Stroke of Genius?

Perhaps...but I think the term genius was used a little too loosely. I am referring to the reality television show called "Treasure Hunters."If you have wathced this show, you will understand my confusion. If you have not seen this show, close this window and go about your business. Nothing interesting here!

Early in the series, I found it rather amusing that the “Geniuses” (a team in the race for the hidden treasure) along with their matched team the “Young Professionals” were the only group who went to Mt. Theodore Roosevelt instead of Mt. Rushmore. Even I had guessed Mt. Rushmore as the clues unfolded — the names of all four presidents made it obvious. Perhaps I am a genius myself?

I watch my fair share of reality TV, and this Amazing Race/DiVinci Code product was not as exciting as it was advertised to be. The most memorable moment was seeing Pat Hanlon, who was a member of the "Wild Hanlon's" sporting his retro hairstyle. Loved it. Not many men embrace this dew in all it's glory the way he did. I Also loved the creativity of this team to uncover clues. (If you watched this show, you know what horrible detectives these guys were.)

If you happened to follow this show, I hope the outcome was motivating for anyone thinking that making money is impossible, or reserved for especially talented or brilliant people. Clearly this isn't the case. $3 million dollars were distributed to the winners "The Geniuses." So I figured if these three kids could score $1 million a piece, than no financial goal is unreachable. If my article about trading small accounts earlier today brought your spirits down at all, DONT LET IT! Nothing is impossible, it just means you are going to have to work that much harder to be one of the few that generated these returns. Come On! If the Geniuses won $3 million, anything is possible!

Perhaps this post gets off track a little, but a friend of mine and I engaged in a conversation about this and I realized I wasn't the only one who felt this way. If you didn't get anything out of this, I will shoot for the fences next time. If you read this, post your favorite reality show so I can get an idea of other forms of evening entertainment.


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