What a Joke

I was fairly excited that I had found a solution to my technical issues yesterday. Apparently not. I was on the phone with Webex last night for a half an hour and they didn't have any real bright ideas that I haven't already tried on my own. The e-mails and complaints are starting to filter in now since this has happened every week for about a month. I am in a real pinch here with stuff like this because it has effected attendance big time, and many think I am partially at fault. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.

So here is the skinny on last nights presentation...

I spent some good time talking about the market. The technical set up in the indices, rising rates, rising VIX, Emerging Markets, etc.

I like to use the VIX as an option trading metric. As many of you know, when the VIX tops out I start talking crazy. I rationalize being an option seller. Yikes!

So after my market analysis, I talked about a new search feature on the toolbox. It is called Prophet Patterns, and is a very useful tool developed by Tim Knight and his staff quite some time ago. It used to be available as a premium tool, but now it has finally graced the toolbox (since competitors are now giving it away for free). Here are a couple photos I took for your viewing pleasure.

Some of you might not have access to it yet. I just started becoming available late last night. I tired to tell this to everyone, but I bet several calls have come in bitching about the fact that some don't have access to it yet. If possible, save those phone calls for later. I'm already in some heat as it is.

I think this tool will help traders learn to identify price patterns, target prices and time targets without any thinking. I think it can put a lot more trades on your radar than before, and that could be a good thing, right?

Anyway, before I go back to bed, take a look at last nights trade of the week...

Here is this weeks example of how one day does not make a trend & an example of patience paying off...

Here is one more I have been touting for months, great to see a move like this today...

Last but not least, they caught me on film after my technical issues on Mastertalk last night, Take a look...

Recommendation: It's therapeutic, you should try it!

Long: Teaching

Short: Anger Management, Webex and Mastertalk

Jeff ... you have a RIGHT to be upset ... and we are too ... and there is a reason why traffic would drop ... WEBEX HAS to get their act together or the basis of ITools is going to be big time damaged ... Hope you will pass along my earlier EMAIL today to whoever ....

You are not the problem ... You have been a tremendous solution and loyalty will stand. Thanks for the things you do that you can control. They are more than consistent ...

Heads up and keep at it!:)

Hey Jeff,

That video was funny! I think we have all been there. Sorry for your problems....

Long: Funny video's and laughter

Short: Bitchy people


I passed this along. I also talked to our account manager with webex for about a half hour. A solution is coming.

Anyone seeing the rumors on Google buying Apple? Talk about a force against MS...


That video of you is comedy...BTW you have shrunk since I met you in Orlando (and put on some pounds). Good work, and I second Benton's comments.
Also, loving RTI so far today

Jeff, how can people think this is your fault? This happened to Kelly last week and WOW the anger in the chat was horrible. While I have not been as successful as I want to be (not even close at this point) I would never take it out on someone trying to help like these people did. I too was frustrated as I missed two of your MT due to travel and it is only worse when everyone raves about it the next day and I missed it! You have Pam and my support my friend.
Long: WebEx Solution
Short: People that don't get it.


Thanks for the overview of what you talked about last night. Very helpful. Hopefully something can be worked out very soon with Investools and Webex!


Please grab the retest on RL today. I implore you.

P.S. I loved the video but you sure look different than in Orlando...



Nice to have you back! Where have you been?


STR is bouncing off of it's trendline again.


Wouldn't you expect RL to retest down to support/trend line, i.e., isn't too early to get in today or do you mean to watch for a bounce? Thanks.

Jeff, God love ya, you are so funny. you are a saint in my book. i wish I could help you in some way with the technical difficulties. but I guess I'll have to go on accepting picks and mentoring. I'm sure anyone of us here would gladly kick the webex far into space for you.


Long: Guy smashing computer video

I'm thinking that now might be a good time to get me some POT. Never traded this one before and the option choices have me a bit confused....the split has given rise to lots of odd numbers so I don't think I should trade those. But the September doesn't seem to have any 75 strike. Can anybody offer a suggestion?

If not POT, I am looking for something bullish (I have enough bearish at the moment, thank you).
Got stopped out of PCU earlier this morning while I was out on appointments.


awww, you noticed I haven't been posting - what a dear you are. I have been here, but only lurking and giggling at the posts and poems, pictures of toilets etc, etc, I just haven't felt insightful lately.

