahead...then the skys opened up and game delayed to a later date.

EGN presenting a very nice low risk entry as we speak....smack up against resistance...

I am looking at August 165 MLM call too. but it looks too pricy. I mght have to wait towards closing and see what is gonna happen.

Long :DRYS


Did anyone jump on TOL...just keeps creeping lower and lower baby..


I had support drawn at 145 as well. For some reason when I looked at the chart I missed it. Sometimes I focus on something too specific and I forget to look at the bigger picture. It has been hanging around that 145 area for about a week or so and looking back it seems to like that area as well. Thanks for making me go back and re-look at my chart.


DG & Denise:
I entered MLM Aug 160 on Wednesday. Aug looks like enough time.

Michelle & Dogji Girl

I was also looking at Aug 155 calls
I don't really do spreads yet.

This is the first in the money option I'm doing with real money. It looks pretty safe but with this market who knows.

Even though this is a bounce, should we wait till the end of the day or just jump in?

Doji Girl-

I posted after you had already posted again. I think I just confused myself there. Anyway, I just saw that you may be looking at an OTM option. And/or a spread on MLM.

I'm not that brave yet to do an OTM on a higher priced option like MLM. ;-)


BSC going to crash and burn...or I am going to eat crow.....

PCP finally breaking above 120 - hope it can hold - looking for volume.

James H.


I thought I was the only one who was too chicken to do OTM on higher priced options.

I really like this blog. It's nice to know other people are going through the same emotions about trading that I am.

Learning as a group is much easier. Maybe I will be able to stick it out this time. Thanks to all of you guys out there!

Doji Girl,
I don't usually do OTM unless it is a two-dayish high momentum play where I am just making some quick cash on a big move. MLM moves, but I personally don't think OTM would be the best bang for your buck here. Just my 2 cents' worth.


Denise - for bounces you don't need to wait for end of day, because you aren't waiting for volume confirmation.

Wait for the end of the day for breakouts etc. so you can make sure you get the volume confirmations you need especially when you are playing bullish directional plays.

Also, volume is more important for bullish plays than for bearish directional plays (i.e. on the way up vs. on the way down).

James H.


Eating crow is considered bad luck.

I don't want to eat crow but I really want NYX to hurry up and move away from it's resistance at 74/75.


I agree with James. But if you are hesitant, maybe put in a limit order and see if it fills at your price. If it doesn't and you like to buy at the end of the day, then make your play then. I know a lot of people buy at the end of the day. I just buy whenever.


Thanks James

I'm tired of standing on the sidelines so I finally jump in and bought the Aug 155 Call for MLM.

As far as a mental stop do you find you use the stock price or the option price? Which works best? I know I have to limit my losses to 1%, but theres a big difference sometimes with the option prices than stocks.

DE bouncing off 119/120 support and heading up. Nice entry point.



Thats exactly what I did. A limit order. It got filled at 12.80 when the ask price was 13.10 and the bid was 12.70

I hope this is a good thing.

When you are more in the money, the option moves more like the stock.


I got filled at 12.90. Sounds good to me. My option has already covered the difference between bid and ask and is in the green. MLM just kind of holding steady.

I set my stops according to stock price movement, not options prices. I find that I freak out when the dollars diminish and don't follow my rules if I do it the other way. I have lost lots of dollars worrying about my account numbers instead of following the charts and my rules. I think it's that emotions thing (laughter.)


I am getting confused again between Bob Ramio and me so please feel free to use BD for me. Liz, nope RIMM is a bit like VIP for me so I have stayed out of it until I do better in my trades over all. That jump was just amazing. For me I am just feeling good about ROG. Going perfectly to plan.

Oops. Was in the green. Down a little.


The consensus here is to use the stock price for entries and exits. I use lines of support/resistance as "areas" for my signals. Don't use a definitive value or as some say, use a crayon!

James' recommendation was right on as well. Sounds like you're on the right track.

Yeah me too BD...I get confused sometimes too...I prefer everyone referring to me as Raimo to keep things less confusing..


I'm pretty sure Jeff only uses the stock price to pick where he gets in and out of trades, and not the option price. I choose my targets based on stock price also.

As far as percentages go, most brokerages (I know ToS does) keep up with your percentage loss/gain. Once your loss goes to your tolerance level, its easy to get out while still using whichever stock/option mental stop you prefer (brokerage should still tell you when you are down 1%).

More direct answer = I like stock price.

James H.


