Let's Compile a Trading Soundtrack

Music soothes the soul. At least for me anyway. If we created a trading soundtrack, here are a few songs that fit with today's mood....

Life Goes On- Beatles

Everybody must get stoned- Bob Dylan

Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day (I actually hate this song)

Anything by Foo Fighters- Because I said

Hard Knock Life- Jay-Z

Sweet Emotion- Aerosmith

Loser- Beck

That's Just the Way It Is- Hornsby

I know you all want to add to this list. Leave a few favorites that readers can use on the way home from work, on the ride to dinner, or in the bathtub as they attempt to electrocute themselves. These days happen, and it is important that we respect their presence and make sure we are positioned and diversified properly.

PS- A comment was made about all analysts being on board for this bull market as a contrarian indicator. Point well taken! I talked briefly about this in the article I wrote for Forbes yesterday. Keep a close eye on those contrarian indicators.

Be back in a few...

Recommendation: Don't take it personal, the market doesn't have feelings.

Long: Performance enhancing drugs.

Short: SPX....nice work Sarah! Oops, almost forgot AAPL :)

My music list would consist of ol' country music songs with greats like Merle, Cash, Waylon and others.

As for now... "It's 5:00 Somewhere"-Alan Jackson.


Just like I said...AAPL to $50!

just a quick comment:

it's very satisfying, even when the account gets crushed, to be in control and trade according to the plan. if you don't make dumb mistakes, you can't really kick yourself when the market kicks you. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of songs to listen to and scream along...

on to MY soundtrack:

Bitch or Shattered - Rolling Stones
It's a motherf*$ker - Eels
A Bad Dream - Keane
All Will Be Well - Gabe Dixon
As Tears Fall - The Samples
Bad Day - REM
Bigmouth Strikes Again - The Smiths (that one's for ME) and
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - The Smiths
Breakin' Down - Ben Harper
Bury Me - Smashing Pumpkins
Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin
Don't Stop Believin' Journey
Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Poison
How To Be Dead - Snow Patrol
I Must Be High - Wilco
If I Had $1,000,000 - Barenaked Ladies
Livin' on the Edge - Aerosmith
Misery or Somebody to Shove - Soul Asylum
No Depression - Uncle Tupelo
One Step Closer - Linkin Park
Pressure Drop - Toots & the Maytals
Red Rain - Peter Gabriel
Running Up That Hill - Placebo
Sh*tloads Of Money - Liz Phair
Twist The Knife - Neko Case
Undone - Weezer
Warning Sign - Coldplay
Welcome To The Jungle - G N'R
Whipping - Pearl Jam

Yes, i just went through my whole ipod.

"If I had a million dollars." (don't know the artist/s)

Not everyone was unhappy with today's action. I was short SPX and NDX today. Head and shoulders on NDX? Waiting for signal to get back into another short position. Didn't want to hold one over the weekend.

Also up on RIMM (puts entered today), RUT vertical call spread entered last week, FFIV (calls entered 2/1), SPX (that was a great one... 33% return in 3 days). And finally 20% on my NDX put that I entered/exited today. Exited a bad google trade (down 20%), but the rest are working well.

I hope others took advantage of today's move... I LOVE my job!

Did somebody say OUCH?!??!?!

A few songs to add:

Onslaught - Blues Traveler
Friend of the Devil - Grateful Dead
Brokedown Palace - Grateful Dead
Stop That Train - Peter Tosh
So What - Miles Davis
Miserable Bastard - John Popper
Upside Down - Jack Johnson
Theme from the Bottom - Phish
Black Clouds - The String Cheese Incident
Fishin' Blues - Taj Mahal

On a more cheerful note, did anyone have fun with PSA for the past two weeks?

Have a great weekend!


Been a long week for me. Lets mix it up a little on the tunes.
Paranoid-Black Sabbath
Dazed & Confused-Led Zeppelin
Cry,Cry,Cry-Johnny Cash
If You've Got the Money,I've got the Time-Willie Nelson
Ballad of Jed Clampett (from the Beverly Hillbillies).
Wrap It Up- The Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Have a Great Weekend

Songs to add to the soundtrack....

Cry Me a River...Justin Timberlake
Numb...Linkin Park
Should Have Known Better...Beatles
Blackhole Sun...Soundgarden
I Can't Stand It...Eric Clapton
Highway to the Danger Zone...Kenny Loggins
Can't Stop...Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fallin...Alicia Keys
Get It Right the Next Time...Gerry Rafferty
Runaway...Bon Jovi
All I Need is a Miracle...Mike & the Mechanics
Heartbreak Hotel...Elvis
When I'm Gone...3 Doors Down
Na Na Na Na...Steam

and last but not least.....
The old Ventures tune....WIPEOUT!!!

