Hopefully this list will suffice until I can get a video going. My recording studio is being manhandled by the tech task force right now, so recording a video right now is out of the picture. Yesterday caused such a stink, that I might be standing in the unemployment line by the end of the day.


Price Patterns

HME- Inverted H&S
EDU- Symmetrical Triangle
CME- Symmetrical Triangle
DIS- Ascending Triangle
EBAY- Ascending Triangle
ITW- Ascending Triangle
SMSI- Flag
GVA- Ascending Triangle
CNQR- Ascending Triangle (can I just type AT?)
CSH- Symmetrical Triangle
PSSI- AT (much easier)
LOW- Descending Triangle
RHI- Bear Flag
CX- Flag
AET- Symmetrical Triangle
CPT- Symmetrical Triangle
THQI- Flag

Support Bounces


Resistance Bounces


(Not a lot, go figure)

Watching for Breakouts


Recommendation: It's a good thing I care and look out for you guys. Here is the list, do with it as you please...but do me a favor....MAKE SOME MONEY!!!!


Short: I wish I could type it.... www...........


Keep your head up high, don't let it eat at you.

You are by far the best instructor they have!

We appriciate EVERYTHING that you do for all of us!

Larry S.

i second larry's feelings,,,we appreciate everything you do,,and realize that shit happens,,,,,we love you man!



You are the best. We can live without the Market Cast (and the buzzer) for a day or two (maybe longer on the buzzer).

On behalf of the group, we will make lots money with this list.

Thanks again.

Joel R.

Corporate politics!!! One of the reasons I am no longer in corporate america. Hang in there Jeff and as a former IT guy I can tell you that job is a tough one too!
Well POT stopped out this morning and HES is heading that way. Anyone in HES as well?

Jeff, thanks for hanging in there for us. We appreciate the help greatly and I honestly don't see how you keep everything going that you've got going.


thanks for all you do. we all really appreciate it.

Take it easy Jeff. Have a wonderful day!!

--thanks, Meena

Thanks for the list, Jeff! Hope your day is going well. Your teaching has made the biggest impact on my trading.

Today, I was offered my old teaching and coaching job. Although I enjoyed the challenges offered in the classroom and on the court, trading has opened up too many opportunities for me to go back now.

Thank you, Jeff and bloggers, for all your support!

Thank you Jeff for your faithfulness to this blog! Your thoughts are a vital part of so many people's daily trading, and we are grateful for your help. YOU ARE A BLESSING!

Has anyone seen a crazier trading stock than NICE?

Stay tuned...I might have a trade of the day!

How about SCHL for a resistance bounce. Hasn't turned down yet but holding that gap at $32. Thoughts, anyone?


Is there anything we can do to help? Ive got some free time if there is a Customer Care survey or something I can fill out. If we all do it maybe youll get a raise or an office with a window. Let me know if there is anything.


Long: XING


...Yawn.... just woke up, went for an hour run, opened my laptop, exptecting to be up a bit as the markets are higher than they were when I lay me down this morning... and POW!! ZOT!!! KABAM!!!!

What the heck is going on here? I'm down a bit (about 2%) but only because my DRYS June $22.50 call is up about 65% today.

Brett, I agree on NICE. I've had a limit sell on it all day today and it just won't sell. Looks like I'll have to lick my wounds on this one, too.

MLM has lost me a bunch today and has definatly broken out of it's pattern. Another write-off. And I'm giving up on RATE and BIDU today, too.

Got to look up voodoo curses for losing stocks. This sucks.

Jeff, another round of applause (no buzzers) for an outstanding list. Hope I have time to check them all out. I have to take the red-eye home tonight so I can take the 10:00PM flight tomorrow, to Edmonton. This working for a living sucks. My cat sucks too.

The End

Chris and Catherine

Can anyone tell if EDU reported yet? Investools says 4/18, yet shows the telephone. OX says it reported 4/16. Volume yesterday looks like it did report ans shows volume on the breakout on the sym tri. I don't want to buy if earnings has not been reported yet.

