Follow Up Video

Great video. Clear, Concise, and understandable. Thanks again

Great video thanks Jeff:

You ... You, my friend, have a gift.

Paul Vitti

Doji Girl,

WYNN all the way down. There's something about that break of $90 which has acted as strong support in the past. It just looks poised to jump off the cliff. Also, it provides a very clear line in the sand for exit purposes. I'd put my stop around $91-91.50. LVS provides less of a clear exit signal. I think managing risk is easier with WYNN.

That's just my opinion. I could (and often am) wrong.

Joel R.

Jeff -

(clap clap clap) GREAT video! Gotta go check out the fast stochastic indicator. THANK YOU!!!

I think I agree about WYNN. Not entering today though.

great video, the short time I have been reading the blog, I have learned so much.

thanks for pointing out BSC this morning, I had forgotten about it, but checked it again when you mentioned it and got in. Its really helping the portfolio out today.

long island, NY


Thanks for the follow up. It was a great video and I feel like a bunch more concepts about trading just clicked into place. Application.


Glad you got in GH. Where on LI are you?

GOOG..bounced right off my $520...

Is anybody watching the crazy market now? Dow down 100+ now 10 miniutes later its rallying back hard. Whiplash!

Whew...and to think I used to like roller coasters!

Jeff, Thanks for showing the difference between Trend Trading & Swing Trading. What I still can't reconcile with is the erosion of theta & lost of Prem. while staying in the trend? I always feel I am losing ground when it goes against me. I feel taking the short cut of timing the trade is more efficent. I know this is not the right way to trade. It's been a struggle! Thanks Again for your logic.


Theta has to be considered when you enter the trade. If you decide to trade with the trend, there is no reason to buy options that are sensitive to time decay.

As a swing trader, it is obviously to your advantage to keep your options short and sweet.


This happens to a lot of people here I think...they lose track of stocks we talk about. I put them into a watch list right away, but admittidly (jeesh, can't seem to get that spelled right, how about some help here LIZ,,,LOL), anyway, what about a BLOG WATCH LIST that contains all the stocks you highlight on your videos, all in one neat place.

You can call it the spank bank, that off Rescue me..LMAO !!!

I need a yuengling.....

Jeff .... excellent video again ... It's one thing to be a trader but to be able to break it down where we can get it immediately is truly a gift .... THANK YOU!

I have definitely been a trend trader and I got in trouble when I mixed swing with trend ... no more! That was like a major bulletin to me!

Thanks for all you do sir!

(ah .. who is this Amber .. lurking in the member column ... you click on the pix and wala ... the people you are working for! NEAT NEAT stuff!)

Good weekend all!

Wow, I got motion sickness watching the market today. I am going to go get a dramamine and a Beck's. Jeff, thanks for another great week of instruction and guidance. Have a great weekend everyone. Time to relax.

Beautiful retest of an asc triangle today on BOOM. Watch this one Monday to see which way it goes. MikeH

CTRP looks like a bounce up through a pennant.

have a great weekend everyone

im from greenlawn, a small town in huntington

long island, ny

COL - I would call that a nice confirmed bounce today.

This week has one redeeming quality. . . . IT IS OVER. I am ready for a cold Duvel (Belgian Blonde Ale)


I'll do what I can to help but I'm having some difficulties myself today... I think I'm overly tired and so ready for the weekend. I keep re-typing the same lines over and over again.

You go have your yuengling and have a great weekend. I'm going to open a bottle of wine because that's all I've got. Oh, and I do have some really cheap instant headache champagne that somebody brought over when we hosted a brunch at our apartment from awhile ago. But I'm already a bit dizzy from the wild ride today so I think I'll pass on that.



Once thanks for all you do. You really do have a talent in being able to break things down in their simplest forms. And we are so lucky to reap the benefits from that talent. Have a great weekend.


Option Addicts-

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Love you Liz!!!!

GH, I know very well where Greenlawn is!!

