Friday's put me in great moods...

I have a pretty decent workload planned for today. I wanted to get a post in before I had to really start working. I have a few topics I will discuss later in the day so check back and see what the new gossip is.

A few things I wanted to say. First, I think we took a small step in an exciting direction. In response to a list of "rules"from a post yesterday, many of you left comments to various topics last night. THANK YOU!!! It was exciting to see the comments that were left (except for the comment insulting my appearance). In fact, I want this to get to a point where I am excited to check the blog to see what each of you have posted. It's a big part of the fun!

I will be back and forth today, but will hopefully get two more posts done before the days end.


There seems to be alot of debate out there about the overall future of the market being either bearish or bullish. Can you explain what is really at the heart of these differing opinions. I guess what I am asking what in general factors are making the people on the bearish side of the fence see the current market as about to take the down turn. Also The same on the bullish side?


I wonder the same thing. And further, I wonder if the same people fall on different sides of whether Bush is a hero or a puppet... Seems there are always going to be people on both sides of the fence... I think we just have to figure out what WE think, and make our own judgements!

Good point. I am not too worried about predicting the future trend...just worrying about trading on the right side of it no matter which way it goes. Hopefully my market commentary articles are providing info about the state of the economy.

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