I believe EDU is reporting at 8:00 PM tonight. Could be a leak?

Chris and Catherine


Thanks for the support and comments. Afterall, that is one of the main benefits of this blog is to be able to pour out to the addicts worldwide and have this type of support. Some initiatives finally fell into place as a result of our strike and I think some positives might actually come out of all of this mess.

Also I appreciate your support despite my occasional lack of participation. I am working on some new technology for all of US. Even though it is a process, it will be worth the wait.

Thanks again for all your participation and support for eachother. This is what a productive learning curve is all about in my opinion.


Thanks for all the time you spend helping us out Jeff. Sorry bout the troubles ... we're all rootin' for ya. Good Luck!

James H.


Since you like the buzzer so much:
Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer!!

And if that isn't enough:

Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer, Buzzer!!

Seriously, thanks for all you do and the expertise that you give unto all of your followers.



I do not want to be the party pooper, but is anybody worried about this market? Are we ending with a shooting star, spinning top, (SPX)? FXY is going up, market forecast blue and red trending down and indu is bouncing off the high. Also there are conflicting markets and every news that comes out is represented as good news. Also the English are having inflation worries.
Plus the VIX is reaching outside the bollinger line.
Like to hear others perspective.

Keep your stops tight.

David S

Seriously, buddy. I'm a big wheel as far as Investools is concerned. I've spent well over a hundred bucks with them and when I speak, they'll listen. I haven't had time to participate in Master Talk live for a while, but we listen to yours religiously after the fact. The uproar over Marketcast and your huge following on Master Talk can't help but be noticed by the shirts.

And I know a guy named Luigi. He can fix it.

As a published participant of 'Da 'Cast, we would be happy to put in a word to further your cause.

Any cause.

Chris and Catherine

PS. David S I know what you're saying, but I recall hearing the same sort of thing on Thursday. I have tightened up my (mental) stops and got into NTAP today because I can't stand being naked in the Put department. Actually I tried to sell some puts on ATI but found out they wanted me to have a whole wack of cash in my account to cover myself in case it drops to zero while I'm asleep. Let us know if you find some good bear trades... we're all searching.

I also hate being naked in the puts category, but I covered on PSA today and so there's nary a put to be found in my account. Couldn't find anything that fit me today.

I think we're all anticipating some type of pullback in the markets. But who's to say it will be tomorrow? I thought it would be last week. I sure hope it's at least not a major one tomorrow as I'd like to get something bearish going on first.

I don't know what your problems were, but I would like to say once again...THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! for all of your extra efforts in teaching us how to become better traders anad investors.

This comment has been removed by the author.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi Jeff and Group!

FIRST TIME TO POST! Been 'lurking' (sorry!) for about 10 days ... but I have to say, I am enjoying this community of bloggers! I am a long time ITools student .. just started options last fall after several successful years in stocks and have lost only once in my purchased option contracts I have purchased. (I know - now that I have said that - I'm doomed! NOT!) You guys are fun ... Jeff - you are excellent in what you do and I am learning LOADS both here and in MTalk etc ... Keep up the super work and thanks for taking your time to do this!

Benton in Nashville


What sport did you coach? The word "court" makes me think basketball...

I coached volleyball. I come from a family of giants (most over 6'5" tall), but I have rarely played basketball. Sad!?!?!



Yes, the Dow, Nasdaq and Russell are all pausing at prior highs. Does this mean that we are going to drop or just retrace a bit, form a handle and then blast higher? Why worry? Play the trend. As we speak, Intel and IBM are up in after hours after earnings.

Here's the point: Don't pick the top, just move the stop.

That's my philosophy. As long as you have some bearish plays in there you should be covered.

I am naked in the put dept. as well. Anyone find anything?? I like the way NTAP is setting up, but I'd sure like to see it break my support line in the $35 area...

I like the ryhme... don't pick the top, just move the stop. That should be the Option Addict's dictum.

