That's right folks. I will be pinch hitting for Alan tonight in Master Talk. You will find me hosting session 2 at the regular time tonight. Despite the lack of notice I still managed to conjur up a relatively interesting lesson for this evening. As usual, I cannot disclose inside information, but hopefully you will get a lot out of it.

In the meantime the interest rate pause has come and gone. You could see the market rally in the morning in anticipation of this announcement. The 10-1 vote to pause has comforted us about the threat of inflation, and demonstrates more confidence in the moderation of economic growth. The price of oil has really taken a tumble as well, with a likelihood of breaking the $60 per barrel mark by the end of the week. What I am wondering is whay I am still paying $2.89 a gallon here in the sticks?

While I am posting, is anyone still in the CTSH trade? I am. Not a very exciting outcome yet, but the trade refuses to fail. That counts for something doesn't it? If you are in the trade....don't look at the after hours quote...

Hi Jeff!

So good to hear you'll be in Master Talk tonight, since you're our favorite instructor! It's nice to know ahead of time what section you'll be in as well, so we don't have to switch around once they have started. (thanks for letting us know!)

We are still in the CTSH trade, although we are currently holding the $70 October Call option...waiting for the stock to bounce off that support! As soon as it turns around I think we're looking at getting out of the option as our time value is melting quickly. What do you think?


I got out intraday on the 15th, then hopped into the November $75's on Monday.

I checked after-hours and it's $72 x $72.60.

What's the problem?

Karen and Emily...If you have Octobers, this is probably a good idea.

Brett, are you sure that is an after-hours quote?


I am in a Nov. $75 call on CTSH...the after hour as of now looks like $72 x $72.67....up today on higher than average volume (150%+).

I'm also in CTSH, but OCT 75. Looks like support is holding at 71.5. My first out of the money trade. I'm not looking at the after hrs trading.

Looks like the last trade after hours was $71.77.

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