Have a great weekend everyone....

you guys forgot the best one...... Drum roll...........

(I Get Knocked Down) by CHUMBAWAMBA

hahaha man wasnt that one of those songs you just got stuck in your head!

Danny DR

I'd Like to add 1 song:

Right Now by Van Halen (Hagar)

Were any of you able to listen to the market cast for Friday? I still have Thursday's cast when I log on.


Thank you Jeff, once again for your advice on AAPL.

It seems I can not find to win with AAPL. Second time I take a trade and failed again.

I will wait for the watch lists on Monday and Tuesday.


Fellow Bloggers,

Next time the Dow closes two days in a row with a number containing 666 in it, I will most likely close all my positions ASAP. If not I will take a real close look at where I have my stops set and and tighten them up. I may even consider finding myself some good put plays to take their place, but will most likely just liquidate everything.

That's right, in case you can't tell or can't relate I got BURNED Thursday and Friday. From now on I probably won't have to see 666 twice to think twice or be extra cautious either. If I so much as see the number again anywhere in my trading I'm gonna take cover.

And in case you are wondering, I have NEVER been superstitious about anything before, and NEVER thought I would be superstitious about anything. And I still think it's quite silly. But I'd much rather be silly, sound silly, or look silly than lose as much as I did at the end of this past week.

Also, I see lots of good songs and playlists posted. I don't mind listening to the blues but I hate singing the fuckin blues.

Have a good what's left of it.

Stephen M.


I have you beat. I had 3 failed trades with AAPL in the last 2 weeks. I don't know if it's that Steve Jobs is just a crook or if that new iPhone knockoff has everyone concerned. Whatever it is, the stock looked like it had bounced and then failed strongly Friday. There are many better trades out there than waiting around for this one.

Wow, I learned a lot today.

Money management and position sizing…….

It was an expensive lesson, but I understand it NOW!!


I'm worried. You have obviously annoyed the almighty one. Why is he ignoring your requests? I suppose it could be your unfailing support of AAPL? Hmmmmm I would take the rest of the weekend to meditate on your comments. Are you attending Orlando? Are you going to his class? Beware.
By the way, if I ever decide to pick up a single option over earnings, on a whim, SOMEONE SHOOT ME!!! Did you see what MA did on outstanding earnings??
Chris and Catherine


Yes, I was so busy taking care of a Bear call spread I had on SHLD which I manage to exit with really small loss that did not really paid attention so closely to AAPL and now I see it is even worse. On Monday as Jeff suggested if it opens lower I will get out and if it reaches 86 level will also do that. I have a bull put spread and March 80 call. So if it hits 86 at least my bull put spread will be okay and can exit with very small profit but my March 80 call will have a small loss. The good thing is that I did not buy many contracts waiting for more confirmation that did not come.
After hours action showed only up 10 cents from Friday's close. You are right there must be better candidates there.

I come back with ADBE it did not moved higher than $40 and it is already again to the break out point I mentioned few weeks ago. Before I was basing my position on a double top now is just starting a down trending. My original target was 33. 50 area but it could only go as far as 35 area on the 200 moving average. What are your thoughts?


BGC finally broke out of its pseudo-triangle consolidation pattern. It's run up a little over the breakout, but still at an all-time high.

Caught the open this morning (i know you're all happy for me).

Good on your BGC looks good.
Are you out of AAPL, Citigroup upgraded today with a target to $105. What are you thoughts? Jeff any change from your comment on your video? I will probably decide to exit my Bull put spread the closest possible to 85 but I have March 80 call. I know you said that because we have more time in an option does not mean to stay longer if it does not work from the very begginning.

Any thoughts?

That upgrade didn't do much for the stock. 3 strikes is an out for me. i'm on to other things. plenty of other names to lose money on other than AAPL!

BSC is looking great after Friday's break. Hope this isn't forboding for GS.

Yes you are right about AAPL's upgrade. It is not really doing anything.
But the small move today reduced my losses though, almost nothing on the Bull put spread. The other call position still watching to exit.
Thanks for your thoughts.

I think AAPL could be good for a couple of more dollars, the hammer forming today could be the reversal, and stochastics are beginning to point up, if it goes to $86 tomorrow, I'll tighten the stop and see if it wants to go the rest of the way to $98. Fibonacci lines suggest that the $98 level is the next resistance so, breaking $86 is critical. And hey, Brett says he's out - that has to be worth a few percent :-)

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