Amy, I had you pegged as a tennis coach. Don't ask my why... "court" works there, too. Nice to hear that you think trading's working well for you, though. I can't wait to reach that level.

Bob, I've been in and out of BIDU and RATE for puts and they haven't worked. But I've kept the losses relatively small, so it's cheap insurance against another 2/27. That's why I took NTAP today. I just want to have a couple of puts in play... just in case.

Chris and Catherine

Disclaimer: I strongly recommend that you consult a psychiatrist if you take any of the advice offered by the above couple. The advice they offer is usually filtered through rose colored glasses and does not reflect good trading skills or behavior. Although it may provide information relating to investments... they usually suck and you should not construe anything they say as real-world "advice."

Chris and Catherine, you guys are funny. Hey, how do we know which one of you is writing?

Who didn't get into NTAP today? The way i see it, it's sitting below support and if tech turns weaker (YHOO just $#!+ the bed) this one's gonna fall.

Nothing like giving back a huge Monday's profits on a Tuesday. But hey, i'm still up $22.50 on the week, so I should jump for joy.

Chris always writes as Catherine is busy keeping the rest of our lives in order. I just lose the money... she figures out how to buy groceries with what little is left.

Brett, I'm glad to hear that the White Mocha Dude has his down days (hmmm now that I say that, it doesn't sound very good. I hope you understand my drift.) I ended up down a hundred bucks today... not bad, as I bailed on my losers around 2:00 PM and bought a couple of new ones (options, that is... not losers.) My 401k was up 1% yesterday and down 1.002% today. Didn't bail on TSO though, and probably should have. I missed yesterday's strand that talked about it and it had a rotten day today. I'll have to watch it tomorrow.

Let's keep our fingers crossed on NTAP. I'll try to find a really good put before tomorrow.

Chris and Catherine

Oh Brettmeiester...

I don't disagree on NTAP being bearish, but I still see some support at $ bounced off it in '05 (is that too long to look back??), then busted up through it sept '06. Guess it depends on where you draw your line, or how thick your crayon is...Well, in any event, for all those that got in it today, I hope it closes below $35 tomorrow so I can get in!!!! LOL...

C & C

I hear ya on the RATE...that was a tuff trade..I was not in it, but looking at the chart, it would have bitten me too.


Oooooooo. Eric on the left... Jeff on the right. Stereophonic. How cool is that?

Chris and Catherine

I cannot get the marketcast to it me??

Must be you, Bob. Ooooo that's gotta hurt. Don't take it personally. It worked for us.

Looked hi and low for put plays. Found a really good one with open interest of 6. Yes, that's "six." Sheesh. All the downtrending stocks I looked at were up today. Why weren't my calls up today? Is anybody listening? I can't believe how much I got creamed on my 401k today.

It's not fair. We're nice people.

Chris and Catherine

PS. That's the last whiney, snively posting by these two people. A long time ago, Jeff talked about the psychology of trading and how your attitude can effect your outcome. As of right now, I will exude positivity. Except with puts. Then I will exude negativity. In spades. I honestly believe there's something to it and I am going to be much more positive in my postings. Tomorrow is another day and we will make back our losses and then some. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and support.

Picking up on C&C's power of the positive! YEAH! I got stopped out of POT today really had a great run so was ok with me as getting close to earning. Now the rest of my trades...I noticed no one admitted to be in HES, HWCC, BNVI, MON... all my calls are down very nice today. Good news is that all that I was looking at getting into (but had no time to) did the same or worse - see the positive?


I’ve given up on these lofty aspirations of trading for a living. Instead, I’ve realigned my goals to simply have the time to make sarcastic comments on this blog all day long :) Chris and Catherine, thanks for the entertainment - you guys rock…or Chris, you…er, Catherine…um…which one of you IS writing, anyway?

