Tracking Comments

Seriously, I am taking this personally. Have you ever noticed the site traffic/comments on days where I try to get engaged in the conversations? In case you have missed it, I have charted this traffic over the last year... take a look.

As you can see, as I chime in, you chime out.

Recommendation: According to the chart, it is very clear on how you would trade this...

Long: Jeff's comments

Short: Your comments
PS- Okay, I am done. I will go away now. I think I am "over-blogging."
PSS- I am smiling as I write this.

Jeff, some of it may have to do with the fact that when the markets are turning like today everyone is more into figuring out what action they might need to take. I think everyone enjoys your interaction.


We love you man!

Short on LVS?

ESV - Holding the retest line perfectly in spite of a big down day. I think I'll get me some now.

Jeff -

What can I say...keep on keeping on.


LOVE EVERYONE'S COMMENTS, JEFF GREAT WORK AND COMMENTS. I AM NOT SURE WHY I AM YELLING, ok that's better. PSA is committing harry-carry (sp) today ;)

Tom DeGroodt (Flying-Pro)


You rock brother, keep up the most excellent blogging!


What's up with MLM & X. I thought both were great entry points yesterday. MLM b/c of the trend bounce, and x b/c of the trend bounce / resistance around 113. Both of these are going against me...



Do you think your anger chases people away?

Or, is it that your height is intimidating to some?

Or, could it be that on BIG down days in the market, the traffic, or is it the comments, that seem to come to a screeching halt? Just an observation… If I find time, I will graph that one for you to see if I have basis to speak, or write, or be awake.

Party on!


Hey Jeff, Long time viewer, first time blogger. Sorry if this already posted, but I couldn't see it. First, thanks for all the information and great education. I'm a new student (May) from Investools and I love this blog. Second, Do you guys really want to print up some shirts for Chicago? I think it would be cool if people are interested and I could have a local printer do them in a few weeks and have them in time for Chicago in August. I can either mail them to people or I could take some to Chicago with me? I've designed and printed shirts in the past and it's just something I like to do when I'm not pulling teeth (I'm a dentist) or looking at my charts.
Dr. Tony Ratliff
p.s. I'll need to get in touch with you and the person with the logo files. Just wanted to throw this out and see who's interested. I think it would be rather cool and most would like it.

Ok...I dont know whats gotten into Jeff today, but I promise I didn't put speed into his coffee!


Get a hold of the man, please!!! What's with 4 new threads in one day? I've had to go for three swims just to cool down the scorching pace (and it's 95 here in sunny Oakville.) If I didn't know better I'd be worried you two were conspiring on the next "Sandwich Incident."

Also, please send him to a psychologist for an hour. The reason traffic declines when he's active on the blog is that his comments simply take our breath away. If you've seen "Toy Story" then you know the scene with the martians when they look at buzz? All eyes are wide open, mouths are wide open... and all they can say is "OOOOOOoooooooo"

That's us.


Ooops, we're under a tornado watch. Gotta pull out my one iron, 'cause even God can't hit a one iron. Better run, here.



I am only quite today because I have intermittent broadband issues today....been off and on all day..computers, hate them sometimes..

but your chart is interesting.

Back tomorrow, go to go to a ball game now!!!

Later dudes and dudettes!

I am no deity but I love my one iron. It gets me out from under a lot of trees!


You are on to something. However the exception was Feb 27th when comments hit an all time high. I don't know what it is, but it struck me as funny.

I am only joking, so no more glossy comments!

As you were!

My one iron is in 2 pieces...

Dr. Tony I have been in the process of getting shirts, but would be interested in talking some time. E-mail me when you get the chance.


MLM down $6!

Fernando... ha ha ha... I'm short, and I'm LvS (my initials...) got a great laugh from your post even though it wasn't intended for me.

jeff, posts are down because people are "high" with all the puts you've been telling them to buy! Good call. I however, didn't listen to you, I just sold shorts against my long positions.

Wait, wait... I took a put on REG from the other day because i saw that there was still a decent entry... Okay, I do occasionally fish here...

DECK has some of it's outdoor gear on. It's weathering the storm. What a great stock.

Oil not hurting either - FTO, VLO, TSO, MRO, etc.

Joel R.

