Price Pattern Watchlist

Here is the weekly Price Pattern Watchlist. I encorporated a few reversal patterns for this week (just in case). Feel free to add to this if you feel the need. Thanks for your participation, I will be back after a few painkillers.

UPL- Falling Wedge
GILD- Ascending Triangle
SLAB- Symmetrical Triangle
ATW- Pennant
GVA- Head & Shoulders
GYMB- Double Top
BRLI- Ascending Triangle
AMX- Symmetrical Triangle


Thanks for bringing my attention to AMX. I caught the retest this morning.

Also, WAG confirmed the descending triangle yesterday and AMLN looks GREAT after retesting the old trendline today and falling hard.

On AMX I think I am seeing a bearish divergence on the oscilators. I was looking at the RSI 14. Normally I don't use RSI and I am still learning. Can anyone else confirm?

I almost took a trade on AMX and that stopped me.

Thanks to Jeff and all conttributors for the awesome info on the blog.



Ignore oscillators when dealing with price pattern trades.

Focus on price and volume.

JOYG making a great move today!!!


Breakout on JWN on heavy volume.


GOOG broke through 500 mark this morning and I am seeing ascending triangle and about 25 pts move. Am I analyzing it right?

Angela, I think for a proper triangle the moves back on 10/25-10/26 would need to be a bit higher (up around the 495-500 range). That having been said, it is certainly an uptrending stock with a breakout on nice volume.


Ah GOOG, my old nemesis... I pointed out the flag pattern on Goog at a price patterns class a couple of weeks ago, and asked Jeff whether or not it really would go the 60 points the flag predicted. He laughed at me.

Well, who's laughing now? It's moved 40 points. Someone's having fun with it because I chose to stay out of it. Alas, another one that got away.

happy thanksgiving all.

It's about time someone called me out. Most of the conversations around here don't include me :)


Nice post! In defense of my laugh, it was only at the target price...but looks like you were right. A $500 stock can move $60 in a matter of weeks. Looks like I owe you dinner....or a mercedes for the missed opportunity.



Rather than call it the 'one that got away', look for a re-entry point. Today is the THIRD flag in a month. That means you had 3 opportunities to get in. I got in 11/14 at $488. My target is $540, and this target is confirmed from not only the flag that broke out 11/13, but from the long-term symmetrical triangle that broke out the first week of October.

Also, i use RIMM as an example of a stock that has offered MULTIPLE entry points. I traded it when it was $73 and I traded it when it was $114. Actually, i sold that last one at $124 (my target), and rather than complain that it's now $127, i'm looking for another entry point.

GOOG has a long way to go.

I meant $137 on RIMM, sorry!

Also, if you're looking for high-flying breakouts, check out NYX and MA today. Options are pricey so be careful.

You are right Brett, now that it has closed beyond $500 it's not going back. Lisa, throw a spread underneath $500 if you are feeling yo missed it, or that it is too late.
P.S- Lisa is a spread-trader, don't give her any crap. :)

Sorry you are having to be taking painkillers. With 2 knee transplants, my experience adjures you not to make important decisions taking them.
All the best.


When estmating a price move on a sym triangle do you base the move on the diagonal resistance line where the breakout is or from the closing price of the breakout?

Danny K


measure the size of the triangle opening and add to the point at which the breakout occurs. If the stock breaks $4 above the breakout by the time you grab it, unfortunately that's $4 less profit you should factor in.

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