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You are on. In case most of you didn't know....I am open to house calls. If you ever need to talk sometime, let me know. I am also trying to find a way to set up periodic conference calls where we can get together and meet every-so often.

For those that missed it, Stephan left a comment in the post below that he wants to become the next case study. Where he will provide his trading rules, and we'll search for holes or offer up suggestions. Similar to what we did with Mike.

Stephan, get in touch with me and let's talk about where you are struggling. Type up your rules/approach, and let's feed it to the wolves. Thanks for your application to become the next case study.


Thank you in advance for this help - I already feel encouraged by the posts already made. If McDonalds accepts the application I filled out today, I will definately score you all a McRib when it makes its next triumphant return.

Jeff, I am really not positive about your email address or phone number, so if you can send it to me, mine is

Thank you.


Steve my brother, I feel your pain. Position sizing is the only thing that has kept me in the game.

I'm still waiting on that dumptruck full of cash to pull up to my house.


Hi Mike

If you are in the same boat as me, hopefully youll get something out of this. Ill be posting my rules as soon as I can. I think Jeff wanted to talk to me before I posted them.



We are all in this together and it is only through the support and suggestions of everyone here on the blog (including the Master) that we have had any measure of success. There are days that nothing goes right and there are days where EVERYTHING goes right. The trick is keeping a log of everything you trade and studying what works for you and what doesn't. I was all fired up for Iron Condors and such and have found it WAY more stressful than directional trading... but I know several people who do it VERY succesfully for a living.

There are a million ways to make it work. If you have kids and have watched the Emperor's New Groove... the secret is finding your groove.

Chris and Catherine

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