With reference to one of Jeff's many comments today on one of his many threads, in one of his many Happy Moments...


Look at it go today.

Ouch. Sometimes these pull-back days aren't bad, but today my account got hit. MLM sure didn't help any. How is everyone else?


NVTL and DECK were the difference for me today. I added an earnings play to NVTL today, the Sept 30’s. I will discard my July calls before earnings with a pretty tight leash.

BSC and MLM washed each other out which was the story for my other long/short positions. Since I waited until the last minute and I chased the trade, I am still in MLM. OUCH! This is still something I have to work on…


Michelle, Denise, DG, et al,

I finally bailed on MLM, got out somewhere around $156. It had started to recover...a little...and was 'hoping' (one of those "emotion" words) to eek out a little less loss! Although after it became evident that that was not going to happen, I bailed before it became too ugly.

BSC and DECK helped take the sting out of the day. Other puts were either down marginally or up. And other long positions: CMI, GRMN, VIP, POT, RL didn't help, although most stayed above or at support, so am still in. Wait for another whack at it Wednesday!


I too have noticed on bigger down days that the blog is quieter, not just today. In addition, we didn't have Brett on to egg us on or Raimo to whip us into shape, even so, everyone else kicked-in, including you! Thanks to all!

I think I,m the only one left MLM,

If you go to the post a comment page the rest of my positions are there.


The only reason I can think of that blog posts *might* be down when you are most prolific is because we are all scurrying around from post to post like ants at a picnic trying to figure out where the next or best morsel is. But I'm not convinced that posts are down when you are 'up'.

I agree with Doji girl. There are just times when the blog is slow. Sometimes hours will go by with no post, and sometimes I can't keep up. So I don't think it has anything to do with you posting. We love to hear your comments and feedback.


I dont know if anyone mentioned this already. But look at MLM, is that a head and shoulders and a break?
That is what I see and I wonder why I didnt see it sooner. Any comments from anyone?
PS Jeff, its lonely at the top. And being tall doesnt help. Loved the video this morning. I like it when you get angry.

Anon (PW?),

I posted that very same thing about MLM earlier today. Not in this thread. In one of the many others of the day.

Doji Girl,

Glad you said so. I think I saw that this AM but I ignored it. That stock fell like a rock at the close! Glad I wasnt seeing things. I will know for next time.

DG and Anon,

I saw the head and shoulders pattern as well but if you look back during the recent uptrend, there were a couple of times (like early November to mid-December) that also showed a similar pattern. I was hoping this last pattern would do the same. Hope, fear and greed!!!! I just wish I could get a hold on one of those!
The hardest thing about technical analysis for me is that news trumps EVERYTHING and I have no control over the news (especially during earnings season). I can only position myself with protective puts or calls depending on how the market is trending. My frustration is that if you are evenly represented with puts and calls, your account does not vary much each day. I am learning every day that if the market is uptrending, I need to be over-represented in calls and vice versa. I have only been at this for about 2 years so I view myself as a newbie. Golf had a much longer learning curve. I do know that this blog is a good way to shorten one's learning curve, even if you do not adopt this style of trading. Lisa's recent letter helped to emphasize this.
Happy trading.


I too got a little concerned about Mr. Kohler today ... when one of his posts was just ... "Nanananananana"! That one concerned me ...:))))

Not sure what to suggest here .. but the energy he put into this blog today helped us all ... Maybe it got to him! :)

Good evening everyone!

Sean M,
Don't kid yourself, buddy. Being evenly split between puts and calls doesn't mean your account doesn't do anything. We've been seeing lots of shorted stocks going down in a bull market and lots of long stocks going up when the market takes a dive. Like today... DECK and ZOLT were up big time today, while JWN, REG, and RTI did really well on the put side. The trick is finding a strong enough trending stock that's going the opposite way of the market, so it can stand days like this. If you can find a few stocks that did well today, the chances are they'll do even better when the market rebounds, as it seems to have a wont to do. Although this market seems to have hit it's head a third time on this current resistance level. I'm thinking that this could be the harbinger of a down turn. I'm increasing the percentage of puts that I'm carrying. Not to Jeff's wild 3:1 ratio (I think Amber's putting stuff in his WMs)... but I'm easing my way into a half and half portfolio.

