Too Early To Tell...

Continue to play defensively. What I mean by that is to be careful taking directional positions in these market conditions. I am not bearish on the market yet. Like I said earlier, in order for the market to gain, it needed to get that drop off it's chest. It's good to see the averages up despite that crappy durable goods report and yet another advance in the price of oil. With Bernanke settling the minds of millions today about inflation, I still remain optimistic...but it's too early to tell.

Tomorrow brings forth the Fed's Beige Book, GDP, New Home Sales and Crude Inventories. Plenty of data that will influence how the market trades tomorrow. Until then, I will update you as I receive the inspiration.

PS- What's up with the lack of posts on the volatility article? Did I dig us a deeper hole?


You lost me on the spread/volatility post. But to be fair, I haven't done spread yet. Still trying to understand them.


Too many meetings at my real job today, It's been 12 hours sine I hit the blog. I haven't even checked where I finished up today. Much better than yesterday though.

Did you get back into LVS? I am thinking that it lost steam today.

I,m sitting on a beach in Hawaii. Not that I have posted much at this point.


The spread/volatility post was over my head...I have not learned the spreads yet. But..I will keep this post for the future when I finally do cover advanced options.

There seems to be a wide gap in trading knowledge and experience with participants. As someone new to trading...a post that is advanced and beyond my current comprehension encourages me to keep studying and working harder.


Jeff -

Great post on Spreads and Volatility but this is the first time, I need to take some time to absorb it! The Greeks were a bit greek to me!


Hello All,

ATI has broken it's 52wk high in a big way this morning. It's up over $5.00 to $88. The previous high was $84.53 on 5.11.06.



Good Eye! I have been in a trade on this one and nearly sold yesterday. Jeff threw this my way since he saw a monster cup and handle. I wanted to ride the handle up to resistance to see if it would break. I heard the reason it is on fire is that Alcoa is looking to buy a titanium company. TIE and RTI are also moving big today. Oil and metals are leading the pack today.

Happy Trading


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