A Significant Milestone

As you may have already heard, we announced today that INVESTools will merge with thinkorswim, the online brokerage Barron’s voted “Best for Options Traders” in 2006. This is a great move by the company and will revolutionize the way you trade options. This happens to be the company I trade with and the platform is nothing short of amazing. I have never used software or analytics that are remotely comparable to the technology they offer. This will also positively impact our options trading curriculum. You will notice we will take a bigger interest in the exotic strategies such as volatility spreads, condors, butterflies, etc.

What does this mean to you? We officially endorse Thinkorswim as the best online brokerage in existence. We will now offer much of the technology they have available on our site, along with links to trade directly from the toolbox. You are going to notice very positive changes that take place because of this. The founders of this company are former floor traders who know everything there is to know about options trading, which will substantially increase the knowledge we will offer about options trading (Hooray!).

I am excited for the company, myself, and for all of you. I highly encourage you to consider looking at their platform. I personally have no underlying interest in encouraging you to switch, other than I know it will raise your knowledge levels and provide you with the tools you need to trade options successfully. Click here to journey over to their website, or click here to read more info through the INVESTools site. Like I mentioned, I can't be anymore excited for you about this change. Happy Trading!!!

PS- If this sounded like a sales pitch, I apologize...


I heard good things about ThinkOrSwim but never used them.
The options commisions are a fantastic deal.

Also I really like the idea of placing trades from the toolbox. I did this a few times with OXPS, but it didnt have all the features of logging on directly to OXPS.

Jeff, Will this interface improve now with ThinkOrSwim?

Funny, I was just thinking this morning that I needed to change brokers. Thanks for the recommendation.


I have compempleted the change to TOS and after attending one of their classes, (FYI I saw John Jagerson in the class probably getting everything ready for the merger) I switched immediatly. As Jeff said, there is nothing compatible with their trading plattaform.


Jeez, it takes a MERGER to get some information out of you regarding your trading tools!! LOL! Just kidding, i know there was probably a conflict in there somewhere.

Anyhow, i have my account all set up. Can we trade directly from the Investools site? Or is it more advantageous to have both screens open?


Will the new INVESTools site now use ThinkOrSwim charts or it still the prophet charts? (Assuming doesnt use prophet.net charts)


All I can say is "about time", the existing investools options tools are very poor, their "new" turbo spread scanners were DOA and un-useable. Merging with TOS may give them the chance to catch up with companies like Optionetics

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