Friday Finale

Today ended up not being too bad. There was some spastic movement earlier this morning, which at the time had me a little unsatisfied...but heading into the close we are getting some solid directional movement.
However, the MVP award is awarded to...

This trade was mentioned back on the 12th as a great support bounce opportunity and has not looked back since. I am hoping we clear $200 by the close.

I also wanted to talk before the weekend about being "patient." I hope that most of you know the difference between being patient with a good trade, versus being optimistic over a bad one. A great example of patience would have been a couple weeks ago with BIDU. After the stock started moving higher about a week or so into this move it stopped moving higher...

It is during a time like this that you want to be patient. If you have the time until expiration, and the stock is not moving against you, be patient. However, if you are holding on to something like this....
Patience is only a factor if you are in a trade that is not working against you. I am sure most of you knew that, but I just wanted to clarify.

Last item of business... Hats off to Tim. Tim has been helping me make some changes to the site and his efforts are very much appreciated. He is truly an artist that speaks a language that is hard to duplicate. Tim, I love the changes, thank you.

To the rest of the addicts, have a great weekend. You all deserve it. Thanks for your continued support. If it happened to be a bad week, redeem yourself on Monday. I will be here to help.

Recommendation: See you Monday!

Long: Weekend at the cabin

Short: Creating slides for Chicago

EMX, FINALLY (I'm not very patient) broke out of its trading channel with decent volume.

sorry that was EXM.

I am not signed up for the Chicago Conference, but if you do a class for just Option addicts outside of the conference, I will go just for that, that could be a great idea to promote the blog.

Have a great weekend

I'll admit it. I messed up this BIDU trade. I had a distraction going on keeping me unfocused on trading during a short period in June. I broke a couple of rules. It won't happen again....because

I am an Option Adict and I do recover.

Jeff I couldn't let this go and not admit to the community my error. Pass the "Bag of Hammers" please.


David, I am unable to attend Chicago also. But I would fly anywhere in the country to meet with the group.



you got distracted aye..yeah I bet you did...too busy googling with me I bet.. LOL...

BSC..gonna crash next week...losing strength...that or I will eat crow.....

Thanks Raimo, I got a laugh out of it now. I had my serious moment. Now its time to Yuengalingaling a little.


Jamie, LOL....yes, yuengling baby..

Haev a great weekend, you and all the OA's here, have a good one. Catch ya monday....

Your lecture on patience couldn't come at a more appropriate time for me. As you know, patience is not my long suit and this week (Tuesday and today) I bailed on 2 perfectly good trades too soon. Yes, they were profitable but they would have been that much more profitable if I had hung on. I know I am a swing trader but I am guilty of closing 2 trades BEFORE even the swing was finished. I set my targets and, maybe because I lack the confidence in my technical skills, I bail too soon.

I will work on this. You (and the rest of the addicts) keep me accountable. This is a good thing.

Thank you. All of you.
Going to bang on those Taiko drums tonight....

Bob Raimo,
Your take on CME. Here's what I think. I think Monday it will bounce down and then head up to 590. I sold my option today at (stock price) 576. What say you?



i don;t know exactly what your trade plan was, so only you know if you did the right thing. I am just glad you stuck with it when you asked me, and now you have a tidy profit.

However, if I had plenty of time left on my options, after today's move, I'd of sold off half or maybe more and let the rest run..

How about weighing patience vs. taking half your profits off the table on a gift from the trading gods. When Baidu spiked to 185 last week,I took half the profits off the table. Was that wrong?


I only had one option (as they are so expensive) so couldn't take half off. If I perceive it is going to push higher, I'll get back in for a swing trade and pay the comissions. However, not taking profits on a 20 point move after being down 10 (essentially a 30 point move) seemed unwise.


Ron, that is exactly what the IT coach told me to do last night.
Jeff, a big thanks for the videos of late as they are just right. I had an English (is that caps?) professor that said it this way - It should be like a good mini skirt, long enough to cover the subject and short enough to be interesting. Well that is a perfect description of your videos.
Yes, Chris I am wearing my I am late sign and if you have horses all you need is a pool and my family will be over for the summer. We don't eat much.
Amber, we all see and feel Jeff's heart and bless him for it, as he blesses us.
A great weekend to all.


