After much deliberation, meditation, and procrastination I have decided to call another audible on tonight's topic discussion. If you had anticipated a presentation on swing trading versus trend trading, I need to set that gem aside until I am better inspired to teach it. I am struggling on how to deliver this in a specific manner to such a wide array of listeners. If your feelings are hurt, I apologize but waiting will be worthwhile I can assure you.

I am keeping the new topic a secret until the discussion tonight. Rather than throw it out there and allow you to decide that it is not something you are interested in or something you already know too much about, show up and be surprised. However, I can promise you that if you are an option trader, this will be the single most important session you have heard thus far...unless you happen to be skilled in this arena already. As an ongoing promise, I will do my part to keep it enlightening and interesting.

I also want to thank those who left comments in response to my last post. Very helpful! See you tonight!!!

Wouldn't miss it for the world!! See ya at 9 pm eastern time!!!

Thanks in advance!

Bradley and Jennifer Howard

I've been with Master Talk since march,I always felt a void between thrusday and the next wednesday. Always wondering what an experienced trader was thinking day to day. Since you joined master talk and learning of your blog, my questions haved been answered. Just checking in with you daily as reference is such a huge help. For the past 5 weeks I check the blog many times a day and will continue to do so . Thank you so much for being a constant source, and always pushing me a little further everytime in my education.


Your blog is the first, last, and intermediate site I check everyday. I don't do it for the trades because as you have said many times a trader has to trade what he/she sees. I come to this site for the huge amount of knowledge that you present so that we can become independent traders. Your energy and dedication to your students and sincere efforts to enable us to become independent is what makes this site the very best on the web,( I have visited many). If you don't share a single trade, don't worry the world will create a beaten path to your door. You are the best teacher investools has and I count myself lucky to have your guidance in this endeavor. Don't change a thing.

Be sure to listen to Jeff's Master Talk recording from last night about Option Volatility -- I am going to change my whole approach to options trading. I can't beliven I have been so oblivious to the effects of volatility in my past trades and now is in my favorites link! Thanks for the great MT Jeff.

You can also check for the same info as the cboe.


P.S. Last night, another great class!

Thank you for giving us the insight of a successful trader. The trades are not the reason I come here on a regular basis. They are helpful but more important is your take on the market and trading in general. Thanks again for all you do for all of us.

Hi Jeff.

Please feel free to call audibles. Perhaps the most refreshing thing about your blog and your teaching style is precicely that you are inspired, rather than just going through the motions. Audible away my friend!



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