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Love the idea of the video (and of course the material in the video).
The video offers a chance to see and hear the ideas.

Excellent video, Jeff.

The more you talk about exits being an area, not a number, the more comfortable I am getting around support. I stayed in two trades this week that dipped below my support line, but then rallied the next day. I have to account for more risk, but I am managing that. It is starting to sink in.

Looking forward to the next video.

Thank you for all your hard work.

And lets not forget VIP
and I quote "everybody should get long some Vimpel"
very nice

Thanks jeff. love the video. makes very clear.


Hey "Big Time"-

Great video. You know you're getting huge when you have to introduce yourself and your website to the growing populace.

Have a great weekend!


Thank you Jeff... thank you for your constant strive to be better.Exit strategy and position adding helps tremendously.
Have a great weekend.
Wish you and everyone here a very happy trading weeks to come.


That was a great video. It helped me see exactly what you are thinking as the trade progresses. I hope you keep doing more of these as it solidifies practical application of the theory and by using a recent trade that many have been in or were watching we get to see how you think things through at critical points of the trade.


Great ending to a great week! It wasn't great because of my account balance, but because I was disciplined.

LCC is the gift that keeps on giving.

Have a great weekend! I will be camping at Lost Lake Oregon. A great place to fish if you like to fish. If not, a great for hiking and drinking beer and wine and whatever suits your appetite.

Great stuff Jeff! Thanks for the video ... Seeing is better than reading for this addict! Learned a lot in that 6 minutes ...

Been trying to understand Volatility and Black Scholes - read the material on the site you have - it was great too. Wish you would do a Masters Talk on that or video here on those subjects. After the recent drop, I think the VIX and volatility you brought out on the Cast got me to look at that harder. Any assistance there would be great!

Thanks again for all you do and to this community .. one heck of a group!

Could you please discuss your views int the entry of the previous case study on SYNL? It would be great to have your perspective on how you would look at trades like this. WHat circumstances would prompt you to enter if ever versus wait for a retest? I have seen trades like this go both ways where the next day it falls back and other times it takes off and never really gives an opportunity to enter.
In figuring out my rules to deal with this it would help to see how you approach it as a starting point.


Thanks for the video, blog, marketcast, mastertalks, etc, etc, etc. Your efforts are starting to sink in and I am becoming a more profitable trader.

Long: SLB, OXY, patience
Short: AMAG, CAL, emotion

Thanks again,


You the Man!!

John, is lost lake near Bandon Dunes I will be there all next week tuning up my golf game!!


I decided I better do this when I discovered they are on media distribution sites all over the internet. I better make sure that they are branded properly.


I just finished my follow up on SYNL. My timeliness is in relation to my work schedule. Somedays are better than others.

As always, this was great. I love the idea of the video. It really put everything into better perspective because we are able to see what you are talking about. I feel like I finally get it.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Awesome video, need to contact some friends and make sure they catch. Love the detail and very much appreciate the detail.

Thanks Jeff and hope you have a great weekend.

Gray Mac

hey tres,

lost lake is pretty far from bandon dunes, Lost Lake is 20 miles from Hood River. Good luck golfing there. My husband has golfed there a couple of times. Should be beatiful weather.


The video is a solid 10 on the Addict-O-Meter.

Doing a weekly video on a particular topic is a smashing idea.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Great getting together for the TR and continuing option edu.

Steve K.


thanks so much for the video..i learned alot in those 6 short minutes. have a great weekend

The chair thrower gave the big “Don’t Buy” on SWIM this afternoon. THAT’S WEAK!!! Jeff, it might be time for you to get him on the phone, explain who you are and set the record straight.

Thanks for the video.



If "A picture is worth a 1000 words" - video is worth...???


Love the video dude! Trying to learn to be a good trader and you site has been very helpful. I have learned more by watching your videos than anything else I have run across.

Hey Jeff,

I'm feeling left out. For some reason I can't see the video's. Just a big white space. I've been to the Revver site and can't find it there either. I also noticed the Marketcast link (not the iTunes one) stopped with 6/11 entry. I usually pick that off your blog as well.

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