Oh My..... Amber, are you sure you didn't dip Jeff's pipe this morning or spike his coffee???? HOLY SMOKES !!! dog broke my laptop, no really she did and she ate my homework too.....circuit city says they have to send it off and it will take 10 days or so to get it back.....the thing is the 10 days don't start till i get it to them, so i guess it is not doing me any good leaving it hanging around the house.....this week end i will bring it in and when it is fixed i can blog on my lunch break again...

so you see it is nothing personal.....well maybe you have smelly feet???


Thanks for the input. I just wish that my puts responded to the market the way my calls do. I have always remembered the comment from Investools that people do not panic and buy, they panic and sell. I have come to realize that the selling is somewhat short lived and that buying can be slower but more sustained. Kind of like a the difference between Cialis and Viagra. I am looking for the sustained uptrend...if you know what I mean. I too am hedging my positions with more puts than calls and I hope we are both right. I was one of those that waited to bail on MLM until late and am now kicking myself. It is only money. Having a new driver in the family is much more worrisome than losing money. I love trading but having children is the best.
Love this blog.

Take a look at HIG. Jeff had mentioned it this morning and had targeted 97.50. That number was handled easily with strong volume.

Jeff, I know what you feel like. Kind of like when the boss walks in the room and ALL conversations stop. It takes awhile for a person to get used to that and not take it personal.
I think I had an excused absence as I informed you first, right? Yes, I was again away most of the day but the good news is that we got the job (one of those homebuilders I was told to short). Now I have finally read through the blog comments and on to the listen to the CAST and the videos. Some of us are just trying to catch up.
Sorry to hear about the computer problems Ramio and Michelle that is never any fun!

John & Optionfanatic,

I too am still in MLM. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Like Sean M. said "It's only money". Other things are definatly more important. I have to remind myself that I am still learning. Till tomorrow.

HIG - looks good to me. All these financials are starting to look the same. So many stocks, so little time (and money).

It's times like these that I start to add a little fundamentals (gasp!) to the mix. I now keep open the Phase 1 & 2 pane located on the left of the Prophet chart and if I'm faced with choosing a stock to play and there are so many, I glance at the scores and pick the strongest for my call plays and the weakest for the puts. I love the ones that are 0/8
(KIM) or 10/2 (ESV).

Why am I still awake at this hour? I'm an option addict. Had to check in here after coming home from dancing. Dancing is a lot like trading. Too tired to explain now but it is.

G'nite....sweet screams...

Doji Girl

Waht kind of dancing do you do?

So I was away from my computer the entire day and, when I logged in this evening, found five new posts from the artist formerly known as the Angry Trader. Not only was his demeanor upbeat, but he was pushing credit spreads, chiming in with intraday comments and taunting readers for their lack of response.

With all this cheeriness amid today’s selloff, I’m forced to ask…did Jeff allow James Glassman to guest-host his site today? If I see a post tomorrow about how the DOW’s going to 36,000, I’m calling missing persons.

Jeff, your commentary is always much matter how frequent. Thanks for everything.



On Tuesdays I dance Hustle; on Sundays I dance Salsa/Mambo.

I dance the Yuengling...Looks a bit like Elaine from Seinfled strutting her stuff...knee jerks and all..

Anyone in ESS? Lehman just upgraded it - should be interesting. The last bounce up didn't hold at all.

John A.

Mike H.

I have been "tinkering" with your 6 month fast mover idea. I like the concept. Do you run a search to find these stocks or do you apply the formula to your current watchlist? I am patiently waiting for those big movers to retest support and jump in on the bounce. Currently I am passing up trades that move 34% or make a small $ move in 6 months. My problem is I tie up my capital in non-moving trends. When a stock like PCU retests, I am already overextended and miss the trade. So, I am "patiently" waiting for the stock to come to me. Any advice?

...I enjoyed your surfing website, I have big plans to travel in the future.

Mike...the surfing website may not be was on a to-do list. Still interesting, but I think I have the wrong person.

did I seriously "write" in one of the posts yesterday the following

"it is tough to right this w/o sounding like a smart a$$"


Long day yesterday apparently...

here we go again though, the bell rings in 3 minutes

Hi everyone. Things are still crazy busy for me so I feel like I'm pretty distant from the blog. But I'm still here. Still reading and still trying to keep the trading going.

