The schedule on the website shows that I ain't teaching. Cool. Apparently the little helper that updates the schedule called in sick. I will be teaching session 2 tonight. We'll be discussing the option selection process part 2...


Recommendation: Be there.

Long: I'll tell you tonight

Short: ditto

Would love to be there learning more but have to try to make back what it has cost so far. Looking at PAY with a with a 27.50 target. Broke support with high volume today.

Hi all,

Just a test run to see if I can actually leave a comment.


"The little helper"

Now THAT'S funny stuff.

Jim J,

Wasn't that Jeff's trade of the week this evening?


I don't know. I didn't listen to master talk or market cast. Did yard work and went through my check process and found it. I believe I found it in the market toppers section.
That sounds like a nice bonus if he did.
Jim J

I haven't listened to the marketcast yet either, but I don't see a definitive break on PAY yet. Looks too much like a hammer, but if today follows through to the downside i might jump in.

As a side note, addicts: Tomorrow, June 1 2007 begins my full-time career as a trader. I'm sure by my annoying barrage of posts the last few months you probably figured I have been trading full-time anyway, but tomorrow it's official.

One of the baby birds is leaving the nest.

You are too funny.

Randall and Michelle

Welcome aboard Brett, and may the addict force be with you!!

Best of luck to you Brett!!!

Woke up early to get Mastertalk and do to a glitch it did not record. I hope they get it sorted out soon...I want to know which stocks Jeff hinted about here.

you da man, You will do great, keep on posting to the blog though brother!
When did you start (with investools, trading real money, etc.)?


I will watch this one all day....


Look at GOOG. It did it.

Randall and Michelle

Jeff, Look foward to Mastertalk tonite. Has it been two weeks already! Time flies when you having Fun! Long : Stanley Cup Finals

master talk was last night, with Monday off it does seem like Wed.



MCD looks like it could break a gorgeous flag today. Coming off a nice hammer at the 30 DMA yesterday. Just something to watch.


I know, I am still googling to the bank, but remember, they are not profits until they are banked....and what goes up, must crash and burn..LOL...

I only have one trade testing my is acting like a pig..very slow going, and playing with my line in the sand....I may get out today...see what the end of day brings ...will it be bacon, or a pork loin??


Just for conversation, I took the trade on 5/16, watched my profits turn to loosses (small), it retested, and hopefully this time it will make a higher high and break out...patience, line in the sand, trade your plan, buy enough time. This stuff works. Thank you Jeff, Brett of course, and everyone else...

congrats Brett,,may the force be with you,,all that hard work paying off.hopefully more of us will be able to join you soon.



Gezundhite! (BIDU)

I started with InvesTOOLS in november of 2005, but my education really began when I met Jeff in early 2006.

Bob, I moved my stop up a bit to 495, but am going to give it room. Sometimes you have to take a chance with going with the big money or risk it taking your profits. At this point, I have no risk of losing capital, just profits.


Randall and Michelle

Boy is ATI tempting me, but I will obey my style and rules of trading....

Breathe, breathe...


My new line in the sand is a close below $492.60

Let winners run.........

I am expecting GOOG to test $510, and close above it. That will be my new line in the sand, if it does it. With the recent price and volume moves, I think it is, probable....BUT..sticking to my rules, not gut feelings...

Congrats, Brett. We're all behind you. Best of luck and enjoy it! I know you'll do great.

Thanks for all of your help answering emails and such. I hope you'll still be around this community. We appreciate you.

Bob, I'm with you on BNI. Here's hoping for that higher high this time. What a lesson in patience this one has been.


Good going, I look forward to more of your comments.

Any one else trading AMX, I measured a bull flag move of 5 points and it was hit this morning.


Speaking of bull flags, I just noticed CMI. Is that a 20 point possibility I'm seeing?

Gotta go show property but will be back before the close to jump on this one if it still looks good this afternoon.

I have been on amx for a while now, I do think there is a little more upside to it due to the volume

Also I am worried about the tnx it is up big today.

Tso is looking good today

beav is breaking out

Don't know if you're in X or not. If you are, just be aware that ATI is the same kind of stock. I am not playing it, because I think the trades are too highly correlated. I've been burned before when the market corrected by not diversifying my types of stocks. Just something to be aware of. That's my trading style, but doesn't make it right or wrong.