Jeff, great video, but I have to confess, my 6 year old asked "is that guy in jail"....LOL.
great video, great blog

Long: freshly picked Iowa Sweet Corn

Short: Family Reunions (where I am headed in about an hour)

If you are lurking, thanks for the movie picks. I am still finding some of them that I couldn't find at Blockbuster. I will post this message again in a week or so, just to make sure you get it.
Watched The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (classic). It was excellent. Made me start thinking about helping others instead of just myself. Meeting needs where you are, and yours will be met.

Thanks, again. Hope you guys have a great trip.


______________NEWS FLASH__________________

********** ANGRY TRADER WORKS FROM JAIL!!!**************

Dateline somewhere in Utah. It was just uncovered by this journalist (with help from an undisclosed 6 year old source) that Jeff Kohler aka: The Angry Trader has been incarcerated after injuring a fellow worker by heaving a sandwich at him (or her) during a coffee break at their work. When asked to comment, Eric Utley, a coworker, responded that acting in this manner during a coffee break, broke all the rules of etiquette normally adhered to at their place of employment. "Had he heaved the sandwich at lunch time, the other employee would have had a chance," he said, "as we tend to be more prepared for outbursts like this from Kohler, at meal times. Coffee breaks are usually pretty quiet."

The other employee, whose name will not be released until his (or her) family is notified, is recovering nicely at Utah General Hospital, after having tuna surgically removed from his (or her) ear, and sevral slices of wheat bread removed from under his (or her) armpits. "Wheat bread tends to be heavier, too" continued Utley "and flies through the air in a more direct line. White bread can float a bit and, although more like a knuckle ball, gives you more time to react." Kohler's wife Amber is being held for questioning, on suspicion of having made the actual sandwich and purposfully using high density bread. "Kohler normally eats white bread. I just don't understand it." continued Utley.

End of installment #1 of "The Angry Trader, The Angry Years." Tomorrow... installment #2 "The Angry Tader, The Repentant Years." Buy your subscription now.


I will be happy to post bail for the Angry Trader should it come to that. Or, I am ready for organizing a jail break...which I prefer, more of a challenge you know...

A case of Yuengling, some of your huntin' gear, and a tuna sandwich. Off we go. I'll bring the camcorder. We'll make a movie... call it The Great Escape... and make a fortune.

By the way. I'm in Calgary, and had too much coffee this morning on the way here. Used the powder room and my toilet's a "Kohler"!!! Is Jeff making these things in prison?

Huh... I thought they made license plates. Ladd, get your 6 year old on it.

Oh man! Just to think ... I have read probably every post recently from Chris and Raimo .. hanging on to their every word and actually taking some of THEIR advice to analyze a couple of their picks ... and now it has come to this ..

Somehow I have to believe that this Kohler thing is fiction and the real 'jailbirds' are Chris and Raimo ... not to mention that Chris - in his photo already has the jail jumpsuit on....

However, if this is 'reality' and Kohler is eating spam in the pen - then count me in for the rescue ... but I will hesitate sitting on a Kohler again! Poor Amber ... she was only making a sandwich ... AND BESIDES, should we REALLY believe Utley???? The guy can't even spell OPTIONS! :)))

Looking forward to "The Angry Tader (is that kin to Trader?" - down here in Tennessee - we call potatoes - Taders ... ) Should be an interesting series!

Now hold on just one minute
C2 let's get this straight
Yuengling, Tuna and huntin gear
Will it really free the inmate?

The Angry trader captured
Should we get him outdoor life?
And who was it that had captured him
Don't tell me Barney Fife...

Now I am up for a good jailbreak
To bust out the Angry Trader
Perhaps we can look to Benton
To be the commentator

See Benton reads our posts
He hangs on every word
But taking our advice
He may do better from a nerd

He says Chris and Bob are jailbirds
He said that lickity split
I'll bet that when he said that
On a Kohler he had sit

Lets organize a posse
Lets get Liz and Chip and Brett
With Tim and Amy helping
The Angry Trader will not Frett

And if we should get caught
Sent to prison like a dope
Advice that has served me well
Don't bend down for the soap

Back to the OA gear, I am 6'6" and 241 about some XL tall? I would be all in....

