Watchlist Part I

Just wanted to say that the audio/visual presentation (especially of the watch list) is very cool. It's helping me understand this a lot more and be a much better trader all at the same time.
-liz prior

I only have one comment on the video format.....excellent. Sorry I can't be in Orlando. It would be fun to meet you and the others on this blog.

Sean M.

Jeff, I love the video format. It really helps to see the patterns you are talking about. If I can watch your videos for a few years I might start to understand this process. Now if I can just rev my slow Southern ears up to you fast California tongue...


Hi Jeff,
I am a new visitor to your site and I just wanted to say that I think you are doing a great job. Thank you for all the information. If you have time for a question, I have been quite confused regarding 1 aspect of trading. I can explain it by using the example of MNST.

On 1/17, MNST had an intraday high of 51.39. This area was tested and held within a few cents on 2/01, 2/02, 2/07, 2/09 and 2/10 - thus leading me to assume it is now quite a strong level of support.

I also noticed that it has a very very strong diagonal level of support starting on 11/03 and testing on 12/01, 12/13, 1/10 and 1/29.

I entered this trade on what I thought would be a bounce off the 51.35 area.

My question is this, if this level is broken over the next couple of days, would I just go ahead and use the diagonal level as my new support? I was always told by instructor to avoid moving stops around. The thing is, the support seems so strong in both areas, I dont know if I want to get out on a break out the 51.35. If it continues to go down and break through the diagonal support, ill end up feeling like an idiot for not selling on my original stop. I hope you understand where I am coming from and can provide a little insight.

Thanks a lot man. I apprecaite your time.



This way to present the watch list is incredible. In so short time we are able to see many stocks and all the set ups. Thank you so much.

ADBE, MNST, MON and CYMI give me the highest risk/reward ratio. Looking forward to see your list on the price patterns.

I won't be able to go to Orlando, I am glad I went to Las Vegas big event and get to have you as my coach once again. Wish you the best in Orlando and hope that everyone going enjoys a lot the classes and Jeff's coaching. He is excellent!


Excellent Video Jeff. I won't be able to make it to Orlando, But looking forward to get updates about the conference and all the fun stuff


Love the video format. Thanks for all you do!

great video, thanks. I will be at Orlando. I will look you up. Always appreciate some method to narrow down a watch list. Mine grows until it is unwieldy, and I miss great trades because of too many. So the question. How often do you update your watch list? How many stocks do you carry in the list?

Hi Jeff,

I too think your videos are great and really appreciate the effort and willingness on your part to share.

Not sure if this is where we ask questions but will give it a shot. Looks like a cup & handle formation on CSCO. Do you wait for the break out and would this be something you would trade?

Sorry, I won't be at Orlando this year either. But you have a great time. Perhaps the next one.



Thanks for taking the time to help us all out. You do a great job. Everyone have a great week.

Danny K

What can I say more???...THANK YOU for the effort and the advice.

I'm in PPC, X, ESI, TYC this morning. Enjoyed the analysis - now it's time to enjoy the profits!!!!

After the Orlando Conference you're all invited to the Boston Conference I'm going to hold. I've negotiated a great rate at the Motel 6 and will even let us use the outside patio FREE for the reception!!


Love the video.

I recently took MLM over earning and it had a nice jump (one of those I decided to do). It just retested and is up again today. Overall in an uptrend. You may want to consider it for your watchlist.

Thanks for all you do!

Is anyone else having trouble with investools website today? I can't get corporate snapshots, prophet charts, or market matrix to pull up.

Hi guys,

If you click on Jeff's link to YouTube from yesterday - today's video is now up and you can catch it there.
Happy Watching!


TSO broke out today. Could be an upside of about $12.

TSO broke out today..could be an upside of $12.

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