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I have a load of things to watch for this week. I will add them to the blog tomorrow morning after I present a majority of them in my Price Patterns class. Until then, if you have things you are watching, post them here. This can be a catch all for things to watch for the week. I had a project dumped on me today, this is why I have only contributed twice today. Tomorrow looks much better for contributions.

Until then...
Is anyone out there bearish on the market?

A repost from earlier:

EAT - flag breakout on strong volume. Roughly a $6 move depending on how you measure it.

BIG - i love this one. earnings are only 10 days away, but a nice ascending triangle breakout on a $21.50 stock on MASSIVE volume.

CAL - nice diagonal trendline bounce on a solid stock.

PTR - Huge 6-month symmetrical triangle break today with a serious $33 expected move! Been waiting a while for the break and it came today, but beware of the light volume. Risk/rewardwise you won't find a better trade.

PLCM - like the ascending triangle break also on light volume though.

I want to point out that several trades I've passed on due to lack of strong volume turned out to be phenomenal, so I've changed my personal rule to this: When you can get in close to your perceived support and your target is a good one, take the risk. Here, you're looking at a $3 move on a $27.50 stock which is over 10% and your exit is only 50 cents away.

mrk - bullflag confirmation and earnings done and gone.
esrx - positioned to fall again.
pcu- ascending triangle and a break today to a new 52 week high.
ati - support bounce close to new 52 wk high.
bni - support bounce.
happy trading


I just posted a comment but it didn't take for some reason. This one will be short and to the point. Concerning the volume of PLCM, it's fantastic! I would like to take credit for this tip but I can't. Jeff showed this to us in a webinar I watched last week.

Put your horizontal cursor on the top of today's (Monday) volume bar. Follow it back across the past 6 months. You will see it is greatly above the normal volume height of most of the bars. The last 3 weeks of average volume was skewed to an extreme high because of the recent volume spikes.

I hope this helps confirm your trade.

Thanks again, Tim

To coin a phrase from "Rudy" the stocks you posted " ...are the most beatiful sight these eyes have seen".


COLM, retail sector with a nice support bounce.

DSL, Sym triang waiting.

Thanks for the ideas.

Brian K

Posted by Anonymous


COLM is sweet!

Try this on for size:

MS - Finacial Sector (strong uptrend), Flag breakout, average volume.


I'm not really feeling bearish, but TV commentators are saying the market looks "toppy". How do you tell that?
Thanks Jeff



some more trades for you:

FFIV - flag breakout.

KLAC - ascending triangle breakout.

what do you guys see on COLM? I was playing this as a failed symmetrical triangle.


I'm having a tough time see the symetrical triangle. I do see COLM trying to break it's 52wk high (2-3 times). So, it might be worth watching for that breakout.


COLM, I guess the sym triang failed on 10/23 with the close of the day. I am trading the channel (sloppy at that) with a position starting with an entry on 11/6 @ 55 with a target of around 60. 58 could prove to be a barrier and I am betting on the holiday season to be strong. You are right 10% potential could very well be only 5.5%.

Good luck,

Brian K

COLM - I saw the consolidating channel heading back to support also. Last night, I was all gun-ho on this one until I saw the $0.50 spread between the bid and the ask. That cooled my jets and I didn't get in. I'm trying to keep the spreads to under $0.40. It seems like I heard that from some instructor but I don't know who. What's Jeff's theory on that?

You could also say since 10/19 colm made a lower low and 11/7 action created a tombstone for a bearish sign. Am I correct on this?

Brian K

Tim- A $.30 cent spread is normally all I can stomach. Outside of that I better have an awesome reward in mind.

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