No Fighting

I am getting a kick out of some of the comments thrown back and forth. Nice work everyone.

I wanted to start the day off with a chart to analyze but I see nothing interesting to discuss. Does anyone have a stock that they want to have analyzed by all the addicts today?

Send me your symbols and I'll provide the chart.

how bout CI, PCAR, DECK


How about analyzing ACI...huge move in a few days....early stages of a new pattern??

How about IBM. Just confirmed the Symmetrical Triangle. I just don't know which way to play, long or short.

Dave H.

Hi Jeff, I have some bullish stocks, OIH,BJS,CAH,NVLS. I,m looking for the entry off the 30 day for RATE!!! Thanks for the stream. Keep up the education, I appreciate it. Craig


Not only is it great when you buy a car (eg: Mustang GT... GTO etc) but it has been a solid money maker for a year now. It's in my 401k and I love it.

Chris and Catherine

How about CHS?


David S

How about a bounce on CF. I know it may be little boring,but looks like a good stock.

Oooo, CHS. I got in on a Symmetrical Triangle BO a couple weeks ago. I was planning on a 5-6 month $30 target. However, it is 60% of the way there in two weeks. Chances are pretty good I will not make it to the six month mark since one, I only bought a couple months to be out before earnings and two, it appears that it will make it there sooner.


Jeff, AVB or PSA. AVB has a couple of things going on. I entered puts when it started to roll-over. Tons of support at 125. Volume is picking up as it goes down..


How about DVN. Getting close to break out of a 8 month trading pattern.

Hey Jeff-

Wondering about an exit on an April CRS call. I'm down 50% which is usually an exit, but the stock seems to be sitting at support around 120, and volume is light. What to do, what to do?

Thanks for your great blog.

Peter V


Wow, this topic got us all out of the shadows and into the blog! While it is not mine, what about Brett's GLBL? Well, Jeff you are getting a lot of picks but not much analysis ;)
Thanks Jeff...were do you find that art.
Bob H.


Heres a idea: How about you work with me before my account is non-existent? We can post all my entries and exits (which I will enter only after quickly explaining my analysis of the chart and then getting approval by you) and posts the results for the group. I have no problem posting my account value as it rises or falls and any other information that the group might be interested in.

The reason I am writing this is because I am getting absolutely slaughtered. For the past 2 weeks I cringe when I open my computer. Today I opened it and 2 second later it was closed and I was on my way out the door for a run before I did something like toss my computer into the toilet where it belongs.

I feel like my entries and analysis are great, but I dont have any real great winners. My last 3 trades were TTWO (entry 4/03), PCAR (entry 3/29 and now drooping over like a broke dick) and today I got thunderkissed by FAF (entry 4/04). I am posting losses on/closed out on each. It is really quite depressing considering how much time I have spent studying, reading, watching video, postings, reading charts, etc. etc. etc.

I honestly do not know what I am doing wrong and I dont know what to do. If you sat down and spoke with me for 5 minutes you would realize I want this more than anything else in my life - but I just cannot continue to watch my account drop. And no, it is not just a bad couple weeks - we are talking months. As of today I can admit to myself that I am putting far too much emotion into this and should not be trading until I can relax again. And yes, I have stepped away on quite a few occasions to clear my head and try to figure out my problem. Nothing is working.

If it is something you might be interested in, It might end up being a pretty cool case study for the group to be able to watch you fix this beaten dog. If not, maybe you can just push me in the right direction.


Hi folks,

I recommend you put AVB on your watch list. It's approaching the neckline of a complex H&S with resitance at 125. The 200da mov avg is also at 125. If it breaks this level it projects a 22 pt move.

If you don't like the looks of the H&S you can also play it as a desc triangle 125 with about a 10pt move.

Volume is again rising as this moves down.


I will never look at PCAR the same...

I am ready for another case study. Can we ask Steve to post his rules for entry and exit and take a look?


Here's another complex H&S setup very similar to AVB. Check out LM, breaking through 94 today! Get it while its hot!

And if you like oscillators, their all heading down.


As we all probably all have felt just like Steve he gets my vote! Just when I think my head is not screwed on straight I read something like this and realize again I am not alone in this. While JBX and PCAR both stopped out on us today the hit to my account was minor although I am trying HARD to rebuild from FEB. In helping Steve it will be helping many of us.
Bob H.

Jeff and all..

I think that the learning process is difficult due to real money on the table and real emotions. Part of learning.

I think a trade section, a table perhaps, showing trade entries, exits, strike price, target, why take the trade etc would be very beneficial to all. Also a status section so you can see if otheres are still in the trade, did they exit, take half off etc.

I would contribute my trades to that section if it were available.

I am liking BEAV 2day..good volume and price move on a down day in general.

C & you still think a fakeout...I am keeping a tight stop on this one..

I see all the PCAR talk and people ejecting. Why is this? I am ejecting on a lower low. I see the momentum has shifted sideways to slightly downward. But I also see the price action typically drifts up/down/sideways on its path to both support and resistance.

Am I missing something?



my gift to you:


Please be gentle with it.

Also, out of PCP since my ATR was just hit.

Dang LM retraced back above 94 in the final 20 minutes of the day. Maybe tomorrow.


There is still time Mike H...

I still see BEAV as doubtful. volume was slightly below average and it closed right at the apex of a very long, narrow triangle. But as Brett, he's clairvoiant. He sees stuff that baffles me completely.

Besides I'm sulking. Jeff didn't take my suggestion to analys GT. And we all know I'm the favourite.


I've been out all afternoon, so haven't had time to analyse anything myself. I was up SIX BUCKS today!!!

Chris and Catherine


I've been holding this until a close below $105.

$104.99,,,jeessh...I held it..see what tomorrows close brings.

Jeff/Brett..I'd like to learn more on this ATR...I am not quite getting it..


Check out the JK post...

C & C...

Interesting this BEAVer...

I see a bull flag, support at around $32, and today it getting above my upper trendline.

I don't see much of a triangle myself..I took the trade on 3/31

Thanks! I appreciate your me another view of my trade!!!

Glad your account is up $6..that will barely buy a white mocha!


thanks, read it 5 times, still not 100% comfortable with it..but thanks..I'll figure it out soon enough..My brain is on overtime....

Bob R
You know... no matter how you attack a BEAVer it's still a BEAVer. And the length of time that this thing is dragging it's tail (yes, I see a flag, I see a triangle, and I see a beaver tail)has me concerned that it's dying a slow and pathetic death.

BUT!!!! Never fear... "Diagonal Trend Guy" is here. Draw a line along the lows and POOF!!! what do you see? A four and a half month line that will intercept $32.50 in a day or two. And that's my favourite type of bounce. If it goes, you're in on the bottom floor, if it doesn't, you're out as soon as it crosses the line (sort of like the proverbial line in the sand.) Don't know if I'm sold on it completely as it's been going sideways so long it may be confused (being a beaver, and all.) Personally I think I'll sit this one out, but I'm going to watch it for educational analysis.

Hey... somehow I doubled my profit for the day. FIFTEEN BUCKS!!! Woo, woo, woo. White Mochas for everyone.
Chris and Catherine

Thanks from us all for the IIG gift. I see it as an inverted H&S with a $5 target. Relatively cheap options, too. Going to watch this one closely tomorrow.

Chris and Catherine

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