Many weeks ago I promised a post that would clarify the upcoming Mega-Event in Orlando. The instructor and topics list have now been finalized. At the upcoming event I will be giving a 1-hour presentation on the topic of "Technicals for Stock Analysis." The topic of Price Patterns has already been spoken for, and this was the counter offer. I signed up and I am very excited to travel out there and to be able to meet most of you. Hopefully I will be able to make a good presentation out of this topic.

Congrats to everyone who has been patient with this market. Today was another pay-off day. I have fielded a ton of e-mails about the recent trades we've discussed...VIP, ATI, LVS, WYNN, the exchanges, retail, etc. I hope all of you had a great day in the market.

Tomorrow I want to address the Market Forecast. I have received a TON of e-mails expressing that people were actually BEARISH on the market because of this! If this was the case, we do need to talk.
I am off to record the Marketcast and after that I need to go have the knee looked at again. Let's plan on meeting here again in the morning (as always).

Well, here is one listener who distinctly heard you say that it was still a bull market, regardless of what happened on Friday. Maybe I was in a better frame of mind since I didn't listen to the Marketcast until Sunday night. I've only been trading real trades for less than a month, and today was the kind of day you dream of when you first start learning about how to make money in the market (thank you, Investools). My bad trades rallied enough for me to get out relatively unscathed, and the good ones were phenomenal. I really didn't hear anything different in the Marketcast than what you posted here on Friday. Keep up the great work and thanks!

John M.

I just checked the schedule of the breakout sessions and do not see the class you mentioned. Any idea when it will be posted?


Part of the reason people may be putting too much emphasis on the market forecast could lie in the name of the tool. Psychologically, folks maybe taking the name too literally. Just a thought. BTW, I nearly fell out of my office chair when I heard the Lil John sound effect on friday's marketcast, totally random, don't know if any of the more mature traders in the audience caught that. Keep up the great work, marketcast has officially been added to part of my daily routine.

Marc in Asheville

Sorry to post what I think has been asked before: where is the Market Cast located in the Success Magazine version of the Investools site?

- Steve M.

Steve - If your home page is here: http://pro.investortoolbox.com/oit/home/home2.asp - click on the Investools Online Education Center tab on the upper right of the page. The Marketcast player is on the left sid of this page. I found Investools through the Success Magazine seminar, and that is how I get there. Hope that helps.

Well, duh! I just finished listening to today's MarketCAST and realized that you were talking above about the Market FORECAST. My bad - sorry about that. I'll try to read a little closer in the future. Here's to another very bullish day tomorrow.

John M.

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