I’ve been lurking in the shadows (like so many others) waiting for my first stellar trade to post…but now that it’s day 483, I just couldn’t wait any longer to join in the fun. Kidding. Seriously, how could you go wrong with Jeff’s picks anyway? Day 484…Amgen should turn any day now. Day 485…son of a @&#@$!!!

By the way, Jeff, I attended Mike Follett’s Advanced Technical Analysis in Atlanta this past weekend and I just think it’s great that he took the time to teach you everything you know. In all seriousness, love the blog, love the MarketCast. Thanks for the insight and for helping so many newbie traders get into the mind of a professional (now if you could just point us towards the door, that’d be super…it’s getting scary in here).


P.S. For those of you in FSLR, enjoy the “Cramer Effect” forthcoming as a part of his Ode to Green Companies this week. I – as you may have guessed – am NOT in this one.

Dang C2 (your new nickname from me, C & C)..that hurt, LOL

I had a good day in the market today for the most part. I got out of TEX midafternoon with a HEALTY profit (I figured get out as my options expire friday..why take a chance losing any $$) CMG had a nice day too, so I was happy. SNDC is being stubborn, but it's day will come. I am still in ATI and X, they dropped, but that's okay (Hope I don't get stopped out tommorow though) I got out of PCP yesterday day with another good profit (Brett the bum got out at a better point), but I am waiting now for a new entry on PCP. I am long CME, GOOG and GS...small positions, not much happened today with those. My MA call from way back when ( a loser I held along with LFC) has just about broke even at this point, so those losses are gone..Back in the positive...glad I bought a lot of time on those...

I got no complaints other than I got no puts...not happy bout that..

Gonna look hard tomorrow...

Gotta get the market cast working...Bob's not happy bout that..

Jeff, the sound quality of the CAST was superior tonight. Hearing Eric on the left and Jeff on the right as Chris said was super cool. Finally you have the quality equipment that matches the quality of the content. I am afraid I am not holding up my end of the making money though.

Okay, enough already...

Why can't I get this marketcast to play?? Any computer guru's out there??

Bob R, i might be able to help with the technical difficulties (emphasis on might), but i'd need to know -- what is it actually doing? when you click play is the time code moving and you just don't hear anything, or does it just not move at all? also, what platform and browser are you on?

Jeff, I agree the quality boost on the cast was great. In fact, it was so good, I could have sworn I heard a third person in the room trying not to laugh out loud when things got funny. Was there someone else in there?

hey brett, if you don't mind sharing, i am wondering what your strategy for exiting NTAP is. i look at it and i'd see exiting to the upside on a close above 36ish, but I'm not sure what target I'd put to the downside. To me it looks like it's currently located in the middle of a downward channel and I don't see any type of pattern break. What is your strategy?


When I hit the play button,it appears that it "loads" says loading, and it loads 50 out of 50..but it still says "laoding"..and nothing ever happens.

Also, I'd hate to waste posts regaring this on the blog, so you can e-mail be directly at, or IM me at yahoo "

Windows XP, both mozilla and Internet explorer



NTAP isn't such a price pattern play for me (though you could probably argue that there's a longer-term topping pattern). But when you back out to a 2-year chart, you'll see a strong price level around $35.50 or so. I see that broken. No real target on the downside except earnings as a trigger but your upside exit seems appropriate.


what the hell were you thinking bailing on NICE???

so, i've always been trying to figure out what eric's always talking about on the marketcast -- shorting the market when fxy is trading up and there's an opening gap down. this looks like a day that fits that criteria, but i've never figured out how to make the entry and manage the risk. Has anyone else done this?

Do I dare say a BULLISH day ahead??

Gonna be one of those days....

Brett, get out the mocha.

PCP..IIG...going yard...??

Does anyone here successfully trade the QQQQ, NDX, OEX or SPX on a short term basis (less than a week or day trade)?

C2..BEAVer making me happy today...hope it holds....did get into the BEAVer too??