If you have not been here, it is a MUST GO if you LOVE ITALIAN FOOD.

CIAO BABY in Commack on Jericho Tpk.

I know ITALIAN FOOD..GO THERE. Get their is the BEST ever made, hands down. This is the only thing from LI I miss, CIAO BABY....

(631) 543-1400
204 Jericho Tpke
Commack, NY


Ciao Baby!!!

Benton, Thanks for the heads up on AmberK. I clicked on her pic and found a link to the Kohler Klan website.

Jeff and Amber, your kids are so adorable! Jaxson looks so much like you, Jeff.


Where do you see AmberK?
Jeff great video I hope you archive it forever. I have to get Pam to watch it. The IT coaches have explained this to us before but after awhile you cannot keep in all in your head with other business and personal life trying to get stuff in there too. Ten minutes of perfect education.


Have a great weekend. My brain is fried from the past 2 days of market gyrations. I'm going to bang on some taiko drums this evening to relieve some tension.

I'm sure I'll be back here to check in over the weekend because I just can't stay away!


And you thought RIMM was good!
I just looked at my account and an OTM Call (moved to OTM) has a 1150% return just TODAY! Wow, I hit the big time...Oh wait it looks like a entry error as all the OTM SEP Calls are a $5.00. Shoot! Ok, RIMM does look better.
Ok, yes this is real but was mostly for humor. My account looks great but come Monday when it gets corrected that 1150% will vanish. Do I still get to claim that I had a 1150% return on a stock I owned? I should take a screen shot just for proof. I think this is the equivalent of the fish that got away for us addicts.
Have a great weekend everyone.


The last few posts about trend trading versus swing trading have been incredible. They have really turned a light on for me. I think I was overly concerned with using the opotion navigator and risk versus reward.

Trend trading truly feels better to me. I also like the idea of adding to your positions at support. I think this is very similar to Jesse Livermore's strategy. It's really nice to only risk a little initially, then when you buy the second position you are playing mostly with the markets money, plus you have confirmation that your analysis is correct.

I also like the video's. It's incredible to see how much better I can understand a technique from a video than a post.

By the way, we got VERY lucky with RIMM. I bought in on the support bounce 2 days ago only to turn a 180% profit in 3 days. We were out of the position at 195, smiling all the way.

Happy 4th of July!

Hi there,

Yes that is us....the Kohler klan. I love to show off the kids. Patti you are definatly not the first person to say that Jaxon is an exact clone of Jeff! even the same sense of humor and all!

I do lurk here everyday....its fun to see Jeff sound so smart!! LOL:) Even though I dont' trade, I still find that I am addicted to this site!

Karen, hope you have a good time banging on those seems like so much fun!

OH and Jeff if your reading this....come home and lets head to VEGAS!!!!


Great video. Just now got home and watched it. Heard your advice on RIMM. I bought only 40 shares of stock. I assume you were talking about taking profits on calls. Do I sell half of my stock or put a tight stop on it? Never been in a situation where a stock moved this much.


Wow, that sounds like Pam using "work" communications to get me, too funny. Amber you are going to Vegas on a Friday before a holiday! Hope you enjoy the crowds. Coming in from LA would be double the normal time unless you fly. Jeff is great with us and I hope that his heart for helping others never changes. I have been entry level employee to the very top and something happens to a person along the way that hardens you. Don't let it Jeff, go to Vegas! My kids like the dinner show at Excaliber...Pam likes Mandalay Bay.

Thanks for sharing Jeff with us.


That was a great video. It really did explain graphically the difference between swing and trend trading. I get it now. Thanks a lot. It is light a light going on. I think this format of explaining and teaching works really well for me. By using a recent trade and going through it and showing how you would see it day to day on important days helps to see how to approach the trade. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend with your family.


Great post on swing vs. trend trading. You make it so easy to understand. Thanks so much for your instruction. You are GREAT!
Brent Kalemkiarian


Great photos on your site! Thanks for sharing. Hoping you'll chime in more.

