Weekly Watchlist Volume II

Again, right click and open in a new window.

New audio equiptment is coming shortly, sorry for the horrible sound.

Jeff, sound seemed better on this video.

No sound problems on this end. Thanks for the continued education. Thanks for posting the videos so they can be downloaded and played via the desktop. Great to see that some of the ones I have been watching showed up with similar analysis. I am sure that is beginning to happen often with many here, but just another confirmation of "getting it".


Thanks Jeff. My sound is better with headphones. Your voice doesn’t seem to go along with the video. That could be running the video without downloading it.

I can’t rationally make any decisions at this hour. However, I will try after a few hours of sleep.

Also, HOC and WNR. I have more that I will try to add in the AM… if time allows of course…

Have a good day all.

Jeff said in his video, "This stock (TS) was blacklisted?" What does that mean?


Can any one help me? I tried to view these videos and am unable to. It will open a new window when I click it but will not go any further.
Are these posted at another site or such like you tube?


Thanks. Another 30 or 40 stocks for the watchlist. Jeeeesh...Don't you sleep??

So many stocks! So little time!!
I'm here in Orlando, workshop beginning momentarily. BOth Stacy and Mike C are here.
Thanks for the list, Jeff...will pore through it later at break...


I believe Jeff blacklists stocks that have screwed him really hard in the past.


It might be your Internet browser. I can't open the videos using Mozilla Firefox, but I can using Internet Explorer.


VA Beach Girl,

You were absolutely right. Thanks.


Great videos, Jeff. Thanks.

PCP looking sweet this AM. I think this is the longest trade I've ever been in (not as if that is saying much, but still). It just keeps going up.

Good day to everyone. Futures are down so I'm strapping in.

Thanks, Jeff,
That video actually lifted my spirits. I enjoyed watching all the great set-ups.


Not sure if this is on anyone's radar, but if you are bearish on Homebuilders, check out CTX on a 5 year chart.


Thanks for another great list, and all your hard work to help us to become successful, in a very difficult business. Please DON'T burn yourself out, take some time for yourself.
Thanks again, looking forward to meeting you and the other OA's in Chicago.
Good luck to all today!!!


Time to buy GOOG.

Anyone else still in DNA? I'm in bearishly with a Sept option. It seems to still be in a downtrend to me -- nothing telling me to exit yet -- but it sure does like to go up on down days and down on up days. Weird.

TSL holding up nice so far...gap down in AAPL painful - what's behind this market slip? Beth Ann

I'll sell you mine at a real discount (laughter.)


Brett, Time to buy GOOG ?


I'm still in DNA and I'm in full agreement with you. I've been concerned for a few days that it just doesn't want to move down. My stop is set around $75.25.

Beth Ann,

Countrywide missed estimates pretty badly and reduced their outlook. This is helping to renew concerns about the whole sub-prime worries. In addition, they said they were also having problems with late payments from people with good credit.

As for Apple, according to briefing.com it is "under pressure after AT&T only activated 146,000 iPhone subscribers"


FTO and CTRP are looking ugly.

Brett, do have a burrito run scheduled for later today?

While this may not be BIG picture homebuilders I know and Countrywide staff are a bit upset at Countrywide's recent policy changes. Also many homebuilders left Wells Fargo the other major player for Countrywide and are not happy with the restrictions and that Countrywide is the only "major" player in town. Smaller lenders, local lenders are again starting to fill the gap and we are even seeing loosening of loan requirements again like what lead to subprimes. Too early to tell on most of this...

Hope you all grabbed GOOG when it was down earlier today.

Also, check out the bounce on VIP. it's a gift. take it.

I'm in DNA. It had been bumping up against the 30 DMA and holding below until just recently. My mechanical stop was set at $75.77 to give it some room to move. It may hit it today.


Regarding DNA. I see it as very low risk bearish entry, so that's what I did

HLYS PUT- Anybody in this trade? It's at an all time low, and I would welcome some insight on where to set a target. Thanks for the lease JK.

