Missed the Mark

Thank you for all the nice comments that were left on the last post. It was nice to hear your thoughts. I wanted to comment that I had the best intentions to document a trade today, but time wasn't on my side today. My promise was to do it this week and we still have plenty of time. Hope the videos will hold you over until I find a free moment.

Thanks for your understanding. See you all tomorrow.

Recommendation: Remember that patience thingy...I will deliver!

Long: Tell you tomorrow :)

Short: Tell you tomorrow :(


What can one say that hasn't already been said? You are a GREAT GIVER. You deserve all the fantastic comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do for us.


Yes, I too love the blog and the videos. I did have a problem with the content in the last two however and am wondering if anyone else has the same problem?

How the h@#@ am I going to pick which awesome setup to trade? There have got to be over 30 possible dynamite pattern setups to consider. My account and mental bandwidth can't hang with that...

JK and other addicts, keep up the good work!


I know Jeff won't want to hear about ICE and I have not paid it any attention for a month or so, however, it does have the possibilities of a cup and handle formation for a 40+ move forming. For confirmation I asked my magic 8 ball. It said yes maybe, how's that for a sure thing? Maybe I should start deleting some of the charts I scan every couple days.


MIR broke out of ascending triangle a few days ago and looks like it is going to retest....for any one who missed the entry, keep an eye on it for entry either tomorrow or thursday.

Missed the mark? Who missed the mark?

Jeff, by providing the time and effort that you do for all of us as well as keeping content current is hitting the bulls eye. Thanks!

Anyone trading PDC? I got in May 2nd to ride coat tails of hot indy and waited for pop thru earnings. Looks like a break out today and considering adding to position. Anyone have some thoughts on this one? Thx.

Steve K.

Jeff - great vids - thanks for all the info and support - it really helps to have this type of resource available to us!

Great call on MLM!

I went through a box of tissues reading all the testimonials on the blog today. If we keep this up, the tree huggers here in Oregon will shut this blog down.

In all seriousness, it is good for all of us to gush our appreciation to the single most influential trader and mentor in our lives, Jeff Kohler. Jeff, not to put any pressure on you, but I couldn’t imagine my daily trading routine without this blog. I think I am speaking on behalf of the entire blog community as evidenced by today’s testimonials. I haven’t been able to read it in it’s entirety until late at night recently but it is a must read every day and night.

Investools PHD program dialog continued… I signed up for the program in November 2006. I have yet to do more than the basic stocks and options courses, reading the course materials for advanced technical analysis, and the Mastertalks. I am not finding much time to do much else. Life is like that sometimes I guess. This blog has been the glue that keeps it all together. I until yesterday have questioned my investment in the program because I felt like I was “sold” on the program at my stocks course and my lack of commitment to jumping feet first into the education program and putting a plan together to complete it. After watching The Secret recently (explained more later) I have decided that I could have learned how to trade without Investools, yet, I never would have found trading without Investools. I never would have become the proud option addict that I am today. I am so green (six months) and cannot imagine life without trading. I have a ridiculous long way to go to know as much as JK, Brett and others that I aspire to be. That is my goal. With that, I am going to make the most out of my education as a spring board to the next one million trades I will make.

For all who have not read nor seen The Secret, you probably should. That will quickly end all the doubts in peoples minds on what their goal in trading is. The Secret will help focus your thoughts/energy to the right places for success in all you ever wanted in life. The nutshell, it is about the law of attraction and how if you focus your genuine thoughts on what your truly want in life, it will come to you. It takes time, dedication and surrounding yourself with the right people, but it will come to you. This community is the right people, the rest will come with hard work.

Now, at 11:30 PM PST, I have to decide which options I am selling before I head off to Los Cabos on Thursday morning.

Adios and make lots of money while I’m drinking margaritas!

Recommendation: pick up The Secret

Long: Margaritas and EWW

Short: All Logans… we are Hobbit like creatures.

Who is Jeff Kohler?

I won't ramble on with a lengthy post. We all know the value of surrounding yourself with with plain old good people. It rubs off on you and makes you a better person.

Every once in a while, you come across someone who is special, a cut above. I have met a lot of great people, but only a handful that I can say is truly a cut above.

I have not yet met Jeff Kohler. So who is he? Well, without even meeting him, he is, clearly, a cut above.

Thank you Jeff Kohler for the opportunity you are giving me. And thanks to everyone else on the blog as well, you all make a positive difference.