Best regards,

I'm WAY behind reading the blog. Bro- and sister-in law visiting for the weekend (sigh). That's what we get for living on a lake.

Michelle - I was not still holding RIMM Friday afternoon as it headed back up, but I was very happy to sell my $10 option for $33. I agree with what you said earlier Friday that although it was great fun to have such a hit, what's most important is to learn to make the decisions that will generate a steady income. Thanks for that reminder.

Jeff . . . what a great video. I can't wait to get these guests out of here so I can review all the stuff you've put out this week.

Have a great weekend, addicts.


I have found I can do both, however, X, MLM, DECK, etc...I will trend trade until it breaks the trend. On flags and symetrical triangles I have to get out when the pattern completes. This has been my hardest rule to develop. I would pull out of a flag and watch it go up or stay in and watch it retrace too far. Anyway, just an idea that has helped emotion be removed for me. If anything becomes a trend after the pattern then it I will trend trade it. Postion size is always the same though. Thanks for the great videos!!!!!!!!!


Still, working on what works for me.

GB, I will take 1/2 of my position off of the table on flags and other patterns at their completion, then let the other 1/2 become a trend trade. The problem with that is when they do trend, you need to decide where/when to add to the position.

Love your blog Jeff--it gets better all the time.
Had a call on GVHR....Friday it gapped rules state holding to end of day...would you sell intraday?

Jeff, Thanks for the video - made me realize that I need to sharpen up my trading plan. I can not believe how much you have to give to this community - go give your parents a hug for me!
If you get a chance while in Vegas - check out the Las Vegas Desert Classic dart tournament at the Mandalay Bay resort. One of my buddies is competing against the current world champion in the first round.
I also wanted to thank everyone who contributes here for making this such a great place.

I am looking to enter EMC and AXE this week. EMC in an uptrend and AXE looking to break to new highs...

Good afternoon Addicts!

If any of you happen by this blog today I'd love an answer to this question....

If one decides to HOE (Hold Over Earnings) and is considering a protective Put for insurance, is it better to by the front month OTM because it is cheap OR the next month, also OTM, but then you can either hold it or sell back the extra time if you don't need it?


For some reason, I am assuming you want to protect a stock position. If so, my knee jerk reaction would be to buy a front month since you will only need it for a day. But, having had a front month OTM option before and having the equity move big, I know they don’t move all that much if they are too far out of the money. If I were you, I would play around with the Black Kohler Calculator to see which option will give you the protection you think you need.

If you are looking to protect a call option, I would abort the protective put mission and just buy an OTM option that you are willing to risk the entire premium.

Just my thoughts.

It is Sunday night and the game face is back on for tomorrow.

How about DG, not GD...

Maybe the game face isn't on...

Now I will have my last beer and last glass of wine for the weekend.

Jeff... you're my hero. I just discovered that there was "swing" and "trend" trading last week. I discovered it when I became a "swinger." I got tired of watching the stocks trend up and then have half my profits disappear as the stock headed back down to it's support. So last week I bailed on a few stocks that had peaked and now I'm watching them come back to support where I'll get back in. Guess that makes me a swinger, huh? Don't tell Catherine.

But I must say it opened a mental can of worms that had me confused because I know that Jeff's a trendoid... and I feel a real connection with his style of trading and I felt I was letting down the side by having these swing temptations. I still don't know the results of my dabbling in swinging yet, as I haven't gotten back in to these trades. Just when you think you've got a few things figured out... a new set of rules comes up. This is unbelievable!!! I am so grateful for the timing of this.

Bob and Pam... go ahead and write those profits in your log. Nobody cares if they're reversed. Did the day close with the profit? Then it's yours, buddy. Unfortunately that pretty much gaurentees a bad day on Monday... but tuff noogies. Some days are better than others.