Yesterday stunk for me, but hey, today is a new day. I also exited MLM in the last two hours. I think MLM is a reminder that even a low risk entry can be high risk if you add too many positions. Personally, I was position sized to where I could let it play out through the day and not sweat it. Sure, I took a slightly larger loss than expected, but no big deal because there are lots of other trades where I get out for less than the max loss.

Happy trading!

For those who are still in MLM:
153 looks like the second level of support. I have stock (so long-term investment.) Anyway, if it breaks that, probably ought to bail. But watch and see if it holds. Just trying to offer some ideas for those who didn't get out at the first level of support 160/158. We all make mistakes, so don't beat yourself up. I am in the boat with you. We ARE learning.


Also, one of the Market Wizards had some sage advice that I have followed and it has saved me bucks.
If you find a position going against you and you need to get out, don't panic. Wait, maybe a few hours, maybe a day. The market moves around. Sometimes you can get out at a better price than if you panic. That DOESN'T mean holding a position and hoping it will go your way. That means take a deep breath and let the market settle and re-evaluate your position.


COO a low risk entry today..

Hey Bloggers, I am trying to subscribe to comments so I can get the comments in a consistent thread.

I was able to subscribe to the posts, but not the comments. Is this a glitch in the system, or is there a different process for signing up for comments?

Regarding MLM, we just purchased a contract yesterday, so I hope I'm not crazy, we will get out quickly if we don't see a move higher today.

It is definately tough to watch paper profits fade away. Very frustrating. I keep trying to focus on setting tight stops, and knowing that my stocks havn't broken their trend.

I hope all is well.

I'm still in MLM. July options. Looks like this will be one of my "hold until worth $0" trades.

Good thing I had only a small position size...

Trades doing well -- Puts in DNA, BTU, PSYS; Calls on MSM, BGH


I also had problems subscribing to the comments when I was using my Mozilla browser. When I tried with Explorer, no trouble. . . and I think someone else had to upgrade Explorer.
Just a couple of possibilities.


ENR, a friend just informed me Cramer mentioned it

I thought summer was supposed to be slow and lazy? Futures are all over the place as is the market. Up, then down and then up again. Unless intra day trading pretty much just noise.
Michelle, I was also surprised how many of the "wizards" had a 10% or something close maximum loss. On stocks that is easier to make work than on options.

Do you guys know the refiners that Eric and Jeff mentioned last night? Holly and Hess, etc. Anybody know the ticker symbols off the top of their head?


I think the Wizard books just made me calm down and not do rash things. The market doesn't usually move straight down days and days in a row. So if you have a position that breaks support, good chance the next day or next it will be up a little to get out at a better place. I have found this to be true MOST of the time.
It's hard not to panic when a stock moves down 6-plus dollars in a day and you didn't pull the trigger. But I found that if I let my emotions get in check and re-evaluate, I make better choices. GOOG and CME are prime examples. They are all over the board some days. Bob, did you ever read that book "Who Moved My Cheese"?


Holly HOC
Hess Hes
Western WNR

Thanks, Sam.
You saved me the time to search and find. Trying to get the house cleaned and watch three little ones and keep an eye on the market.
Many thanks.


Went long COO ..looking for a break and close above 55.50...will bail out on a close below 54...

C & H


wnr,,,western refinery


JCOM at a support bounce..


keeping this on my watch list addicts, waiting for a turn up...looks like 158 may be a support line...

Not to mention CME...

Okay, I give up..where is everyone?


Don't you think CME is overextended to jump into or are you looking at this as a flag breakout if you could call it that?

Is today the day ICE does it's thing?
Michelle I have not reread the book as I am reading trading related books at the moment.
As Jeff said awhile back and again more recently patience is a good thing on stocks that have not moved against you. On X and MLM I learned (ok really am learning) this the hard way.


I see a bounce off 557 support, as well as forming a flag.

Also look at horizontal support - higher highs and higher lows. It's been a nice play (nail biting at times). Plus they have just finished the vote for the bid, so that should take out some of the volatility.