Oops, I meant "thanks for the lead JK".


Is $0 too low?

ACH....hope you got some..

Scoot, Thanks for the insight! Beth Ann

Peter .. HLYS ... I set 9 down from 28 where I bought it ... then will re-evaluate .. I may take a little off the table soon ... and then continue to ride it downward ..

Hope this helps!


broke down yesterday, keep it on your list for the ned of the day today for a bearich entry..

Time for a Brett Burritto and a Raimo Philly Cheese steak..

Time for a Brett Burritto and a Raimo Philly Cheese steak..

Other OUCH day so far. Being unable to watch the market is killing me as POT just stopped out this morning. I have a nice profit on it and only lost 10% due to stopping out. GOOG looks interesting Brett but I have not traded it yet and do not want to start until I get better at this. DECK, CTRP, BGC are all going down and all but CTRP stopped at support. I will give CTRP until the end of the day but if it breaks further...
Ramio, Philly Cheese huh? that sounds good and if it works have two!

as long as ctrp closes over $83 i'm not worried.

PBY at a low risk entry folks

I have some support drawn a little above 82 on CTRP. However, my rules indicate I can't let it go that far since I am really trying to limit the dollar amount of my losses.


Why $83 on CTRP? I was looking more at the bottom of the candle on 7/18 as my line in the sand, which would put me at $83.50. What am I missing?


recent lows.


From your writing to CTRP's ears. It's trying to fight back to your magic number. Tks.


For Brett a burrito, Raimo a cheese steak
then the market decline will take a break,
they selflessly sacrifice and add to their girth
soon I'm afraid they will look like a Smurf,
maybe the same effect could be had
if we asked of them an occasional salad,
I am serious folks, this point is not moot
so pass on the french fries and substitute fruit,
because the blog would miss you and we would go crazy
if Brett and Raimo were pushing up daisies.


You're in luck...it's burrito day.

Sold the rest of my AAPL. Nothing I hold over earnings seems to do well, even when earnings is good. I am not taking any more chances if I can help it.


MSM is irritating me. Anyone else?

PP sounds like Chris to me and notice he is not on the blog as himself...
Well I have to run out so will see what happens until I come back. PCP looks like it is being drug down by the market as earnings was great and it is now DOWN. Ramio with your recent experience in this maybe you are the expert...Michelle I think I am coming to your conclusion but that means I sell everything.

You're not only good, you are QUICK!

Now someone go eat a burrito or something because FTO is still eating my lunch here. Is anybody still in this or did everyone bail already?


Not sure what happened, but I am back, you know where to get me.

TSL here we go for the ride

I'm still in FTO, but won't be at the end of the day unless it decides to reverse.


I've had enough from FTO. I'm out early.

Joel R.


Thanks. Concerning the statement; "I believe Jeff blacklists (are) stocks that have screwed him really hard in the past." If I applied that same logic to my watchlist I wouldn't be able to trade much!!

Have a great (successful) day,

I'm waiting until last hour before getting too 'trigger happy' .... We still have the burrito and now Philly Cheese effect ... and even as the ole boys go for the grub, the market is reversing in a few areas ....

Doji - I'm in FTO ... and not terribly worried about it yet ..... but will come out end of day if it doesn't reverse by about a buck!

Let's see what happens!

Burrito time.

Strap yourselves in. Grab some CAL. Grab some TSL. It's party time.

Take a look at GME while you're at it. Re TSL, I'm liking JASO a little better right now.

BIDU. Nice pullback to the 30 day MA. Also stopped dead at the bottom of the bottom of the big up day on 7/2. Earnings are tomorrow.



ACH gonna rocket with GOOG

Just got through Jeff’s videos…great, as usual. Did anyone notice that when he was covering NTRI, after he commented on how high IV is and that a spread was a possible play…he kind of looked over his shoulder after he said the word “spread”.

Did anyone just see me say ‘spread’?

Thought that was humorous.

