Another day of mixed results huh? Or is it just me? I am starting to scale back my trades so that I can be comfortable while away this weekend.

Speaking of which...

There have been a few requests to have a meet & greet with individuals who frequent this space in hell that we call a blog. I think the Sunday night reception would be a great place to do this, since there are no classes or agendas that need to be met. I have not seen the layout yet, but I can leave a post this Saturday night/Sunday afternoon that can give a specific location. Or you can look for a 6' foot 7" gentleman that fits the description in the upper left hand corner of this page and find him in the room we are all going to meet in.

Your call.

I will be back a little bit later, if anyone has a topic they'd like to ask about, fire away.

Recommendation: Chris & Catherine...I wouldn't bother changing your schedule to attend my class. It is a trading room format and I am discussing "Technicals for Stock Analysis." I am trying to structure this around creating a routine. They specifically wanted me to gear this towards a "newer" crowd. Beware.

Long: MICC thank goodness.

Short: Still shopping

Since I'm not going to Orlando, i wanted to give you all a parting gift. WLP. Beautiful flag breakout which bounced off a new STRONG support level.


I look for you Sunday evening. Any thoughts on WFMI straddle?


Hey Jeff: I am sorry I will not be attending the event.

Nonetheless it seems that Low Just started to bounce off the trend line, with some nice volume. Hopefully it will continue towards earnings.

Cenx is running as well.

David S

Any thoughts SEIC? It appears to be breaking out of a symmetrical triangle with big volume.

Have fun in Orlando! I hope to join you all next year.


SEIC looks more like an ascending triangle to me. However, with the volume it should break out today or tomorrow.

There have been a lot of flag patterns because of earnings. The price moves high very quickly and then consolidates. As I wait for the breakout, I hestitate because the price formed the pattern because of news...earnings release.
Should I consider what caused the pattern to form, or just trade the breakout?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I have a question on an exit for NKE. I have been in this trade since 2/6, and it has run up very nicely. However yesterday and today it looks like there is some indecision. I want to let my winner run, but I don't know if this has any winner left in it. I was thinking if it closes below 105, then I would exit. What are your thoughts on this one?

Jennifer, looking at NKE I would just tighten my stop to about 103 and let it run. I see your target was prob $4 so if your rule is to get out when you hit your target price then I guess you made your decision already. I personally would risk some of my profits and let run. Hope this helps

Danny DR

It is a prerequisite to be super tall if you work at Investools?!! You Rock. Good Luck in Orlando.

IPS? Breakout with volume.

I would wait for SEIC to close above 63.6 before considering a trade. IPS has been trading sideways all year and there is alot of overhead resistance in the 107 to 110 range that formed last April/May -- I would pass since there are too many other trades that have a nicer long term uptrend. I will be in Orlando this Saturday with my wife, four kids and the mother-in-law -- I will need some serious therapy before this trip is over! I'll drop by and say hey on Sunday if a get together works out. Anyone else on this blog from the Myrtle Beach SC area? Jeff - thanks for the heads up on some great trades this week! Allen

Someone might be interested inlooking at these setups.


CROX, bouncing off support where it broke out of a cup and handle pattern?? Earnings on monday.

CNI, broke out on the 13th of a bull flag...formed a new flagpole...potential trade to keep am eye on..I made 50% on the 14th and sold at the end of the day...

Wish I could go to Orlando....damn..

HAve a great weekend,

Bob R.

Forget CNI, I meant BNI...Sorry...

Bob R.

I'm watching BNI as well,nice formation. Just waiting for the entry. You might want to also watch AMG.


This comment has been removed by the author.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ok, perhaps I'll get it right this time, Bull Flag forming on CSX, potential $5 move if it confirms.

Enjoy Orlando everyone who is travelling there, Have a great weekend.




CSX looks good..putting it on my list..thanks!

Bob R.

Thanks for CSX! I too will add it to my watchlist.

Anyone in CYMI? I am playing this to the downside. The market has a flat day and this stock goes up. It is sitting at resistance, so I am still holding onto it. I am a little nervous about the higher low.

Have a great weekend! To all bloggers attending the conference...have a great, safe trip. On Sunday night, raise your glasses to those left behind. We look forward to hearing you on the Market Cast.


For CYMI ...I see support for at $42.50....currently forming a sym. triangle...

Bob R.

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