Long: JK Blog
Short: Damn Yankees

Who is Jeff Kohler?

I won't ramble on with a lengthy post. We all know the value of surrounding yourself with with plain old good people. It rubs off on you and makes you a better person.

Every once in a while, you come across someone who is special, a cut above. I have met a lot of great people, but only a handful that I can say is truly a cut above.

I have not yet met Jeff Kohler. So who is he? Well, without even meeting him, he is, clearly, a cut above.

Thank you Jeff Kohler for the opportunity you are giving me. And thanks to everyone else on the blog as well, you all make a positive difference.

Long: JK Blog
Short: Damn Yankees

I'd like to add my $0.02 to all of the Kohler love.

Jeff, I've only been around you for a short time but in that time, I've been extremely impressed. So much so, that I use to wonder "is he for real?" It's just so rare to find someone so young with such outstanding teaching abilities, professionalism, and such a sincere desire to help others learn.

It's that last one that really stands out to me. You seem to have such a strong desire to help others that goes far beyond it being a "job" for you. This leads you to give of yourself in ways that are quite rare.

And what's more, you even pass on your spirit of giving to others, as evidenced by Brett, who learned everything from you and who exhibits an equally strong willingness to help others. I even remember in your endorsement of Brett on this blog how you drew attention to the fact that he is now giving it away. Those types of comments really stand out to me and tell me without a doubt, that you are definitely the real thing.

You guys are paying it forward in a big way and it's beautiful to see. Thanks for being a great example in this, in addition to being a great teacher of trading.

My name's Tim and I am an option addict. Not just addicted to trading options, but addicted to a community like this where giving of ourselves is highly valued.

You have such a giving heart & you & family will be blessed for it.Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge & wisdom with us.We appreciate all the work you are doing and your patience with us.As Brett said you are truly changing lives right & left,I,m one of those.Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!We all love you.
Connie R.

I don't usually leave trade posts on the blog because after making so many mistakes myself I hate to steer anyone wrong. Anyways, looks like AKAM is heading down. Haven't checked the options yet - have to get ready for work.

Jeff, I read this blog at least 4 times a day. I find it invaluable. Thank you so much for all your time and effort.

John, I am also a true believer in the Secret. I have to periodically watch the video to remind myself to think positive. It is very difficult sometimes when things get in your way.


Well I can't be the only one not to post about Jeff.

Jeff you are a mentor and a friend.

What you do is because you are blessed and the reason you are blessed is because of what you do.

Thanks Jeff, you are a great teacher.

Thanks for the videos. Strat (think that's who posted up there), don't worry if you can't trade all those yet, just watch them and enjoy Jeff's analysis. That stuff just seeps in your brain, and all of a sudden you get it. The videos help me TONS.

And, Hey, I love the Damn Yankees. If some of you don't know, that's a band that was a mixture of old-timers that came out with some new hits. My favorite, "Where you going now."

Is The Secret a movie?

Randall and Michelle

The secret is a book. but it is also shown in a series of DVD's. They also have it in audio book.

It is a must!

I have been reading Jeff's blog for the last couple of months and this is my first post. After watching Jeff's videos, I had a ah-ha moment. Jeff keeps everything simple in his analysis of stocks. He just uses price action and volume for his indicators. He draws support and resistance, which will show a bounce or a pattern that should play out. I have too many indicators on my chart, which they are all lagging indicators. Volume is the one true up to the minute indicator that spurs the price action of the stock. What I am trying to say is to keep it simple! The chart shows what action the stock will take.

Thanks Jeff for all that you do for all the traders that follow your blog. Your time and teachings are invaluable.

Long: PDE

Jon P.
OC, Oregon

This bound to be a crazy day...

Last night I am walking buy the Phila Art Museum and there are 4 bus loads of Canadians running up the steps, jumping up and down like Rocky from the movie. Everyone lining up to take pictures with the Rocky statue.. How much Molson was on those buses ?
Wow...its destiny that is going to be a good day in the markets.

"Those other guys...they was nothin...this guy he's a killer Rrrrock "

BNI at a nice spot to take a trade....a re-test....

I am the option addict in my family. The experiences are shared with my husband, but all the decisions are left up to me. This blog community is talked about in our house like close friends. I refer to you by name when sharing your comments with my husband. It seems like we know you personally. Thank you Jeff for creating this blog and allowing us to access it. Thank you to all who are teaching me how to trade. I will one day return the kindness.