Raimo, I’m with you on ACH; it's been a star for me since I first began trading it mid-June. It takes the sting out of RIMM on days like today.


Hey gang, don't forget GRMN - it's made a stand at $79 and change, and mivng up here, may be agood time to grab some if you haven't yet...
Glad I bought plenty of time on TSL! Come on back baby:)

Also - did anyone get AXE when I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago? What a breakout today.

DG: I got into GME last Friday near 41. I'm liking the bounce today.

Anyone watching DE? Seems to be bouncing off 125 and trendline.

Watching KMT. Anyone been trading this. Very strong looking. Pulling back with earnings tomorrow.

Brett, What do you see on CAL?

Again with the wise cracks and making me laugh
But at least I have big ones just like a giraffe
I eat healthy but fries your accusal
I even supplement with metamusal
Now not a fatty and not even plump
I bet a thong would look good on my rump
Not that I’d wear one cause I’d have no biz
I am sure it looks better on Kim or on Liz
Now me and Brett compared to a Smurf
We are trim and fit and boy can we surf
Brett is my friend and a Smurf he is not
He is the watcher of markets and tells us what’s hot
Oh phantom you lacky and lurker of late
Why is it that you cannot find a date
Thin like linguini as we all know
And a beer fattened belly is starting to grow
When you look down there is little to see
Your belly I hear gets in the way of your pee
Chip is looking and out on the hunt
I even taught him the Marine Corp grunt
Phantom Poet I hope you trade well
Brett gave you a gift in TSL
So listen you lacky you lurking beast
When I catch you I will have a feast
Hide and lurk and ponder and peer
Come out of the closet so we don’t think that your queer!!

RIMM biting me hard today as well...


(Brett eating a burritto right now, LOL)

Inverse H&S, airlines getting hot..


You nailed it! I laughed and clapped with your last line!


I needed that!!!

Chip...I was laughing writing it..

BSC...about freaking time it rolled over..

AAPL..I had gotten out yeeterday not looking to hold over earnings..glad I got out then..

Okay addicts, I am getting out the fishing net...

Looks like we all need to do something. It's gotten UGLY!


AMZN kinda looks like a cup and handle.


CSC is moving higher. One of the few bright stars on a down day!

Jon P.
OC, Oregon

MSM just stopped me out. Good riddance!

FTEK....very ugly candle? Anyone bleeding on this one as much as me?


I'm bleeding with you Kim. Looks like I will be exiting 8 positions soon with significant loss. Sigh.


I feel ya..I share your pain kiddo,...but stil a bull market..

Hey everyone. This is a bad day on my account too, but call me crazy -- MSM doesn't look like an exit to me. Yes it's below 54, but the volume is not convincing me. And it's still within 2-3% of 54. I think it's at least worth a wait to tomorrow morning to see if it can bounce. It has done this in the past.

Just my two cents. Not that I'm trying to convince anyone. I may regret it tomorrow.

Out of FTO ... small loss .... tape if RED on that one!


These bulls need to find some balls and kick the a$$ out of the bears once and for all.


Clean cups...

I hear ya Kim..I am with you..

Kim - I too feel your pain. It is soo difficult for me to resist the urge to sell everything and start over but then I think of the last time I did that. I sold DRYS because of fear (it did not give me a sell signal, I just sold it because I was tired of watching profits from my other positions go poof!) and it has cost me mucho dinero in opportunity lost.

So this time I am trying to see this as a "weeding opportunity" to get rid of those stocks that are weak. After all, if they were still strong, they wouldn't be breaking trend lines and such. Then I can focus on finding new opportunities that will be stronger and quit worrying about profits slipping away from those dirty, weak, #!@&^% stocks.

At least this is what I am trying to convince myself of. I hope it works!


I don't know if I'm the only MAC computer user, but when I bring up the videos I get the picture, but no sound.

Dan S

The lights are on, but the ears don't work. I'm using Safari on a Mac. (BTW, this is a new problem. Previous videos worked fine.)

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