I am however going on a girls houseboating trip this weekend - really looking forward to that!

Have a great weekend everyone!


When $TNX goes up the MKT. comes down! I believe it's become the secret weapon of the FED.


I see the $98 area as a potential new level of support. If that doesn't hold, the stock could certainly test the trendline around $95/$96. It all depends on your risk tolerance.


I see that now. I'll watch to see how it does. Thanks for being my eyes while at work. Only 6 more weeks of this...for me, not you! :-)

Bounce Alert: Deck


Doji Girl-

POT is right at a horizontal and trendline support so I think it looks good. I'm already in this one so for me it's just doing what it's suppose to do. Why not take the 70 strike price in September.


Hey all, Been Lurking off and on since this blog was fairly new. Looks like it is growing quite a bit, a lot od sharp characters here ;)

Check out BG, I see an inverse head and shoulders, retesting the neck line.

I forgot to sign a name, I'm Jerry

POT, you could always buy a small amount of stock. It is a great stock to have in your portfolio. MLM is one of my best bullish plays (stock.) Right now, my BSC put is bullish (laughter.)
AAPL, PCP, NOV also some bullish positions I've hung onto in this market mess. Don't forget DE.

Hope that helps,

Oh, and RIMM is as close to support as I think it's going to get. It has been a good stock for me. On some of these, (they move a lot), I like to take small stock positions instead of calls unless I get them right at support.


That's great. I can't say the same. We have taken a few hits, and our account is down. Hope I figure it out soon.


I think the 70s are a bit too deep in the money for my taste. I'm also thinking that, knowing me, I won't be able to hold it that long so maybe August is enough time.

I'm also thinking that PCU is back at support and is it crazy to think about getting back in after I was stopped out this morning? That was the July so this time I'd buy a further out month. Am I nuts?

This is why I am the
Doji Girl

New thread y'all.


Doji Girl,
I got stopped out, and am staying out. I am looking for better plays.


My name is CLF...and I am funky...

Hello AL:

I apologize for questions off the option issues but just wondering if I could get feedback of the masters versus PhD program. I am appoaching the initial 30 day of enrollment where you can upgrade. I have been hitting the system hard and competed all the tradings rooms and courses of the programs. I will probably trade price patterns and like the new search. I will probably continue to use my search criteria and use the price pattern search to review porjected dates and movement percentage based on the pattern. The biggest boost to my education has been old master talk that Jeff has done and also all the old post on this blog. The piece I would e missing is the advanced options. Can I pick this up from the sources above. I am also very detailed orientated and fill out the trading rules for stocks and options that I am already revising. I would appreciate thoughts on this. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question yesterday.

Mark and Shari

Mark and Shari,

I'm a firm believer in learning to walk before you learn to skip rope while juggling. You get an awful lot of information in the PhD program that I think makes it harder to pick a style of trading. It's all good stuff but a boatload to workthrough. It will definately fill out the bag of tricks you can use but can be distracting with all the different option techniques.

You can buy just the advanced options course work if you don't want to go with the full program yet.

Call your customer service person, he/she can work up a custom plan for you. It cost a little more to do it that way but you can go at your own pace and buy more when your ready.

It all really depends on how diligent you are with your education and how aggressively you want to progress through it.

Hi Mark and Shari,

I got the PHD and wished I just got the master. There is no substitute for hands on. If you are truly committed, you will learn just as much with the master. Example, My brother got into another program ($3500), me the PHD ($$$) about two years ago... we are trading at the same level. I feel you should just send Jeff some money for his blog has really help me out. You will learn a lot from this blog too. If I were you, I'd save the extra capital to trade, but that's me...
On that note, If I have to do it all over, I will still join Investools, but would just get the master program...


BSC on my chart at end of day sure looks different than the one Jeff posted. I'll check it again tomorrow.

Mark and Shari,

Ditto on what others have said. I bought the masters and bought the advanced options course separately for a few thousand. I got the knowledge, but like others have said, hasn't added to profitability. focus on the masters info, plus jeff, and keep at it.


Mark and Shari,

I forgot to mention, and this is important (this coming from a masters student), the best value you can get is buying the trading rooms for Advanced Technicals. It's about $150/month and is fantastic (includes Jeff on price patterns).

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