I think the worst investment I ever made was being a Warriors fan. Thousands of dollars in merchandise and ticket sales and at the end of the day, I am still left wondering why.

In case you didn't hear, the Warriors traded superstar Jason Richardson to the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for Branden Wright (UNC). If you know the teams track record with being able to hang on to talent, then this comes at no surprise. Chris Webber was traded in his prime for Tom Gugliotta, Latrell Spreewell traded for John Starks, Chris Mills, and Terry Cummings, and who can forget leting go of one of the top 5 players in the world Gilbert Arenas!?

Speaking of, as I go to ESPN, take a look at the banner on their website... Ironic, don't you think?
So aside from this piece of new ruining my day, my only hope left for a good day is the release of the iphone. If I can get my hands on one of those, I will hold a ceremony to execute my Treo on YouTube.
The only thing holding me back is contributing to Apple's bottom line. I am considering shorting the stock soon thinking that the train has stopped and investors are going to quit paying a premium for the hype. Don't you think a 10-15% correction is due? I'm probably talking out of my a$$, but I am still going to go get an iphone.

Now on to more relevant news, the market seems to be posting some gains today. The big question is whether these gains will hold or not. Amidst all the action I see one gem and two stocks that have redeemed themselves...



Was there any doubt?


In the meantime, I am going to be selling a few items on eBay to pay for my gas to get down to get my iphone this morning.
Recommendation: Check back for better posts later.

Long: JRich

Short: The Warriors

PAY making a nice move today.

I'd like to see GOOG bounce off the $520 mark, then make a higher high..that would be very nice...


I don't follow your warriors, bit I do follow your videos, charts and cast....

Love the blog...

Chip, I think I'll wait till 130 on AMG and ride the new highs. Thanks

Option fanatic

why not grab some PCP instead of waiting on AMG..or are you already doing some PCP, LOL...


What happened to the market while I was gone? I was only gone about 40 minutes.

See, there was the PCP comment I was waiting for!

Now NYX and PAY are looking really good.


Bob R, The way market is going you may be right! I'm stepping into EGM as I write this.

Hi everyone,

PCP - there is no significant volume yet. are you still going to take this if the volume stays low at the end of the day? what say you?

Sorry about the let-down with the Warriors. I am a big Dallas Cowboys' fan, and I have been let down and let down since the 90s when Troy Aikman was here. What do you do? I don't watch as much football, but now I read and trade stocks.
Do something fun this weekend with your wife and kids and laugh at the silly things kids do. Hopefully that will put the focus somewhere else. Thanks for all you do. We really appreciate you.


P.S. I see AAPL at support right now. I don't know that it is going to zoom up, but I have stock and in the next few months I look for it to slowly climb upwards. Just my 2 cents worth, maybe that's why they call it 2 cents. (because it's not worth a whole lot.)

PCP has been in a nice uptrend. I have it bouncing yesterday and the day before off my support line, so for me, no volume needed.

Others may see it differently.

Also GS bouncing down from $220....

Yeah, Bob. I bought yesterday. It was another CANSLIM stock I bought yesterday morning. I saw it right at support and studied the chart. It tends to go sideways a while and then makes a good move up, sideways a month or so, then moves up.


Then there is CEG, dying a slow death...I'd like to see it close below 85.50..I went short on 6/20....

JKB...dead on with BSC..thanks!!!

KIM is at a consolidating, adding point. Just put a limit order in to buy some puts. It has been a money maker so far.


DRYS breaking out big today.

WYNN coming back up to retest $90 as new resistance.

Joel R.

What is a CANSLIM stock ?


I fear that Brett is once again DEAD ON.......his sneaking suspision showing it's ugly head....

Glad I am set up for this nicely..

It's a book by O'Neil about buying stocks with a certain methodology. The Investools site has a CANSLIM search. It is basically good fundmentally sound stocks. Then I look to see if they fit my criteria for uptrending, bouncing off support and good movement over the last year. That is something I am just now testing out, so I don't have results to say if it is tried and true. Hope that helps.



Brett has a tendency to be right on a lot. I've noticed that.