Well, it's the end of July 1... Canada Day. Celebrated with good friends and it's now time to crash. TSX is closed tomorrow but the Dow's open for business. Last week was a strongly neutral week. Up thousands... down thousands... easy come, easy go. The good thing is we're still learning by the bucketfull. Thanks to everyone who continues to contribute. Last week was crazy busy for us, and now we can continue with our lives. Looking forward to contributing more next week.


Amber....nice to meet you ;-)

Here are some ideas i have came up with....
JWN...desc triangle w/$50 support
CTSH...$75 support
CSH....$38.80 support
CGX...$67.50 support
QSII....$37 support
WYNN...$89 support

MTN...$60 diag & horizontal supp
JEC....sym triangle $60 resistance
TNB....sym triangle, $59 resistance

short week this week....hope everyone has a good monday

Thanks for the video... I learn so much watching them... so much more than reading.

Also, thanks for the video download. I can actually download them at work now and view them on my laptop during lunch or in transit. (since my company filters out streaming media)

Doji Girl,
I do the front month. You don't really need a lot of time. I usually buy a cheap OTM front month, then sell it back if my stock or call position stays steady or goes up. All I remember Jeff saying was buy OTM. Hope that helps.


There goes WFR.

Guess the market doesn't like the iPhones. Oh, well. It's holding at support.


Good Morning Addicts!

I wonder what kind of ride the market will give us today. Maybe Mr. Toad's Wild Ride? Teacups? Carousel? Maybe a lazy river ride...

EEM is up today. TNX and VIX are down so far. And the FXE is up. All these "signs" bode well so far.


Bob Raimo,
Looks like GOOG is making a move again today.
Finally the FFH put that I had that was going up and sideways is making its move down.

RIMM still moving up. WOW!!

LZ good bounce

GOOG...yes....higher highs, higher lows...keep on going baby...

CEG and ALB almost tricked me this morning...lets hope they end on a down day today, or at least below my resistance lines...

Anyone take PCP on Friday?

$INDU forming symm triangle

Since June.

Yes I took it on Fri. Now I'm high on PCP

You still in AAPL?

Bob, did you take PCP on friday I love day trading GOOG !

Bob Raimo,
I took PCP on Thursday. What a great stock. I finally sold my RIMM. Didn't want to be a pig and get slaughtered. Trying to let my winners run, but also take profits when they are there.
GOOG looks great. MLM finally starting to move.


Michelle, I think you where right taking you profits now on RIMM, 210.00 was a projected target.Smart move don't look back! Well maybe occassionly!

I've been in PCP for the last month and several times before that over the last year.

Is that a textbook breakout or what?

Joel R.

By the way, WYNN turning down from resitance at $90. I love it when weak stocks go down on broad market up days.

Joel R.

Joel not bad volume for 11.00 am EST. either.

I took PCP on Friday also, I posted about both WFR and PCP breaking out on Friday. I think someone else posted about one of them also. Surprisingly low volume for such a nice stock move in PCP both friday and today. I'm up about 43% so far on it ... nice stuff. Gratz to others.

James H.

Michelle, congratulations (again) on RIMM. Take those profits and smile you did it!
Looks like Profit Charts is down again or is it just me? Seems like this happens couple times a month minimum now.

The summer months tend to have less volume. This week is not surprising, a lot of people are off on 4th of July vacations. It makes it that much harder to confirm break outs.

Joel R.


I'm not having problems with prophet charts this morning but I do have them more than I like.


Once again... congratulations on RIMM. MLM does seem to be moving today. It looks good.

PCP & WFR look great today.

WTI still holding up (or down). It'll look even better when it goes below 27.


Hi !

I'm surprised by the video ad technology you are using.

Where can I have more info about this ad solution ?


AYI is looking good

What do you guys think about BTJ

Hey, Liz,
I thought you guys were headed out of town on vacation.



We leave on the 5th. We'll be back on the 16th and I'll be back trading on the 17th. I might get lucky and will be able to check the blog a few times while away but for the most part I will be out yonder with the gophers and deer. ;-)


New thread....

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