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Thank you Jeff the video and your analysis is great.

Thank you
David S


Curious here. There are a lot of stocks with nice setups, and we may be expecting the earnings announcement to cause the move. For those of you who are more experienced at earnings plays...some insight would be cool here. Here is my question:

It 9:30 am. The stock you are watching breaks out that morning in the direction you were expecting (hoping??) it to. Do you take the trade then, or do you still wait till the end of the day, perhaps missing on a big move? The reason I ask is I have seen on earnings stocks gap in the direction you were expecting, only to close way in the opposite by the end of the day. OUCH..

So, just looking for others persepctives on this.


Bob..and without question, the Yankee universe....

The word game..

Sometimes I have to type the scrambled jumble of letters twice to make a post. Does anyomne know if there are settings that can prevent this??

When you first post,make sure it says your comment has been saved. If it does not say that, scroll down again on the post "leave your commnent part" and you may have to re enter the word verification again.
Hope this helps.

David S

I'm hearing the China market took a big hit again..down 4.5%....

Is it gonna be one of those days??

Today's gift:

ARD as a bearish play. Do your own analysis, but i was salivating about this one all night.


big ups to you on pointing out EDU. Caught the retest this morning and loaded up. Hopefully everyone is getting some good entries this morning.

Let's all try and remember that many support levels are being violated, but it's still 25 minutes into the day. Don't panic.

I see some good bullish entrys setting up...take advantage??

Jeff, thanks for the video - another visual learner here. Brett, I see ARD and EDU - the retest (if that is what it is) on EDU does not prompt you to wait until end of day? I think this fits a bit with Bob R's question earlier.

Everyone has their own strategy, Bob. I am more flexible with bounces and retests than i am with breakouts. This may seem a little aggressive, but that's my nature. I'm willing to take more small losses than the average person.

Everyone take a look at HOG.

Inverse Head and Shoulders with break today.

I see a target of 66.


Should of just bought the Dow and gone for a bike ride...

ok, this is a good day for me to ask for some real-world help. in the past, i've struggled with taking exits too quickly due to emotion. now, i've backed down my position size to let me make better, more objective decisions since there is less money at risk.

so today, got a lot of bullish things going on and their all getting hit, but for the most part, their ok, hanging in around support levels.

but here's one i'm struggling with -- CG. took a trade yesterday based on the fact that it was setting up for the bounce and stopped going down. My exit would normally be on a close below the low of the bounce, in this case yesterday's low of 75.15. Right now it's pushed down past that and is sitting at 74.80, right around a previous high.

What are some good strategies? Hold on to end of day? Is there ever a point where I should pull the plug mid-day?

Any insight? Just trying to fine-tune these issues.

Also have a position in PCP and my exit is a close below 101.15. Looks like it could be a close one there.

What say you geniuses out there?


been watching and it's now back below the neckline. If it breaks, i'd actually target that heavy support line at $68.

I see the neckline at 62 though it is dropping like a stone in the last few minutes....



I'm in PCP as well. I'm not happy with this although I did expect some selling today in the market. I have a diagonal trendline drawn and today's candle so far is half way through it. The question is "is this a short term trade or a trend trade". I believe the trend is still in tact. Keep an eye on the volume, and for me no decision till the end of the day. I just keep reminding myself to draw my lines w/ crayon,not pen. This can still bounce.


As for CG again what is your time frame,because the int. term trend is still good. I've traded this and think this is a strong stock.

Thanks, Sarah. CG for me is very short term. The short term trades have been the harder ones for me to figure out. I traded it on the last support to resistance move in its channel. Got in to do the same thing, so, for me, a close below yesterday's low means the entry was wrong and i would get out. But I guess what i'm struggling with is what to do intra-day. It makes more sense to me to hold to the end of day, but is there ever a point that you have to pull the plug intra-day. That's been the struggle for me, because my risk is built around getting out somewhere in the neighborhood of 75. It's still within that now but what if it drops another .50 or 1.00 intraday.

the only system i've been able to devise so far is that i never do anything in the first hour, and then watch to see what intraday support levels it creates. Then I can use that as an exit for the rest of the day. So, for me, 74.64 will be a selling point for the rest of the day.

Well, looks like it's making a little rally now, so I can only hope that keeps up.

oh, and PCP is a little longer term for me, so I'm willing to give a lot of freedom during the day, but I will still exit on a close below 101 because to me that will be breaking the trendline and the anticipation that I had of a bounce when I entered. I'll still jump back in on the next signal though.

this is just how i'm approaching things. if anyone sees flaws in what i'm saying PLEASE feel free to point them out. I want to learn.

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