Kiss This Week Goodbye

What a busy day! First I want to thank those of you that sent e-mails today or left a comment wishing me a happy birthday. I thought I could keep that under wraps...but thanks to my wonderful wife, she apparently let the dogs out (love you honey).

I turned 28! This means I am likely the age of some of your kids, or the age of a pair of Karen's shoes (hilarious Karen!). Hopefully my young age doesn't make you think of me any differently. Being the youngest instructor (by a long shot)I have had to work twice as hard and twice as fast to get to where I am. I hope the experience and the content speaks for itself.

I thought today would be an easier day, but meetings have eaten up a lot of my time. Therefore, I will try to post on all the topics you have each mentioned from yesterday throughout next week.
Since it is quitting time and I am just now getting around to post, I will apologize for my lack of interesting substance and promise a make-up next week. You guys are all the greatest. I appreciate the community that we have, your support and contributions are appreciated. Have a great weekend!!!

I know what you mean Im one of the youngest in my company (25yrs old) I was 22 when i started and let me tell you we do have to work twice as hard to earn the respect and gain the knowledge.

Danny DR

Jeff, It is hard to believe that someone so young has so much experience and knowledge. However, in my opinion you are one of the top 3 instructors I have experienced in the last 10 months with Investools. I really like your teaching style, keep it up!


Congratulations!! You are inspiration to me. I also started trading very early at 19 (a year ago). I am looking forward to become half as good as you are.


Happy Birthday Senior' Jeff!

My big 30th is comming up in February 2007.

Keep up the high energy and let your light shine bright!

Cheers, Lejon

Hey Jeff congrats!!!
Being an old fart (oops, can I say that?) let me tell you that age has nothing to do with it. You have packed a huge amount of learning into your 8 years in investing and we, your loyal followers are reaping the rewards. The big advantage of someone your age is that you're not afraid to jump into the high-tech world of the internet and share your wealth of info. Thanks too, for the marketwatch broadcast. Always informative and entertaining.

Chris and Catherine

Jeff - couldn't let your birthday pass without acknowledging my dept. I'm a dedicated blog reader but usually get to it a day or two after the fact. I'm doing the Investools Master Program but your instruction helps me connect the dots better and more frequently. You are incredibly generous in doing the blog. With your help I will become a competent trader and hopefully follow your example in being of greater service to others through the means that it provides.

8 Dec is a special feast day in the Catholic church - the day we celebrate the Immaculate Conception of Mary. She is a powerful force in my life. A very good day to be born.

Thank You & Happy (belated) Birthday.

Jim Ahern

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