Bob Raimo - sold that call I had when it moved 30 points last week, and bought another call when it bounced down a day or so ago.


The beauty of the 6 month fast moving formula is it forces you to go through the mental calculation to determine a potential move and confirms its better than average. After running this calculation across my entire watchlist, I now find I do it naturally ahead of any stock trade.

I applied it across my entire watch list which is accumulated from my own searches, this blog, Jeff's patterns class and the Marketcast. I've eliminated a fair number of stocks I previously watched using this formula because I determined they just don't provide an adequate move for my limited capital.

I also find fast movers fairly frequently from the "Chart Toppers" section of the prophet charts tool. I look at the "dollar gainers" and "dollar losers" for NYSE and Nasdaq.

My fast mover list is the first place I look for new trades everyday.

Keep in mind that breakout patterns can offer the same "fast move".

I know my current fast mover list is far from complete and keep adding to it as I discover them.

There are quite a few "momentum" searches on Investools but I haven't experimented with all of them yet. If you find one that works good, let me know.


Look at CME when it hit 500 a while back and draw your trend lines. It is moving nicely in that channel.

Bob, do you see that too?


It appears that BSC is going to test my patience once again today.


I was hoping you would say that! I am currently weeding out slow movers and adding new stocks. I always forget to check the chart toppers (even though Jeff mentions it over and over). I am staying out of a few trades today because they are not strong movers. The trade will come. Thanks for your advice.


I share your frustration on BSC...I have a resistance line now at $141.25, roughly..and am looking for it to close below that today..


Will someone please sit on BSC??? I had a gorgeous profit early this morning which I was tempted to take. Applied the 'patience' thing and now, what can I say? Poof....

Too busy with real estate work today to trade so hope my stocks do what they're supposed to do without me baby sitting.

I love AAPL too. Wish I had more

i love AAPL also

Sam, AAPL is going up with the new and cheaper Nano I- phone with the i-pod integrated, slimmer laptops they are introducing this fall. I,m with you! I bought some more today futher out.

In the middle of the night On a bright sunny day
two option addicts got up to play
turned on their computers and brought up their charts
But the beans from last night had given them farts
Overcoming the stench and looking to trade
A ton of money was there to be made
They were reading Jeffs blog and looking to learn
Was it those beans that given heartburn?
Support and resistance and breakouts they traded
Some trades were as ugly as girls they had dated
But never the less they kept their nose to the grind
and with the support of the blog they'd never trade blind
Exits and entrys they follwed their rules
The last to they had dated I think they were ghouls
So what does this mean this poem you've just read
I wrote it because this blog seems so dead
So get off of your couch or your bed or your chair
and post to the blog and show us you care!

Anyone take me up on that ICE buy a few days ago??

Raimo, thanks as usual for the poem.

DRYS has been a money make machine for me for the last two weeks .still holding it let my profit run .

POT has been very volatile lately up some day and down big time the other day.


Yea man, I was listening and am happy as a pig in sh@#...

Cheers, and thanks!!


I read your poem with great delight,
and was sorry to hear about your gastrointestinal plight,
Beeno should help if you dare brave more beans,
you owe it to your family if not to your jeans,
Trading is easier if the air is not fogging,
I now appreciate knowing you only via blogging!!

The phantom poet (ie. too chicken to put my name to it)

Yes Brett, I did take the ICE trade....thank you. I also added to JOYG today. You have to like this one today.....

Karen, you still enjoying the CAT trade ? I know you questioned ITM or ATM. I bought the Nov 70's. Stock is up 4 points and the option is up 40%. I think you went OTM. Are they doing OK ?



BSC still going to crash and burn...

New Post and Forbes Article from you know who...


Cleared for take-off...(volume a little light)



I do like JOYG today. I was adding on the bounces ;)

My OTM CATs are now firmly ITM and are showing about 90% profit so far. Yes, I'm delighted. Swing trader that I am, I will probably exit before earnings next week. I'm curious to see if it will have trouble getting through to a new all time high.

JOYG is my other joy of the day.
NTGR is still booming for me as well.

My only complaint for today is that ESV which looked so good yesterday is struggling today. The triangle breakout pattern failed however the diagonal support is holding. I'll give it a while longer.

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