Enough market related garbage for a minute. Let's focus on the big news, which is the Colts victory in this weekends Superbowl! Just kidding Bears fans. I'm actually neutral on the outcome. I can only hope it's a good game, that of course would be a great change of pace.

I want to try something new today. I am going to need your help, again. I need a couple stocks that you would like to see analyzed. I am going to try a new tool today.

Excited??? Me neither.

I'd like to see you analyze NYX.

Also, in response to your Friday post...

On one side of the field Sunday will be a quarterback who completed
more passes this season than Joe Namath in 1968,

for more yards than Roger Staubach in 1977,

at a higher percentage than Johnny Unitas in 1970.

He threw more touchdowns passes than Joe Montana in 1981,

with fewer interceptions than Terry Bradshaw in 1979,

and with a higher passer rating than Len Dawson in 1969.

On the other side of the field will be Peyton Manning.


Gary D,
With the Colt's defeating the Patriots it should be smooth sailing for Payton.
How about looking at WLT wtih this new fangled tool of yours? I was thinking that the earnings approach might be just the thing to send this stock up, up and away. So far, it hasn't done quite that well, but it's up. Will it continue to head up? Should I sell before the earnings announcement?? I'm thinking, I'm thinking...but no anwers yet.



Can you look at osg. can we see a trend reversal here?


How about VLO? Is it a double bottom breakout (yesterday), or not yet? I'm not sure because of the gap that occured on 9-6-07. Yesterday it gapped above that price, but not quite above the highs in early December. It is looking good to me because it has a good basing pattern down at this level and even though the double bottom took awhile to form, this stock has the potential to move fast.


Valerie W

Good Morning,

This is my 2nd try on posting this - it didn't post 1st time - yet!!

BSC - looks like it might be making a head & shoulders.

HXM - stock looks really good. Trying to breakout - has had good volume prior two days, earnings on Feb 27. Good industry. Problem comes in when you look at options - there are 50 - 80 cent spreads. Don't know why?

CPA - in a nice trend - looking for a pull back

Thanks - have a great weekend.



AAPL really bouncing this time?
and GRMN


How about analyzing CAL. Continental has bounced off $40 support for the 3rd time.

Joel R.

hey jeff,

ive been patient with LAMR and waiting for it to bounce off its 30 day....but nothing yet. also, HOG has bounced again off $66


How about analyzing LUFK -- Am I the only one here trading this? It just broke out of a short term ascending triangle and my short tern target is 65, it is also part of a long term symmetrical triangle and if you believe in that one then it should hit 82.5 in the next several months. Also, no one is talking about the oil stocks which have lately been oversold. OXY is making higher highs and higher lows since the New Year.


CMI? good volume and reaching all time high from what I can tell. May close today above all time high.

Hey Jeff,

Manning for sure....

I'd like to see you analyze LFC. It was in a nice uptrend all last year until december when it went haywire. I have a falling wedge on it now for the past 5 weeks or so...but the points of contacts on my lines not very consistent.

Lets go ICE!!! Still in it from Jan 3rd...

Thanks again for another nice trade in X

Bob R.

Since I have no stake in either team this Sunday I am just in it for the commercials, food and occasional libation.

I would love to revisit ATI since I am still in it and not too happy today.

Brett, thanks for making CROX shoot up today!

Sean M.


Be VERY careful jumping reversals. I've learned the hard way not to do this. Just because a trendline has been violated does NOT mean it's a reversal. Sometimes the trend changes from uptrend to SIDEWAYS trend. Make sure you get a confirmation before you call it a head and shoulders.

Colts are going to win! Tony Dungy deserves it, especially all that he and his family have been through. He is one of the kindest, most humble men you will ever meet.

Did Tony Dungy just leave a post on this blog?


I agree. He would benefit the most from a win.

Jeff, Emily and I are looking at FFH and would like you to anaylize this. The MACD's 10 and 5 are crossing and we were also looking to see if it is a Rounding Top Pattern? Thanks, Karen and Emily O


I am still in ATI. I think it is just correcting a bit and perhaps responding to that hanging man candle formation from yesterdayn if you believe in those. It looks like good short term support at 101.5 and it just formed an intraday cup and handle and it is starting to recover.



Thanks for the shot of confidence.


Looks like metals in general are taking a bit of hit (ATI, RTI, GLD, AA). A little profit taking at the end of the week?

Joel R.

Is US Steel a metal? Because it's going crazy.

Jeff, What do think of SEPR. It gapped down after thier earnings announcement.


Good point. Hooray irrational exuberance. I'm in X as well. I'm only upset I undersized my position in this one.

Joel R.

Colts, Bears, who cares... I just watch for the GoDaddy commercials.



where are we at on ATI ??
what about GS ??

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