It looks like a nice open in the markets. I am thanking my ability to stay patient and hang onto my trades yesterday. This is such a milestone for me, and I have you all to thank.

Long...tree huggers
Short...money to trade all the great setups

Here is an example of a trade that I may have screwed myself on.


I bought June calls on 4/16, then picked up some more June calls on 5/2. I won't have the time to let this winner run for bigger profits, so now I will look for a good exit to maximize the profits I do have..I don't want to exit on a pullback if I can avoid it..

Always a learning experience...

Jeff, I do not know what I can add to what has already been said. Maybe one idea that worked for me, print off some of these emails to keep and show your children. Your family needs to know what you do and why as I found this very meaningful to my family. It also is a great way to pass on your heart to help other as your parents must of done to you. In my experience this is what leadership (real leadership) is all about.

The Secret is a fantastic book. It has the ability to change ones life. I totally agree with what has been said about it. The DVD is just over an hour long and should be watched repeatedly. The book has a lot more information and can be read easily in a few hours. Due to it's popularity it is being carried in Cost-Co. The link to the Secret website is:

I trust that this will assist you.

Again, thanks Jeff for all you do.



If Stewart Scott were here he'd say "Jeff is cooler than the other side of the pillow". And I'd have to nod in agreement. Thanks man.


Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone is going to hold through earnings on VIP. If so, will you be buying any insurance?

Also, I just found out about the Market Matrix on the Investools website. I guess it has been around for a while but I did not know. I am in love with it and considering asking it to marry me. If you dont know about it, check it out under "toolbox" then "portfolio" its on the left hand side.


What is Market Matrix? No, I haven't been using it.

I'll pick up the Secret and read it next. Thanks for the info.

Jeff mentioned HANS breaking above 40. It is doing that today in case anyone wanted to get in that trade.

All my puts are going the other way. Will hold on KIM today and see if it hits my stop. PSA just keeps on going up. Don't want to let it ride all the way up to resistance. Gonna watch the put plays Jeff mentioned in the video and look for better entry points and move on. Thanks again C&C for the entry point on DRYS. It is heading up today.

Happy Trading,
Randall and Michelle

I have been popped out of VIP more times than I want to mention here.
It seems to want to stay at that 97-100 range. It moves up, moves back down. I know it is a good stock, but I am not going to play it until it can break out of this range. Don't know if that helps any. It seemed to do okay last time on earnings.

Randall and Michelle
P.S. Brett and Jeff like this stock. I'll bet they have better advice on what it does and doesn't do.

Never heard of market matrix?
Stephen what do you use it for?

Keep an eye on COGO this stockl has been struggling in this bullish market and a break today at 17.50 I think it is a good bearidh trade.

Chip are you still in?


Market Matrix is a platform that tracks any watchlists or portfolios you have created. It is real-time and you can track every stock in one place at the same time without having to switch screens or type in ticker symbols. If you check it out, look at adding a Virtual Volume column which will tell you where the volume should close if it keeps up its current pace. Very useful to see if money is flowing into a stock at the open.


I'm waiting for more volume on HANS.

ISRG finally making a good move today. YEAH!

Will have to get out the gun for ISIL though.


I'm adding my two cents. You've helped shorten my learning curve immensely. My husband teases me about my "other boyfriend" all the time because I'm incessantly talking about the blog, the videos and the marketcast. He's never called Eric my "other boyfriend". I do love the macro minute... Anyway, I love the community that's been built here and I appreciate everything you do. So, thank you!

pasadena, ca

P.S. For those talking about The Secret. I also think it's a must watch. It's a great motivator.

WOW!! I want a blog. People say such overwhelmingly great things about you.......

Jeff, you truly are a cut above.

Amy, ditto - on every point. It's funny to be on a first name basis with people whom you wouldn't know if you met walking down the street. Funnier yet, that we talk about all of you at the dinner table!

Long: Blogs & Love

Short: Cleaning basements (task for the day)

Happy Trading All!




Just thought since there's a lot of love going around here, i'd throw out a few nice trades:

GRMN breaking free today of a nice ascending triangle.

VSEA looking to bounce nicely.

OCR looks like a nice bearish bounce.

as always, be gentle.

Jeff,Thanks for the picks. Your mentorship has been greatly appreciated.My wife and I have been listening to your trading rooms recently and you have been tremendously helpful. We really appreciate your expertise on trading the patterns. As a result we have been successful in recent trades. Have a great holiday weekend and look forward to listening to you! P.S. We will have to renew our subscription to Mastertalk because of you. Thanks again! Craig & Joan


How great to see all these positive comments.