Long: All day Sunday boating with my wife and 2 boys.

Short: Monday

From Ladd and his boy we FIND out the truth. All right boys (and girls), here’s the deal to spring the Boss…cuz HE’S on ICE… We don’t know for sure why he’s there...was it the POT, did he take some GLD or what did they find with his DNA? Doesn’t matter, his X…KIM, was able to TIE him to an options scheme and gave him up! He’s been there since NOV and his spirits are LOW.

It’s gonna take coordination and…well…lots of…beer. Beer you ask…? Well we’ve got to find the courage somewhere! Benton said BUD, but Raimo wanted none of that, what to DO? Brett suggested a WM…and that it usually worked for him!

So where’s the TAP, to prepare this plot? All of you out there, LEND a hand and tell your MA your going to get JEF. DavidS, Liz, Michelle, BD (Bob and Pam), Doji Girl and others are on DECK…and with a nod they said AYE, AYE !

So next with Captain Chris as the pilot, we head to the ISLE…the ROCK…the PENN, where the hard time is done. It’s not CLB MED, be careful with your soap on a ROP around guys like MO, CY and HANS...or with a KSS your RIMM might just get tied in a KNOT !

We hear some of the staff can be BOT, so let’s make sure we PAY what we must PER guard so they will be NICE as we extract our VIP from his CEL. Bring some clothes just in case he only has a FIG leaf and his CROX during our escape. As we take this LEAP, be sure to keep a SHLD to our BAK as we exit this PLCE.

Finally after we land with our HOT cargo, we’ll DRIV away in a fast RIG…the GT. And upon his return AmberK will MRVL at how we were able to return the AAPL of her EYE !



This is pretty and you with nothing better to do on a weekend other than visit the OA Blog?? We are pathetic my friend...

(ps..nice one though!)

nice creative writing guys. Throw me in with the sad group checking the blog on the weekend. Off to the beach now....this is going to be a great week !


ok,,another guilty blogger checking in on the weekend,,,although,,,i am stuck at work,,checking in,,,my monitor tech thinks i'm nuts,,i'm sitting here laughing so hard i have tears running down my face, she keeps asking what is so funny , how do i explain?,,you guys are very creative

have a great weekend


I think I have everyone beat for being a Dud! I'm studying next to the pool for my advanced options course for the coming weekend, @ least I'm enjoying the beautiful weather. Chat with you all on Monday.
PS Thanks Chip for adding some Drama & Humor to my day!

I'm BAK in TORonto for an hour... nice job BUDdy. That must HAVe taken you hours!!!

Too bad we have to put our game faces back on for tomorrow. Nice job.


PS no time for The Angry Tader today. I'll have to get a picture of a mad potatoe and do it later.

I'm just glad I even get to be on the same blog as you guys .. and Chip ... sensational stuff ... congrats on that masterpiece ...

Looking forward to more of The Angry Tader from one guy who cracks me up when he writes ...

And yes, I'm sitting in the SanFran airport ... heading back to Nashville and checking this blog .... getting ready for the game face tomorrow .. :))

Wow, guys. Nice weekend posting! I'm impressed.

Hope everyone had great weekends. I did some playing and singing this morning at my church. You guys may not know this about me but my other, other job (part-time) is that of a music and worship leader at my church. We have about 1500 in the room each weekend.

Anyway, this morning was a lot of fun. Great band and a great time. We're a bit on the aggressive side musically so we get to push it out there pretty loud and strong.

Anyway, that's been my day. Now I'm just catching up on some work and getting ready for another week. The calm before the storm ...


Don't be toooooo hard on us weekend junkies, they keep telling us it’s harmless weekend fun and besides...there's a reason this blog is called the Option 'ADDICT' won’t hurt us will it?! >:-/\ That's what we get for signing on with this crew, even if we have to bail some of them out now and again! The way I figure it, we're no better or worse than that "Angry ‘sandwich throwing’ Trader" guy!