Here is an idea. Anybody else like OSG as a symm triangle break with volume ?
Earnings are on the April 24th. It had a negative reaction to earnings last time. So there are probably some bad longs in this.
Jeff, hope your having a better day...

Anyone play the breakout on GS? Nice follow through today!

Sarah in 4/16 along with CME and GOOG (small postion)

I like osg too the volume is great the 70 may options are cheap also that is where previous resistance is at. I think it is a good candidate.
Also Vip is getting close to 100 and it had good earnings

David S

Check LVS sym. triangle also WYNN follow through. AMAT follow through on break out 4/10.
Tim V.

Hey Brett: ctsh is that a reverse head and shoulder? what do you think?
You have to be careful with the gaming stocks if gas goes up they usually go down, lvs is going up because they say they are getting about 1 billion from real estate sales but I know that Vegas real estate is down and like any other market, I am not sure if they already sold the units or they are wishing.

David S

EXP..nice support bounce..

EQIX..getting close...

wow osg is flying I dont know what is going on with that guy?

David S

Notice how NICE bounced NICELY off the ATR yesterday and ZOOM... off to the races.

Bob, out of SNDA. It's clearly consolidating and i found better places for my cash.

Bob R. ,

what's your target on GS? the pattern shows 20pts which would be 230. I see a min of 223( the old high).


GS is nice, but BSC is better.

Also, notice how POT bounced perfectly off the ATR today? Notice a trend here?


My target for GS is $230


I'm gonna give SNDA some more wiggle room, but not much...


I need BEAV to break $ something...WM, anything...

Maybe GOOG will lift the NASDQ...


What exactly do yu mean POT bouncing off the ATR?
I've been watching for an entry, am unsure w/ earnings right around the corner.


David- The casino stocks are up on Macau revenues. Someone is buying them I just follow the chart.
Tim V.


Why did you bail on SNDA..What am I not seeing....I am out if it closes below $26.75...

PCP..I got in earlier at $102...a little early, small position..

SNDA..I'm out as well...small loss, put my money elswhere..

In regards to POT. It is not uncommon when a stock makes a huge move (big white candle day), like POT had 3 days ago, for it to find support about halfway down that candle, which coincidentally would be a 50% fibonacci retracement. POT looks like it's forming a flag as well. Lot's of bullish indicators here and depending on your rules, maybe a good entry. Earnings are in a week, that's the only real concern.

Joel R.

BA Broke


I am sure you are tired of answering ATR questions, but I don't see the bounce. Do you subtract the current ATR from the close or the high to find a stop? Or do you use the ATR from your original entry point? If you have time, your thoughts are appreciated...speak slow.


I see BA as well. Do you enter with the DOW at a potential double top? Earnings are 4/24.
Tim V.

anyone's thoughts on BA hitting 95 before earnings on AM of 25th?


Take the high on the stock, subtract the current ATR at that point, and that's your ATR stop. POT bounced perfectly off that today.

If POT makes a new high, subtract the current ATR from that point and, if the difference results in a higher price, raise your stop accordingly.

By the way, this method should not be blindly followed by everyone. Some people use a set trailing stop. Some use fib retracements. Some use support/resistance. If I'm not mistaken, Jeff used to use the ATR but doesn't anymore.


Here's a thought: By a longer-term call with a smaller position ahead of earnings and hold through it.


LEAP bounced off the ATR today too.

Jeff and /or Brett..

ATR question for me as well....the ATR price changes according to the time frame of the chart you are looking at (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). How do you use the different time frames to use the ATR?

This ATR has really been bugging me, I feel like moron just asking...but I cannot for the life of me get a good handle on it..


Nice explanation on ATR.

Bob- If you are using a daily chart, take either the high or the close and subtract your ATR from the price bar.

If you use a weekly chart, repeat process.

If you use a minute chart, repeat process.

It is a universal strategy for any timeframe.


I'm with you on the ATR business. I'm still a bit confused.





AH-HA! Got it! Thanks for taking the time to explain it.

Thanks Brett. Got it on the ATR.

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