Buy Out Rumor!!!

Recommendation: How Sweet It Is!

Long: X X X X X X

Gotta love it.

Gee, how many of you are in X,,,,I hate to see her go!!! LOL..

I was keeping that positive attitude Jeff talked about until I saw X. Yes, we have been in it for sometime and decided to tighten all stops and you guessed we were stopped out with a nice profit but...
This could have done wonders for my back to 2/27 level account. Well will have to build back again.

Down one minute, up the next!! I am not in X, but AKS moved with it.

Jeff, great comments! You always know what to say and when to say it.

Happy Friday!

thanks jeff...pays to be lucky sometimes too i guess

love the X


Glad I was following my rules and did not bail on my X!

She's a hottie
that X of mine
Unlike my wife
She did not whine

X lined my pocket
With cash it's so
I am sorry that
She soon may go

Okay, so gotta ask, since I've never held a buy-out prospect...

Do you hold and watch to see if it will go up more or take the profits and run?

Bob you are always the 'Man'!


Brett, you go for a burrito and good things start to happen. Maybe I'll go work there and be the delivery guy for you. Is a WM next ? Also, I agree with you on the interest rate post.

For lack of better things to do I have been watching 5 and 10 min charts on the S&P. There has been a real battle at 1496 for awhile. Check out what happened when it broke thru.

Just to try a (4,9,18) MA crossover system I entered
a trade at 1:20 on the cross. Also the SPX kept making higher lows on the 5 and 10 min chart. Scalped 2 points and got out.
Tonya have you been trading your system ?


He Jeff,

How is it that you found the buyout news so fast? I've been looking all over.

Oh, wait, yes, you are the master..!

Russian newspaper Kommersant, quoting anonymous analysts at investment banks, reported that Severstal owner Alexei Mordashov is interested in buying U.S. Steel, Bloomberg said.
Other American steel stocks also rallied sharply on the possibility of further consolidation in the industry.

Why those numbers? (4,9,18). And when you enter do you simultaneously enter your stop and your target?


Glad you hung in baby. Gonna be a Yuengling weekend for sure.

Question on X. Right now the X July 115's are at 14 with the stock at 123, 5 points for time. I forget who on the blog lost money on a takeover when the time value got sucked out of trade. Sell or Hold ?



id be interested to hear your response on jamie's question...if you dont mind and when you have time
brendan holding X

Wow! Went out for a couple of hours and came home to X! I'm conservative and decided to sell today and take my profits. I played moving my stop up and up and finally got stopped out for an 86% gain. That's one of my biggest gains to date and I'm thrilled! Thanks, Jeff, for recommending X. This is not the first time I made money on it just the most. I'll be rooting for those of you still in.
Molalla, Oregon

is anyone else having issues with prophet charts....In particular, pulling up the "chart toppers"
Any suggestions?

The Blog, IT and Prophet all seem really slow today. X is giving me the woulda coulda shouldas and I need to vent that off. We did great (as Pam reminded me) with a 176% return and LCC was nearly 100% is just two days. Both helped to balance the losses but were overwhelmed so that account not to pretty. I need more stocks and maybe a few spreads to balance a bit more.
Cheering all you Xers on from the sidelines.

Bob - unfortunately I was with you on X. After giving back most or all of my profits on JBX and a few others. I set the stop on X tight enough to get stopped out early yesterday. Not complaining...but man, the ones I let ride I get burned on and the one I played tight I miss a huge move on...oh well. I think I need to fine tune my exits.

Nice re-entry into PCU?



sorry you got stopped out. I am still in X, it never gave me a reason to bail.

A White Mocha for breakfast...

A Burrito for lunch...

Was there ever any doubt? And of course, I'm in X.

Guys, Just remember I'm always here for you.


PCU a nice setup, but I am going to wait until Monday for this one, I want to see that it the retest...

Got AKS calls and X stock. THink I'll bail on the AKS as it's a nice profit and the whole "options on buyout" thing has me scared. I'm hanging on to X though.

