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Thank you for all you do. You are the man!!

I am going to make a prediction and write it down so it happens, PCAR break out this week

Jeff if you dont mind i would like to add to the ACAS analysis that its paying a .91 c dividend on the 6th so dont panic when it opens down that day.

Same as Fro

lets make some money !!!!

I think GOOG is a volcano ready to let loose..tick tick tick.. it..

Thanks Jeff. The videos are great as always.


Thanks for the advice on ITW, I got out before the dip.


DAvid the Sailfish in Costa Rica are larger than the Marlin in Cabo, just a heads up you will not hook any 500lb near Cabo!!

Greetings and Salutations! Tried to post after registering last week, but had tech difficulties.

Jeff, I echo thanks for all you do! I have learned so much from this site, the cast and your Master Talks. As said before, I'll cover the 3 beers.

Since this is my first post, I'm compelled to contribute with an initial offering. SIX = ain't that pretty? I'm hearing Hendrix "If 6 was 9." CMCSA - this pennant is starting to wind up tighter than a 9-day clock! Oh, and I like QMAR as a H2O Transp. play.

Don't know if I should admit this or not, but Steve K. (Mr. Harami) is my trading partner. We were both in the front row at the "sign me up" IT workshop.

All for now. Glad to be aboard!

"Floyd Rudy Turbo"

Bob, how are you playing GOOG? Are you waiting or maybe already into some OTM calls?

JBX traders...are you holding or taking the $$ and looking for another trade...I can't decide what to do.

No time to watch the video right now Jeff but I'm sure it's awesome as always. Muchos Grassyass!

It's days like today, that we're happy to play with Puts...just wish I had more of them...still happy with what I've got though!

Of course it's nice to PAY to play!

I have June and Julys I bought back in May. I have a tight rein on my Junes obviously...but letting them run for now. I like the increse in volume and price action of late, wich I had bought more time...

If GOOG cruises up throught %510, I see that as a new floor for GOOG and will look later on for another play.

Nice bounce today with a lot of volume on EXM in the hot water shipping segment.

Keep your eye on that QSII sym triangle. Earnings is up this week.

WFT looks ready to bounce.

ASFI bouncing down of a descending resistance line.

Great day

PFCB finally turning down
CMI Breakout
WBD retest

I can't say thank you enough for all you do. I read the blog all the time.

I was watching your videos and throughout the session you mention that a lot of the patterns will take 3-6 months to form. I know you are a relatively short term trader. Do you actually choose the expiration date that matches with that time frame? I have a hard time choosing an exp month too far out because they tend to be expensive and sometimes I lack patience. I am wondering if I am missing the movement of the pattern.

Thanks for you help.



The much longer term patterns I don't trade all that often, unless my conservative accts need a fresh pile of stock.

Or if I do trade a longer term pattern, in some cases I set my targets on a smaller piece of the pie so I can move on quickly.

Hi Jeff

Great videos, we can't thank you enough. Is it to soon to look at DISH and see a lower high or should you wait for a lower low to form as well before looking at it as down trending.


Great videos, Jeff, with lots to mull over and select from.

To whoever mentioned EXM, I bought the stock on that one yesterday because I didn't like the price of the options. Was surprised to see it up $2.50 (nearly 10%) in one day, especially on a down day like today.

More to read.....

What to do?

I am leaving on vacation in 4 weeks. I am new to trading so I feel like I just have to ride out my current positions and no new trades. Not enough time.

Seems like I will be out of the game for 6 weeks. Any ideas?


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