Chris, Raimo,

It didn't take me too long, although I suspect just like you and Raimo, it just kinda came out. And besides it was you and Raimo who instigated this whole melee. You both did superb work as usual and I always laugh my A$$ off when I read both of your artistic endeavors. Very good, thanks again for sharing!!!

Best of luck to all in the coming trading week!!!

Wow...thought I'd check in here, sneak in and poke around. Didn't expect to see all that fine literary stuff. Nice job! Made me smile.

Wondering if anyone else is having trouble finding 'at the gate' bullish trades to start the week. I've got a long list of bearish stocks but only JOYG looks really ripe on the long side.

Does anybody here do strangles? I'm thinking about NTGR which has earnings in a couple of weeks. It usually pops up a few points and I've never done a strangle so I'm not sure which strikes to go for. I'm thinking August 40/35. Anybody care to comment on this idea?

Chris, Chip, Raimo and Benton, I'm here laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face! You guys are so creative.

Doji Girl, JOYG is on my list too. And GRP . As far as puts, KIM is looking like a good entry for those late to the party. How about TRID.


Great posts from all, poets and reporters alike, what a scoop about the sandwich incident in Utah. I did not hear about it on the BBC world news yet. Great stuff!
I spent Saturday online with LiveEarth from around the world. Great fun.
Love the video from Jeff on entry/exits, I had an "aha" moment! Or was it a "duh" moment, or maybe a "doh" moment (sorry Homer). Anyway great stuff and humor all around. Thanks all.

For a bullish trade I really like the way MLM is setting up. I think it has really good support at $152, and I see some support whereit is now, around $160.
I'll be watching this today for an entry.

BID broke out on Friday.....

WOW FSLR I am an angry trader as I sold this one at when it reached my first target and waited for a re test that never happened. I am a sucker.

Well in consolation I also have SPWR and this one should move in consolation.

Bob ATI is looking to open up. why did you chose this one? LOL


Okay, you can GOOGle with me today..but one day only, LOL..

I have to admit being a weekend peeper also . . . it appears there's room on this blog for all kinds of addictions. Great entertainment, guys.

In catching up on the conversation, I see you asked who it was who lived in South America . . . it was I.
I lived in Brazil for 3 1/2 years and traveled extensively within the country; also did a little in Peru (Lima and the Amazon) and Buenos Aires and Iguassu Falls in Argentina. Don't know anything about the countries you mentioned, but I'd be happy to answer any questions about Brazil.

Bob, Goog is breaking out nicely! Above resistance go GOOG! It may stay above know better @10:30

Wow! where do you all find the time! I am amazed by your talent. Tim with your tech talents you should give us a link to sample your musical talent. I can only imagine what Jeff and Amber think about all this angry trader stuff, think they got wireless at the cabin? All because of a comment from a six year old. Mine are a bit older but have asked similar questions.

Okay Fanatic...what am I missing..10:30?..what gives then..fill me in !!

Die slow SKX - I want to watch you suffer.

Is that a little overboard? Oh well.

Doji Girl, I have bought strangles and strattles, If I think there will be a big move on the stock. I usually I buy out of the money 1 strike on both sides. Less invested for a big move, let it come to you.

Hi Lori thanks for replying. I have a ton of questions, do you mind if I send you an email later this week?

I was looking to buy puts on REG but noticed the open interest is almost nil. Should I skip this idea?

The 10:30 reversal, if there is one.

Sure, send me an email.

LOL the 10:30 reversal...not happening today on GOOG..not on my watch..

Doji Girl, No liquidity on REG. the spreads are wide.

Raimo,,,keep that goog going

Doji Girl i looked at reg also and passed on it due to no liquidity, part of my rules



I tried something a little different on REG ....

I entered Friday .. made an offer for the BID price because I agreed with OptionFanatic ... a lot of spread... I got the BID price .... I'm up 12% this AM.

Often - I'll make an offer on a BID and get it regardless of spread. I may not be in it long but 'the tape shows' - in my view - low risk rolling over PUT ... If the price rises above $74 .. I'm out ... but for now it's working .. probably because I did get the BID price ..

Just another angle ... hope it helps!

New thread addicts.


Clean cups!! -----> that way!

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