It's Still Early...

Top O' the morning to you. First things first: If you are long On that list I will also add GMCR. Again, wow. Both of these stocks have gone mad. There are not too many things like this that are worth waking up for.



Also, if you have heard about the China bubble, and have not participated as of yet, keep an eye out on the breakout on LFC. This will offer some great exposure to their thriving market/economy.

Also, if you are long any steel stocks, thank SCHN for the boost this morning. Since I am short some ATI, I am taking this personally.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent mine up in the mountains playing with the kids and creating powerpoint slides. On volatility nonetheless. For those that are attending the Investor Conference, but opted out of my class, I will be beyond pissed, not to mention the feeling of betrayal. Just kidding, but I am convinced that this class will be one of my finest in terms of material. Be there.

Well, time to go out for some Green Mountain Coffee. See you later this morning.
Recommendation: Do whatever is possible to make this a good Monday.

Long: GMCR

Short: Volatility

I think GMCR looks awesome, but overextended and can't get in. Any comments, Jeff?

I think AAPL is at a good adding point, as well as GOOG and TSO.
Sold my BSC. I have July options and am tired of looking at it. It will probably make a move on a market correction day, but I didn't allow enough time. Lesson learned!!


Good morning to you Jeff. A big thank you again for GMCR!

Brent in San Antonio.

JEC is looking ripe

How about acas a start of a new flag?
skx and KSS good puts

SBUX and KIM starting to move down.
Good entry for puts.
BA hitting the 100 mark. Looking for it to punch out 4 or 5 more points. GRMN a good adding point, too. X is at support.


KIM did well for me twice now. Maybe I'll try it again.

Interesting idea about REG on the bid side. So I tried it but so far I'm not getting filled. Maybe the market maker was feeling generous on Friday. In any case, will not chase this or pay up. THere are lots of other choices.

You never know Doji .. the market maker could have been just happy it was Friday. I agree it's smart to not chase. But I constantly challenge the market makers .. I want the BEST PRICE I can get .. I have nothing to lose in asking for the closest to BID I can get ... It's money in my pocket many times.

Raimo last week mentioned he's still watching BSC for a drop this week. I agree with him. Again, rolling over - down today and my indicators look like entry. If it goes above $145 .. I'm out ...

Hope this stuff helps!

Bob just bot. some GOOG

Well yes I'm long FSLR. got in around 64. and am very very happy. FINALLY caught the ride. I blew it on IPS,X and AAPL. but now look. up 500%!!! Thank you Jeff for all your support and to the community. It just goes to show patience and perserverance pay off. In a very big way.


If anyone looking for a bearish trade, I am still in PAY. It is right at resistance, a low risk entry, you'd be buying right at the exit...and within a triangle that I am expecting to break to the downside..

Still looking for PAY to PAY!!!!

If you haven't seen post...featuring Chris!

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