Liz, I am watching PCU because I am still in the trade. I will add to the position when I see a higher low on the candle. At this point PCU is still moving down. My rule is not to enter the bounce until you have the higher low. I first entered the trade on 5/18.

My stop is 83.


PCU is one of the ones I'm looking at too but with 3 days of increasing down volume, I'm with Bob and want to wait til Monday.

FCX is another one to watch for Monday.



Keep it on your radar...

Brett and/or Jeff and/or anyone!!!

I am writing to you re: your put suggestions/watches for IMCL, CAL, SPF. All 3 look like they are retesting resistance. Jeff and you always talk about waiting for a retest to get in if you miss the initial trade.

Here is my question.... Would you consider today a reentry point or... wait for it to go down again for confirmation? I always have a hard time with this issue.

Thanks everyone for the continual help!

Hate to bail on everyone, but fatherly duties call. Baseball game with my everyone have a great weekend, see you monday.

I am holding on to X...

anyone watching AKAM for break around 46?

Thanks for the input everybody. It's been on my radar for awhile and I like the way it looks but I was feeling a little sketchy about entering just yet. I think it's a good idea to wait until Monday.

The market is up nicely and the VIX is back down a bit but GLD, SLV and FXE are still down and TNX is still up.

Anyway, thanks again everybody.

pasadena, ca


I'm the one that lost on the takeover of IPS. I had options at 160 and the takeover price was 160. As for X hard to say, unfortunately for me I exited the trade yesterday at 117 thinking I was pretty smart. If I were still in I'd sell half and let the rest run.


JD, had a similar experience myself.

Have a good weekend everybody. Here is hoping ThyssenKrupp throws a big number at X over the weekend.


My kids are bugging me for some lunch so I should probably get them something. ;-)

It's been a wild ride this week.

I hope all you option addicts have a wonderful weekend. It'll be a nice break.

pasadena, ca

There once was a girl I'll call "X"
she was young, she was sweet, she's a Tex,
When she headed down low
I said "why is it so?"
She said "How should I know? AKS a Mex."

Yes CMG is bouncing back too. Thanks Brett.

Have a good weekend everyone. The trees are done, a storm is brewing, and my 401k is up 3% today. Wish the same was true with the options, but the torniquet has been applied, the bleeding has stopped, and I'm still in most of my trades. Except AKS. I just HAD to take the profit on that one as it was piggy backing on my X and didn't have a reason of it's own to go up. I'll take the cash, right now, thanks.

Well all, I missed the boat on X, but I'm still in DECK. Yesterday and today I added more positions in different months, because I'm gonna have to close my June position.

I also got into POT today, and that worked out well. I saw a bounce off of the 20 day ma, and since it doesn't bounce very often, I figured I'd take advantage. Up 10% just today.

Have a great weekend all. It's been a challenging week. I think we may have really proved we were up for the challenge. Congratulations.

After keeping that 1 contract of X and getting through this week in the green, there is only one thing to do.

And I think it is the only way I can really become accepted into this Blog.

Oh you know what it is Jeff. T

The only thing to do that makes any sense in this forum.

Eastern prose?

Yes, Hiaku!

x marks the spot
indexes rebound off support
sign says; gone fishing

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


Jeff, thanks for Mastertalk this week. I really "got it" on letting your winners run and held X through the minor pullback yesterday and this morning. Paying off hugely!


Thanks for the encouraging words on the post before this one. I was proud of myself for scaling back and preserving capital, but lost most of my profits in the last three down days. I exited X yesterday with a nice profit, but almost cried -- okay, I did cry when I saw what it did. It was a good lesson, but hard. I think weeks like this teach you a lot, but they are exhausting. I still hope you will have a teaching on how to scale down and take profits when (because it will happen someday) we go from bullish to bearish. I think I did okay, but I have never been taught how to transition without losing money.
To all of you who scaled out of a lot of positions and missed the move up today, I'm with you. Hang in there, we are all learning. Cry if you have to, but next week is another trading week and lots of opportunities.


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