Technical Difficulties Part II

I noticed a few e-mails in the repository that mentioned difficulty when attempting to refresh the blog. Apparently some are not getting the more recent posts until the following day. We need to put an end to this once and for all!

Scott left a few posts that should totally solve this problem for you. I have included his instructions verbatim....

Jeff, people can make sure one setting is adjusted on their computer and it will check for the lastest versions on their browser. Before I found this I had to refresh Yahoo finance every time I went there. Now it does it when ever I log on....When your browser is open, go to tools, then internet options, then you are on the general tab. Select the option that's something like "check for newer versions - every visit" etc. That should do it.

P.S.- forgot to include: click on "settings" button when you are in the general tab.

A big thanks to Scott for throwing us this information.

Be back in a moment.

I have tried what was suggested and still do not have any updates for today as of 2pm Friday. I even rebooted the computer and logged into the site again. I usually use Mozilla but opened the blog in Explorer to see if it was a brouser problem. No difference which brouser I use. Can it be that you are putting up the post but your server is not updating?

PS My post appeared immediately.

I have been having this same problem. I use Firefox. The instructions in this post seem to be for fixing the proble in Internet Exlorer. Anyway know the equivalent instructions for Firefox? I couldn't seem to find it. Tried Tools>Options and looked on every tab.

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