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Blogger is not letting me add charts/images to my posts today. I won't be able to illustrate these few examples until this gets corrected. In the meantime, take a look at a these few stocks.

GME- Successful Flag Breakout (Unlike FAST which I am still going to talk about today)

UPS- Nice channel, right at support

PX- Reached it's target price today from that Triangle breakout. Likely to re-test from here.

PCU- Nice curl upward, and could break a 52 week high today.

I only took a few minutes to come up with these, so if you have anything of interest, please post them in the comments. Thanks!

What do you think of UNT? Looks like it could go up another $5 based on earnings history...

Earnings history is a very inconsistent measure of stock movement. Do you know if UNT is making money this quarter? Better yet, do you know where they will land versus estimates, or how the market will react? It is a pretty tough way to call price movements.

CERN broke above old resistance of 48 today with high volume. Earnings are behind us! Lina

I'm interested in your thoughts on the flag breakout in GME and specifically when that trade should have been entered. At this point, it's already run a good portion of the price target based on the flag pole. I see the target at aroung 56-56.5. With a gap up to 52, would you jump in right at the opening?

I bought a Nov'50 calls of 4 contracts at 3.6$. Here is my reason

1) With 6 point is the length of the pole, target price could be 56$.

2) Why Nov. Earning date is Nov21. So I do not want Dec call

3) With time value is less (around .40 cents), I do not need to worry about expiration date (21 days left for Nov). Still comfortably ride on intrinsic value

4) With maximum loss that I can take 500$ with delta of .78, I put a stop loss around 2.5$. Reward/Risk is arond 2.2.

5) I plan to get out once it reaches 56$.

Any comments?

Just that you're combining 2 flags on GME into 1. Your flagpole is only 4 pts long. This doesn't seem like such a great trade when you take into account that it gapped open $1.30 pts.

GME is a good break out. Earlier this week I did TDS. Another good one is MTD.

NSC is setting up for a bull flag breakout.

So is NUE!!!

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