Personally, I never use the option price because I'm playing the stock. I'm just using the option for leverage. That may mean I might lose a little more if it violates my exit but I found that when using option pricing I was getting stopped out a lot and it wasn't always consistent with the move of the stock. I lost more money in the long run. I look at the stock to see what it's going to do and base my exit strategies on the stock.

For example: MLM-There's a possibility that this may go back down and touch 160 again. It's a pretty good area of support. But you're expecting this to move beyond 170 and make that higher high or if you feel a little nervous you may want to just ride it up to it's previous high and get out. Wait for the dip and then get back in. I got in yesterday with the 155 call so I'm a little closer to that area of support but if I got into today I have to be willing to allow this to go back to 160 in order to go back up to around 170. Now the way this stock moves, I don't expect it to do that but I have to take that into consideration. I hope this helps a bit.


Please turn up the volume!
Michelle, I just sold the July 155. puts I like to collect some theta exspecially with short week ahead and only 21 days left in the Mo. Theta never sleeps!


I'm totally with you about VIP. I never seemed to get that one right. There always seems to be those stocks right? So weird. ROG looks good. I love it when plans come together.


VIP - Finally making a move! I was getting ready to bail on this one when it opened down again today. Looking better and better now. (please stay that way!).

Placed an order for MLM before I left to show a house. Came back and it is filled. Now I wish I had waited til I was back to place the order. It's already costing me!

Water Transport:

DRYS has broken through resistance on massive volume, look for a dip intra-day as an anticipatory move or at the end of the day if interested.

NM is moving up nicely (gradually); OSG and TK are not quite ready to pop.

Doji Girl,
Don't do what I do sometimes and look at your account. Look at the chart. The stock still looks PERFECT. Your position is fine.
Okay. I am trying to play Brett. He is in Disney Land, and I can't be Brett. Sorry.


I hope you didn't sell your RIMM. It is still moving up.


RIMM is supposed to go to 210.00?

BIDU lining my pockets..

going out for a seafood dinner tonight compliments CALM

Brett must be hammering the burittos...check out CMG...

Way to suck em down Brett!!

Bob Raimo,
You are too funny. That seafood dinner sounds great, but I don't have a sitter to do something like that. Maybe I'll go to the grocery store and make a seafood dinner (laughter.) Okay. My CME call is down from negative 1400/1200 to negative 1000. What is your take? Don't sweat it and watch it or take my losses and move on? It still looks okay to me. I would value your analysis.


anyone else jump on CTRP yesterday??

CMG must have a sale on Burrito's. PCP is doing well too" BUT I won't go there.


Looks like the ship has sailed on DRYS. I had it marked on my chart but then didn't do anything because I am already in DSX and EXM. So I, uh, missed the boat on that one.

Bob Raimo,
AAPL is making a move. I gotta go get lunch (early). My two-year old is having a bad day. He got up really early and is hungry and fussy.
Check you guys afterwhile.



I would not bail yet..you have a Sept call, right? Look for some intermediate support at $535.70 and see if she bounces...

Bob, I bailed on AMG a while back. Can you get a read on this stock? It is also not in any particular sector that I know of. Could break above 131.

Anyone else have Puts on ADM?

The Swing trader in me wants to bail. Is this premature?

AMG has clear support at $125 obviously, but been trading sideways the past two months....today looks like it is breaking above my diag resistance line that runs across the tops of the candles since early June through yesterdays...No volume today for me to get excited about its current move above that line, not yet anwyay..

We are going to have to start giving Bob a commission for all his advice and technical analysis.
Hope you know we appreciate you.


P.S. The liggle Gremlins are eating lunch, better get back in there.


New tread! I,m in a holding pattern on AMG Thanks


What? Refrain from the PCP comment? BIDU-what a great move today! CTRP good breakout. Not much volume yet but there's still time. DRYS looks good. I see a pattern here. It looks like a lot of stocks are breaking or bouncing today.

I'm off for a bit. Gotta go hang out with the kids and make some fruit smoothies. It's 9 am here in sunny southern California and already 75.

Raimo- You're in charge!

(Not that I ever was...)

liz ;-)

Raimo & OF
Thanks for the input on AMG

New Thread by the way


DRYS has FIRM support at $41, hesitated at $40 for a few days, broke above that yesterday and then blew past $41 today, low risk from my perspective.

OF, AMG broke through resistance at $127.50 yesterday and is continuing up today heading towards new resistance at $130.40, so you might want to wait for it to hammer through that or pulls back (retests support).

EGN has very little open interest.

I thought we were suppose to stay away from those trades?

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