I work with Jeff and he has helped me on multiple occassions. Everything I've read it true to form.

I've been an active listener of the Marketcast recently...and now I've found this blog. My trading experience includes all of about a year but I really like trading, including options.

As for The Secret...I came across the video last September. I talked with a friend who gave it to me in hopes of pulling my life together. It was shattered by some unexpected events the previous year. For me, it was life changing. You will have a new outlook on life after watching it.

I'm looking forward to hitting the million mark...sooner than later. Learning from all of you, including the master Option Addict himself, can't get any better than this.....thanks.

OK....I am really trying to be patient....but when things like ISIL happen....makes me think I should have taken the short profit and ran before it crashed. Anyway, at this point I might stay in....it is holding the 30 dollar support. Any thoughts? Although....took the TK trade last night and have been happy so far.

Chuck from Orlando

I added these two trades on the support bounces X and FCX (among the rest of my longs).

Looking at VSEA. The Asc Tri breakout are you looking at a 17 point target over 6 months (from the (9/8/06 lows). OR, a 7 point target over 2 months from the low in early March ?

Somebody sneezed in my office and I said BIDU (replacing Gezundhite).


So Jeff are you still short realty stocks? I have puts on DDR am wondering is it a retest or a reversal? I say retest. Any thoughts?

How do you view the marketcast? Is it a daily recording?



In my mind, this is just the re-test. I think these continue to fall overall over the next couple months.


I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED!!! Over on the upper right hand side of my blog you'll see a logo that says Marketcast. Click on it and it will take you to an archive of it. I like to think of it as an internet radio broadcast. It's a little off color, but informative, and has an unbelieveable way of picking winners.



Help! I'm really struggling with my bearish trades. I have a few realty trades (MPG,ESS and AVB)that are uptrending short term and are killing my returns. First mistake was taking 3 positions in the same industry group (DOH!) Anyone else in this position. I'm thinking patience is the key but should I close out 1 or 2 positions and just take the loss. All 3 are within their respective patterns - so I'm thinking Brett is shaking his head right now...is it all about patience or do I need to correct a mistake?

It has been 2 1/2 weeks since I looked at an oscillator. This is huge for me. I would exit a trade when it entered a reversal zone or changed direction. Not seeing them has helped me read only price and volume. If you are struggling with exiting trades early, it might help to take away some of the information. Price is King and Patience is its Queen.

Happy Wednesday, All!

I'm in PSA and this is how I see it. It's losing momentum on the way up. Today it's sitting right at a support/resistance line going all the way back to last year, and shorter term, right in between those candles from a few days ago. I'm thinking it's worth the chance to see it turn back down.

Of course, I have a June 85 option, so I don't have too much time to waste here, but that's my take. Anyone see a flaw in that -- something else I should do or should have done differently?

Brett --

ISIL, I know you were high on it. I'm in it with June 35 calls.

Too bad about the downgrade.

What are your thoughts, is it:

1. Just a down turn in the pattern -or-

2. A done deal (one of those lost trades)? For me it would neeed to CLOSE below 29.60 before I call it lost).

3. Are you thinking of adding here?

SEIC has good bounce off solid support with good volume. V V = 162%


I do not want to be negative here but like others am getting hit hard again today. ISIL stopped out pretty much at the opening bell. PUTs are up and CALLs are down. Jeff when you get a moment I really need the help. Pam told me today to close out of everything and take a step back. My other business is starting to take off and I have such limited time now which is good and bad I guess.

alright, who started selling stuff?


I agree with Tim. It appears to me that KIM, ESS, AIV and AVB all have bear flags and all are decreasing in volume. KIM target was $6.00 and it only went to $3.50. Is still well below resistance of $47.50. ESS H & S target was $19.00 and it only went down $6.00. Is still well below resistance at $126.00. AIV H & S target was $9.00 and it only went down less than $2.00. Is still below resistance at $53.50. AVB H & S target was $24.00 and it only went down $9.00. Is still well below resistance at $125.00.

I am new so see what the big boys and girls say. I am in AIV and AVB and am planning on staying in until resistance is broken.

Hang in there and make some money.


Thanks for the FCX call. I bought FCX when it pull back yesterday. I am already over 100 %.

Kas , Sleep less in Seattle

As far as I'm concerned, ISIL is holding support.

