Time to start a new threat I suppose. As usual, my Wednesdays are a later start than normal. I'm getting my thoughts together and I am walking in to go throw a video together. Not sure it will be needed as I published the watchlist yesterday, but might be convenient for others.

Any suggestions on a Mastertalk topic tonight?

Recommendation: Below is the Marketcast watchlist...




As a new option trader, which watch list is better to go by? Is there a difference in the lists? It seems like the Marketcast list is a sub-set of the blog list. I figure this is due to time constraints.

I was wondering if the Marketcast list may be higher probability trades.

Steve B in FLL


The list Jeff puts together for marketcast has much better trades. Nothing Jeff posts here should be traded at all. In fact, he purposely sandbags on the blog so that we all lose money.

Just kidding. They're all the same thing: potential trade ideas. Go through them and pick out the ones that fit your style and throw away the ones that don't.

By the way, I've had a WM AND a burrito from CMG today, so we're due for an end of day bonanza.

Brett..I am counting on you here buddy...I hope it was a big burrito....enough to maybe kick CMG in the tortilla tomorrow if it does not rally today...

Anyone looking at PEIX as a bearish play? I know it's only a $15 stock, but i see it going to $12.50.

I took a nice ride on CG at the last support bounce and run up. Looks like it could be setting up again. Anyone see anything wrong with entering that today?

Other than earnings in 12 days, nothing wrong with it.

My bullish trades, compared to the market today, are NOT moving up much...

Anyone else experiencing this phenomenon??

Absolutely .... DEAD here to .. and down some ... My chart isn't moving in the direction of the DOW for sure!

I've been down the last 2 days as well. Big deal.

I'm taking 10-1 odds that Jim Cramer uses the phrase "going to par" tonight when discussing Boeing.

My bullish positions have been down overall the last two days as well.
Here's the list: CVH, WCG, XLU, PCAR, TDS, TTEC, CAH, CF, HWCC, MON and FSLR. This portfolio is up about 1%.
Had two sell my PSA put yesterday at a loss- second time PSA has taken my money.
As Jeff always says, its not a stock market, but a market of stocks.

Peter V.
Mill Valley, CA

Picking the expiration month?

I typically struggle with picking an expiration during earnings. For example, PCP releases earning May 9th. I know I won't hold my option through earnings. The May expiration date seems the most obvious, but doesn't time decay effect the option more in the last 30 days?

Glad I am not alone.....CMG is bumming me out today. Got out of SNDA earlier, still long on X, ATI, GOOG, CME, GS, PCP....and BEAVer.......LOL.....


You spoke with the BEAVer and got it over $34.....will it hold??

DNDN is bouncing.



I bought June calls on PCP. If the option does well between now and earnings, I will take some contracts off the table prior to earnings and let a few run through earnings...


Seems to me that a lot of stocks are not moving up as much as the recent market recovery since 2/27...maybe it's just the ones I am looking at...is this really a sign of weakness?? Did the markets not pull back enough to keep the long term bullsih really going??

What say everyone??

Alright, passed on PEIX b/c i found something better. I only do this for people I love (remember CY, CNI, ASMI???), so here you go:

MTB is the bearish play. Back out 2 years, check out the $114 support level. Check out the topping pattern. Check out today's price action.

Now, i'm not crazy about volume expanded on the way up here, but i think it's at a safe put level, and earnings were yesterday.


Brett..keep eating burritos you are doing a good job..

Amy I just went w/ June calls on PCP.


Hi Guys new to this spot fairly new trader jst lost my 1st 3k this week great learing experience thanks to iig it helped make some back from the loss some.

Just picking up gva he said long but it is forming or has formed a triple top it looks to me anyone agree


X just met Arthur T. Richardson.

It's amazing how much my stocks fell in the last 10 minutes of trading..

no kidding, bob r. most of my sell rules are based around closing below a certain level. it's tough to keep up when stuff is jumping around like that.

pkx jumped below my threshhold at the last 3 minutes so i'm out. i got in a couple days ago for a support bounce -- same industry as x.

bought a call on CG today and a put on SCHL (yay, one put play!). Still holding onto PCAR though every day is a mystery. Guess I'll just see if anything can happen in the next three days before earnings.

hey brett, on the ATR method, do you wait for the close to get out or exit on any trading during the day.


X..I leave the computer for the last 15 minutes of the day, X drops $1.00.(along with all my trades dropping in the last 15 min..)...and yes I got it, Mr X meeting Mr. ATR...but I have to wait till tomorrow to bail out..unless for some reason it pops back up...

MTB..I like your analysis..I want to see some sign of it turning back down ....the markets are surely due for a good pullback....


JEF was rockin and rolling today. Thats not JEFF, but JEF!

Looks like an inverted H&S that broke today on huge volume.


Jeff...is there a way that you dont have to type these funky letters (word verification)every time we post??


GVA is and asc triangle.


Wow! I was thinking I was then only one looking at my trades and the DOW and seeing no connection. I finally got one bear trade and even that one (with all my other trades)is down for the day. I am glad the Market Cast, Jeff and all of you are here to help with my confusion. Bob R. I am with you on those goofy letters, sometimes I just can not read them...tfxaoylu

Jeff, I did not see anyone post on topics for tonight's Master Talk as I will not be able to attend (doing one of those give-back to the community things at a local college)I felt I should not weight in. I promise I will watch the recording though. Maybe talk about what you see is going on with the market and/or that Blog popular topic today ATR.

Sorry last post was from Bob H. forgot to sign in.

Did anyone else cash in on KMP the last 20 days?? I just cashed out with a 206% profit!! Happy to finally cover those 20 - 30% losers that appear too often in my trades. Because my account is so small I only had 1 option contract, but this is my first 200% gainer.....THANK YOU JEFF!!!

Amy, as for which contract month to buy during earnings, I would go with the May option contract. The earnings are early enough in the month and the IV really takes over getting close to earnings that to me, the time decay doesn't amount to much.

I passed on CE and BEN as a trade because of how close we are to earnings, but they just keep on going. Anyone have advice on this?

I am now cash flush (again, small portfolio) for some good trades. I got into CBI and ETP based on yesterdays setups (CBI breaking above $33.80 & ETP with a strong up move).

Red Sox Nation!

I can not believe no one mentioned the disaster FFIV caused in my account today. Nothing like ruining a good Bear Party.
Long solar and jones soda, short my account going up today ( like everybody else it sounds like )

Congrats on your first 200% trade! I had one brewing until today… let’s hope BW can come back a little before earnings next week to give me my first 200%’er. If not, I know TAP will get me there before their earnings!

The Yankee Universe

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