EEM is still up but barely.

The VIX has been sneaking up a bit today as well.



As much as I try to offer my own advice to help others, I am indebted to Jeff and Brett for there posts, input, private e-mails, etc.

These two guys have helped me tremendoulsy. I am forever indebted to Jeff and Brett.

They are the backbone I never had early on in trading...and I hope(well, I know) that all the option addicts here appreciate their invaluable and tireless advice and input.

With all sincerity, thank you Jeff and Brett

I anyone else looking at PALM? It is a symm. triangle breakdown on a poor earnings announcement and is facing declining sales with increased competition from Blackberry ( RIMM) and from the I-phone coming out today. Volume is up today as well.

Sean M-

I'd still like to see PALM close below 15.50. It went right there and came back up slightly. There's very strong resistance at 15.50 just looking at a 6 month chart.


Brett are you still in RL?



I'm very thankful that I found this blog. Everybody has been wonderful on here and very helpful. My learning curve has shortened tremendously and my confidence has gone up. And we do appreciate all their time and effort and valuable advice. We just appreciate you as well.

Short: learning curve

Long: confidence



I see CEG as a triangle coiling up but not ready to break.

WYNN does look like a retest. I'm also eyeing LVS trying to decide which one to play. I think WYNN has the opportunity to fall further before support.

Whaddaya think?



Nice breakdown through $89 on 6/20,retested that diag trendline yesterday and today, bouncing off resistance nicely. I like making entrys as close to a support or resistance level as possible...and yesterday and today as close as you are gonna get...per my rules...

If I am wrong...very little loss..if I am right, and this tanks, cha ching....

Well, the market is up, down, sideways. Who knows how it will end. I am going to the grocery store.


Keep a close rein on WYNN

It broke through a pretty good diag support line on above avg. volume on 6/19, and that should act as resistance.....Stock in a downtrend too. I'd be looking for a bounce down lower off $93....

Did anyone get some BEAV yesterday?

Doji Girl,

I think WYNN is going to close the gap back down to $75. There are a lot of good technicals here. Break of $90 support and the 200 day moving average. Both are being retested and appear to be holding.

LVS looks like it's coming back to diagonal resistance. I suspect it will roll over in the next few days and then it will be time to pounce.

Joel R.


I like LVS a lot too...setting up nicely..

Did not have this on my radar...THANKS!!

I'm looking at WYNN as a BEARISH play. I see it retesting it's breakout of a desc. triangle.

Joel & Raimo,

If you were to choose which one to play, LVS or WYNN, which do you think offers the best R/R or probability of success?

Yes, OK..I for some reason thought you were looking at it as a bullish play..gotcha...right on...my bad....jeeesh..I need the weekend to unwind!!! Off to the Jesrey shore as soon as the market closes!!!!

new thread


NYX is still moving in the right direction.

OIH-bounced up off of trend line support 3 days ago and is slightly above 175 horizontal support today.


Thank GOD for Sprint wireless internet cards!! Another reason I won't be getting the iPhone. The main one (and the one Jeff hasn't mentioned) is the fact that it won't run ThinkAnywhere. That's a dealbreaker for me.

I just got off the golf course with 20 minutes to do damage control. Just wanted to check in and say hey to everyone. I appreciate the kind words. Hopefully everyone will have a great weekend and the market will hold up Monday while I'm traveling all day.

Jeff, thanks for the charts. You might want to add CTRP to that list. Great breakout today, and a perfect add opportunity to those already in.

Have a great weekend addicts!

Jeff, I feel your pain. My wife and I have been warriors fans and season ticket holders dating back to the Run Tim, Mitch, and Chris days. We are in mourning and my wife almost cried after hearing J Rich was gone. I guess it was either JR or Monta going somewhere but I would have screamed if they let Monta go ala Gilbert Arenas. We still believe and hopefully we can get KG at some point. ps: Gilbert Arenas says he will opt out next year from Washington. Will he want to come back?
This is my first post but I enjoy and respect the way you trade. Your blog has helped me a lot with stock picking and patterns. Thanks Jeff!

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