The market is just crazy. I left this afternoon for a massage, the market was up. Come home an hour and a half later, crash and burn.

No more massages......

Should have stuck with an expresso today....

At least you got a massage Bob, could be worse.....


Yeah,,,,,I guess you got a point there,,it was a darn good one too....

Ok, maybe I can use ISIL to learn here. I had support at around $30.20 with a stop at a $.20 break below that. I am in the process of changing my rules to allow more movement but this trade was under my previous rules and nearly all of them are getting wiped out yesterday and today. I BOT ISIL 4/26 Jun30C for $1.85 and it stopped out today @ $0.85 at $29.95. What did I do wrong I am a sponge to learn. I need a massage...or a drink.

Hang in there, Bob and Pam. If anyone can help, it is Jeff and this blog.


That's my answer.


Anyone looking for Bearish plays chekc out AKAM, SBUX, ADM


Other Bob (and Pam)

Massage OR Drink? - when in doubt - do both. Then you can't go wrong.

Remember, today is only one day in the whole grand scheme of things.
This too shall pass.....


Bob (and Pam)-
I saw ISIL as holding support as well. It hasn't broken below that 28.90 level.


I do have a question about MLM...

It's right at that 150/151 level. It's already made it's 10 point move... It looked like it might stay above that resistance level this AM but now it's cooled off a bit. Yes, it's been one day and that doesn't make a trend but my problem in the past has been cutting my winners short. I'm getting itchy fingers and I'm not sure if I should take the money and run or wait another day for another sign of weakness and then get out.


pasadena, ca


I'm not in MLM, but i'd say it's stalling at resistance. i don't know what your time frame is, but even if the stock retests the trendline, it's clear what direction it's going.

perhaps it's setting up an ascending triangle. perhaps it's a double top. you don't know until it tells you. Since the stock is telling you it likes going up, why should you find reasons for it to stop?

Postition size.

As long as you position your size correctly, make good entry's and follow your rules, a few off days here and there in the long run really should have no significant impact on your portfolio.

It was either on this blog, perhaps a comment by Jeff or Brett, someone, maybe one of Jeff's classes I took, but the comment hit home with me about position size.

If you look at your portfolio and concentrate on one trade only...and not the others, you are probably not postitioned correctly.

That statement sticks in my head constantly, and keeps me in check. It makes it a lot easier to ride the ups and downs and obey the rules.

Did anyone take the RMD trade? I set resistance at 45.00...any comments would be appreciated.

Brett & Bob-

Thanks for the feedback. It's much appreciated. Old habits die hard, right? ;-)

I believe I'm positioned correctly and I'm diversified so I'm all set that way. It was a momentary mental setback that needed a bit of re-enforcement. Thanks again for the help and comments.

pasadena, ca


I am in MLM and it's been a great trade so far, but it hasn't reached my target. My target was a higher high. This thing is in a strong trend but it likes to jig around a lot on the way. Once we breakout to the blue sky, then i'll be looking for the short term weakness, but for now, I'm going to let it have some freedom to work it's way up there.

At least that's what I think right now.


Thanks for your input.

pasadena, ca


What was the trade on RMD?

I agree with Tim. I think MLM still looks good.

Randall and Michelle

Thanks, Bob,
I entered a put on May 16th thinking resistance was at 45.00.
Thanks for looking.


gotcha. I see what you see, but take a look at the 5 yr chart. Some support at about $42.50 which I would have liked to have seen broken before taking a bearish trade, or, get in off a bounce off resistance in the $47 area. For me, you took the trade in the middle of a potential channel, so I would look for overhead resistance at about $47 and support at about $42 ish...

Also, I have learned that trades are more reliable when you take a trade on a stock that is clearly in a trend, or breaking out of a pattern. On RMD, I have a harder time figuring out a trend or a pattern when compared to other stocks.

Hope this helps.....

Hey Liz,

I agree on MLM also. It may be dipping a bit today because of the previous $6 jump or because of the market drop today or a bit of both. I'm in MLM and still think it looks good.

James H.


rmd looks like a good bear play,,,low vol up bars,,,fundamentals not so good,,,nothing to say get out of your short

my $.02


Thanks everyone for all your great comments on MLM.

I've only been doing this for a year and it's only been within the last few months that I feel like all my learning has been coming together.

Every once in awhile I have mental blocks to everything I've learned and a bit of hammering is always good.

Thanks again!

pasadena, ca

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