Congrats, Brett.
Hopefully that helps the guy asking yesterday when he can quit his job and start trading full time. I suspected it would take at least a couple of years of heavy trading and being successful before that is a possibility.

Randall and Michelle

David S,

Got into some BEAV yesterday! I think AMX will begin to consolidate soon, rest then take off again. (just my $.02)

The currency markets do not seem to be reacting to the $TNX move as much as usual.


Great news, I'm so excided for you and inspired at the same time. It's awesome to see, that you are able and prepared to take that BIG step and move to a fulltime trader. I know you will be very successful, because you were schooled by the BEST.
Do you know what has caused NVT to shot thru the roof?

Of course I do. I sold it.

Thank you all for the wonderful posts and emails. I really appreciate it.

Congrats, Brett! You are a great example of how hard work and determination pays off!

BNI...still in! Looking for a higher high and then I am out. I have June options. I can't believe I rode out the highs and lows. Patience...

Mastertalk was great last night. Missed the Q and A, but hope to listen to the recording today.

Have a great day all!

Just wanted to add my congratulations as well!

It's nice to hear a true time frame and I love all your comments whether market related or not. ;-) It's good to laugh whether the market is up or down, but especially when down.

I'm heading down the same pathway. But my goal is to bring my husband home.

pasadena, ca

ISRG finally breaking above that 137 resistance though not much volume as of yet.

OIH-struggling with that 171 resistance.

JEF-went the wrong way! Oh, well.

PLCE-finally broke it's chains. Ride up to 58/59? Not much volume yet.


It's about time you made it offical. You are a great trader and an excellent example of what it takes to succeed. I hope to be following you in the very near future.

Did anybody wake up to a new investools toolbox ???


Had ATI on my radar, still do, I did take the trade on X, but took less contracts to leave some $$ for ATI in case I wanted to jump in...this way I would not have more than my allocation of $$ in one the same group....

Hi guys,
Keep an eye on AIG. It looks like a long term ascending pattern about to breakout for the 5 year chart but more importantly to the swingers, look at it on the 6 month chart. It looks to be forming a very nice cup and handle.



Love the new toolbox. It looks great!

pasadena, ca

I hope those of you who stayed in on the perfect triangle apex retest of BNI have the full target in mind. Mine's about $104. then again, i won't get in its way if it wants to go higher.

Just added to my BNI position....yummy....

Question. I am in GOOG. My target was 500. Got in at 481 and bought another call at 494. Have nice profits. Here's my question. Should I take my profits since I reached my target?
I think your answer would be "let your winners run." The question is where do I put my stop to protect profits and still let my winner run even though I've reached the target.

What say you?

Randall and Michelle

My toolbox looks the same, but I was logged in it overnight, so maybe if I shut down and get back in, it's different.


Congrats Brett! Good to know that taking the leap is possible with the proper training, information and mentorship!!!

Please give us periodic updates as to how your 'new job' is working out for you. The ups and the downs, it will help all of us that aspire to your BIG step today to understand what it takes!

To paraphrase go Kick some Full-time *ss...!

Do you know how to get AVG volume back on the page?

I do have a new toolbox. Okay, I'm a resistant to change person. I liked the old one just fine.



I am in BNI, and I would really appreciate your not getting in its way after having to suffer through the retest. Thanks Buddy.

Now, if you could inlfuence my HOG,,,...

Michelle....not sure how to get average volume back on , but you could refer to the volume bars at the bottom of the corp snapshot.....i know what you mean about resisting change....the first time we got the new tool box i was so disoriented (i hated it for a few days)....but this one is so fresh and pretty....i think i love it ;)
well i better get my butt in gear (still need to pack) my plane leaves for atlanta in like 3 hrs...i think i need to turn the darn computer off !!!!


On the new IT Toolbox Charts, on the right-hand side there are two tabs, one Fundamentals and Chart View. On the Chart View, you can uncheck the "Hide Volume" box which will display the volume on the chart itself, although I don't see a way to set an average volume for the chart or above it as it was displayed before. I'm limited to these charts at work, so that would be nice to have instead of eyeballing it.

Thanks you guys. I can look at the bars, but I like the number better. I'm sure I could call IT, but don't want to be on hold forever.


Good luck Brett! I wish you the best keep us updated.

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